Channeling Market Strategy | Day Trading

hey traders this is marina the trader
chick fila total and today i’m going to be teaching you about what a channeling
market looks like I get asked this question very often what the difference
is between a channel more get a sideways market well it’s pretty much very similar the
thing is with channel market is that it simply has bigger movements like we have
here ok so how do I know that this is even a
challenge channeling market boom i start with making my areas and what I like to
do with areas i like to find the pivots so here we have three pivots so I like
to look at Charlie markets when they have three or more pivots that are
almost within the same box this box is about one . wide for me so this is a good measurement for me so
if you look here they’re pretty even right we have one little take off here
so i would like to draw that in right away so that i know that this is now an
area for me where the market has hit already three times and the same with
the bottom so i look for the range to be around one box worth and look here i
have another three pivots that almost come to the exact area with areas you
don’t want to make them too big but you also don’t want to make them too small however they should be around the area
so this is a very typical channeling market and you’re literally going from
one give it to the next to the next to the next to the next this area here this
is a resistance area and when you have at the bottom this is a support area so
channel literally is just going from support resistance support resistance
and your goal as a trader is to read it to understand what is happening i
personally I’m not a big fan of trading within channels because you never know when the channel is going
to switch directions sometimes it doesn’t even hit the pivot
and it decides to switch much sooner than where my entry was to stop me out
because that’s the place that is now going to continue on and look what
happens here this is what we have as a very significant break and this is where
i would now start to look for entry if everything is to my green lights into my
entry strategy points so if you have any questions you can
always ask me at the trader chick calm and this is what your treat your channel
market looks like

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