Click & Drop: How to integrate your Amazon marketplace

Hi I’m Sarah from the Royal Mail Customer
Support Centre It’s easy to connect your Amazon UK store
to Click and Drop so that your orders import automatically. I’ll show you how.
Go into ‘settings’ and select ‘Channels and Stores’
Click ‘add a new store’ and select Amazon Now, complete the required fields. To save
you time and effort, you can allow Click and Drop to automatically mark your orders as
despatched in Amazon, here. In order to grant Click and Drop access to
your Amazon UK seller account, you need a seller ID and an MWS authorisation token.
To get these details, visit the link here and select the option to sign up for MWS.
Amazon will require Click and Drop’s application name and developer account number.
Once you have obtained the details, simply enter and click ‘save and connect store’
And that’s it. To confirm the connection has been successful, the status icon will
show green.

3 Replies to “Click & Drop: How to integrate your Amazon marketplace”

  1. This does NOT work. The instructions are wrong, you need to authorise a developer… but then the icon is red. Amazon says the developer account has access but click & drop shows red symbol.

  2. I have followed the instructions and the procedure seemed to work. I got a green sync light. But when the sales started coming in my Amazon store, they would not appear in Click & Drop.

  3. This information is incorrect, you need to visit then click authorise new developer and then add the RM credentials

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