ClayTrader Review. Is Claytrader a Scam? [Clay Trader OPINION]

is clayTrader a scam? Clay Trader
review. David Jaffee with and in this video we are
going to analyze and I’m going to give you my opinion on whether claytrader is
operating a legitimate business remember everything that I say is my opinion
nothing that I tell you should be construed or accepted as a fact please
do your own due diligence prior to making your decision regarding clay
trader I was almost positive when I was initially looking into this that he was
going to be another day trader Forex technical analysis fake guru and then I
was gonna roast this guy and call him when I believed to be a a scam and a
fraud but I want to tell you that he actually has a decent amount of okay
content some of his videos are pretty good they deal with psychology and some
of them were actually like relatively deep so I do like some of his videos I
think that they’re pretty good it helps you optimize your lifestyle develop good
habits and be a good person however there are a few red flags here the first
is that it is pretty obvious to me in my opinion that he has bought his
subscribers he does not have a hundred and seventy eight thousand as of this
moment legitimate subscribers in the way that I can attest to that or the way
that it was pretty clear to me that he does not have a hundred seventy eight
thousand is that his videos that he posted around a week ago some of them
have under a thousand views I have only around eight thousand subscribers and if
I post a video typically it gets like a few thousand views in a few days whereas
this guy who has one hundred and seventy eight thousand subscribers which is more
than twenty times the amount that I have he has probably one quarter the number
of views that I would have yet he has more than twenty times the number of
subscribers that means that somewhere between you know the one quarter be the
number of views and the 20 times the subscribers that’s a difference of
eighty times yet I mean there has there’s like such a wide gulf there that
to me in my opinion is extremely obvious that this guy has bought his YouTube
subscribers as a way of giving himself a perception of social proof and to act
like he’s larger than he really is how many subscribers should he really have I
don’t know maybe between ten and fifteen thousand I would say other thing is I do
not believe that his educational products are actually worthwhile because
if he’s teaching you anything besides how to sell option premium there is a
very high statistical probability that you are not only going to lose money but
you’re also going to waste your time because if he’s teaching you day trading
or penny stock trading or anything else and I don’t care if he shows you live
training because we all know that those live trading demos from TD Ameritrade
and other brokers can easily be fate but my gut feeling in my opinion is that
there is nothing that you are going to learn in his course which is going to be
a value to you and which is going to help you be a profitable trader and
learn how to consistently earn profits in the stock market so again that’s just
my opinion but I do like a lot of his free content
I think that a lot of his psychological videos are great a lot of his videos
there are not as flashy as some of the other fake gurus but there are two major
red flags and the first is that it is pretty apparent to me in my opinion that
he has purchased a lot of his subscribers and the second thing is that
by per using and reviewing his product offerings I do not think that there
would be any value in purchasing his product because I simply don’t believe
that it is going to permit you or allow you to earn any money so you’re going to
pay for his product then you’re going to invest your time and then you’re going
to get frustrated because you believe that because you bought a product and
you invested your time that you are entitled to make profits but what a lot
of people realize is that if they don’t learn a
solid strategy and build up a very solid foundation then the money that they
spent for the course and also the money that they’re using to trade with that
they are going to lose money in the stock market unless they learn how to be
disciplined in how to trade an extremely high probability strategy that will
consistently earn them profits in the stock market David Jaffee with please like comment share and subscribe let me know
in the comment below whether you believe play trader is legitimate and also let
me know why or let me know your opinion on whether you believe ClayTrader is a
scam thank you very much for your attention
and I hope you have a great day

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