China is getting crushed by this trade war: Steve Moore

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  1. F*CK CHINA, they are and should be public enemy #1, we need to fight them with everything we have, Stop buying Chinese products unless you absolutely can’t afford to, Have some national and personal Pride and bite the bullet and spend a little more which also buys you better quality!

  2. Tell him to advise Trump don't lie to his supporters about tariff ! ! ! ! He knows (I think, I believe) what tariff is ! ! !

  3. US suffered for decades. Everyone is freaking out even for a moment that it may harm China? The media sucks in the US!

  4. China will not give in too a president that they can not trust. They will do everything it can to get one they can work with, Elected! Including ousting Moscow Mitch.

  5. Do you know what they say in China? Americans got sick, and they force the Chinese to take the medicine. This has been an American tradition. Blame others for their own problems.

  6. The reason Fox is changing is because the Traitor is on their BOARD

    Paul Ryan was appointed to the Fox Corporation Board of Directors in March 2019 and serves as the Chair of the Nominating & Corporate Governance Committee.

    Mr. Ryan previously served as the 54th Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. In office from October 2015 to January 2019, he was the youngest speaker in nearly…

    Rupert Murdoch is Chairman of Fox Corporation and Executive Chairman of News Corporation, two of the most recognized and influential media companies in the world.

    Mr. Murdoch was Executive Chairman of 21st Century Fox, one of the leading portfolios of cable, broadcast, film, pay TV and satellite assets, prior to the closing of the merger…

    Rupert Murdoch was in J Epstein's little black book….. NO wonder why they have individuals like SCARY MOOCHIE talking sh*t now against OUR PRESIDENT of the United States!

    Spread the word……..

  7. It’s a crash already seeing how many Chinese moving out of their country, for those who can’t would try to fake marriage to stay in the US or Australia….

  8. Even if we win the trade war, what does the common man get? Are these big businesses gonna bring back jobs to the US? What do we get from highers stock numbers?

  9. it's not about what's "right" or what's "wrong"…that's subjective. it's about what the terms of the deal are, and both sides are free to agree on the terms, or just walk away. it's silly and self-righteous to frame yourself as being on the "right" side, and the other party as "wrong."

  10. the west is so good at brainwashing its own people. China getting crushed lol keep believing that. Perhaps buy a ticket and see for yourself if the economy is collapsing in China ROFL.

  11. it’s all American call. China was doing the US favors when those US companies/business men demanded those cheap yet good quality products about 20 years ago. Those businessmen passionately came into China and started to build up all the factories without China’s invite, it was enjoyable for both sides to share values and something beyond money. Now you started to blame what you caused?? And put lots of bad words on China sounds like it is what China creates? Acting like you are so innocent without hearing how many times the China’s government said they DO NOT wanna a trade war. Isn’t that too bitchy? 100% A bad guy in a typical Hollywood movies.

  12. I'm currently touring US and have spoken to lots of American. They are not believing whatever the news feeding them these days. They seem to lean toward RT news and YouTube for more accurate news.

  13. China is the biggest trading nation in history always was since ancient times, but somehow American government thinks it can beat them, how? They produce EVERYTHING! They have a HUGE DOMESTIC MARKET, an middle class that is BIGGER THAN THE ENTIRE AMERICAN POPULATION, and is getting wealthier every year. How delusional is Trump administration and his supporters?

  14. American company need not go to China!! Stay in America or go to SOuth America!! Nobody will steal anything American! Open your eyes stupid! Ask Americans not to buy Chinese!!

  15. There goes Fox news again commentator will not let guest speak who cares what you got to say you always ask stupid like CNN would ask

  16. Trump said it will be very bad for China if there is no deal.
    Which mean… No deal is good for America!
    Then, why deal?

  17. IF FOX news says China is losing than it actually means America is not winning …. IF you look at it this way, FOX news is never lying , …….you just need to adjust your perspective slightly while watching FOX news.

  18. Other countries are basically buying up Chinese goods which were originally destined for the USA. The Remimbi is so attractively priced today that these goods have become even cheaper than before the trade war started. The USA is looking at a bigger trade deficit as well as a slowdown in its manufacturing activities, which will ultimately crash its economy.

  19. American people do not want to nuy no more Chinese junk. Boycott all Chinese goods.they are a evil dictatorship .stealing everything from every one

  20. no company should show it's tech to the government, but how else does China grow technologically? and how much does it owe on what is has stolen in the last 30 years? being Communists what else can they be other than "denialists"?

  21. Is USA or China more dangerous/harmful to the world? Let the world choose to either isolate USA (along with the Petrodollar) or China.

  22. Your wrong America is losing your going to see this month when food prices go up or near November when all toys and electronics are way out of your price ranges because all that stuff is made in China or clothes because only 3% of clothing is made in America…

  23. China is paying for the tariffs. Just like Mexico PAID for the wall! Wait Oh 💩. Doh.🤣🤣🤣. And stupid trump supporters still support the orange floater.

  24. I guess Fox doesn’t know how tariffs work either. Only thing that getting crushed in the trade war is the U.S. Consumer, because they are the ones paying the tariffs.

  25. Steve Moore is a joke. Actually things are quite calm in China and trade deficit of US with China is sustaining. China’s stamina is many times that of US while US farmers are losing out big time for a long time, even if a deal was made today, as China has committed to longer term purchasing from other countries.

  26. U.S is not ready for a deal base on Trump's action and not base on Trump's words. By the way china did not steal from U.S IP rather china purchase U.S IP. China did not steal the american jobs rather the american gave the jobs to the chinese to lower its cost. America exploited china cheap labour force to lower its cost and now its totally wrong to accuse china of stealing IP and jobs

  27. US$ 4000 net family income per month, a small but cozy apartment in Shanghai, about to upgrade to be a father in 2 month, no debt,not able to vote though, but still feeling happy most of my days, I don't hate Americans, I have been working in Texas, love the people there. But all day long some americans just sit there wishing us crushed.

  28. if we have to settle into the log game we need to retool the farmers to grow more for internal USA use and less export. We have not been trading with China forever. Late 70's early 80's so we do know how to keep America strong.

  29. When I found US even can't ban weapons. I know US could do nothing but rob people and world's money and export war. Oh yeah, I forget the dangerous stock market bubles. Good luck to greedy land.

  30. If you or I underestimate the Chinese,
    it doesn't make any difference.
    But if our government underestimates the Chinese,
    we're all gonna get f__ked.

  31. Wall Street is capitalizing on letting China harvest the fruit of our democracy. China is criminally sucking out of this nation wealth that resides in our consumer markets that was built up by blue collar manufacturing jobs. China is stealing from the intellectual creativity which comes from our freedoms, our law, order and sense of justice for which our patent laws protect and nourished. China is stealing our markets using the lie Wall Street invented "free market", the building of our markets were not free they took generations and protected innovations which Wall Street wants to make a quick buck from using China's criminal business practices, not to mention China's stated goal of global dominance. Make no mistake, if unchecked Wall Street will sell our birth right for a mess of pottage.

  32. Don’t buy China products and don’t sell any to China. US can be self reliant and such a great economic world member and a peace leader by selling arms to everyone including terrorist. US is indifferent to anyone and everyone so long as there’s money to be made.

  33. Another Fox fake news special, the only losers here is American business. Soy beans 60 billion lost, American beef and agriculture might not ever recover from this. Seafood and losbter being sold cents on the dollar. How long will we put up with this?

  34. HAHAHA. then please let me know why US Ban HUAWEI to enter in the U.S? they claim huawei is not good to the government. So you still gonna double standard? please be fair. U.S are about the same as other government. NATIONAL Security is above all freedom. Mark my words!!!

  35. Apparently they're looking at implementing a floating tariff pegged to the Yuan, so no matter how their currency is manipulated, the tariff auto adjusts, based on an economic formula so they gain absolutely nothing by currency manipulation. It's a no win for them. As a result. US is in a stronger position than ever.

  36. Wow, the so valiant Xi Jinping (Beavis & Butthead) is getting on his knees and begging Mr. Trump for forgiveness… what a yellow loser!

  37. China is going soft on Trump because they want him to stay in office. Keeping an unstable Government in the USA. They may feel the Tariffs but they play a long game of hundreds of years. The USA is only playing a 4 to 8yr game. China is not getting crushed by the tariffs. They have moved their trade to Russia. Soya bean and Wheat and Grain are going in from Russia. China has the ability to devalue the Yuan more, change interest rates etc and not have any fear of getting voted out. Trump will be voted out next year. Obama set up the TPP which would hinder China the same as it is now especially on IP theft but Trump pulled out and went alone. The same pressure would have been on China but from all pacific rim countries not just USA. Now with only Trump fighting against China, the fight stops when he leaves office. If it was a partnership for countries then when one leader is replaced in one country the other countries keep the fight up and the new leader continues on with the partnership. Also the USMCA is just NAFTA 2.0. Nothing much changed in the end except trump screwed around and then put it all back in a new package. Very much like his reaction to Obamacare.

  38. Trade war maybe but china is crushing the labor market in every country. So one might think u.s. is winning with trade of products but china is winning in every country with labor. Not to mention china is winning by drug market. China knows the easy way to bring a country down is via drugs and cheap labor!

  39. The Chinese market is 5 times bigger than's imposible to beat china!..make a smart deal.all US companies were force to move to china voluntarily to look for profit.they voluntarily give away their technology.that's the true.



  42. God this lady is annoying. She cant keep her pie hole shut for 2 seconds. Trump is doing the right thing. The only people wanting to surrender are Dems and wall street. The American people are willing to ride this out. Honestly, Iowa farmers who grew rich thanks to ethanol, are just gonna have to ride this out too. This the only chance we will have to bring China to their knees and we will if the dems act like they are Americans and not Chinese.

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