Coming in 2019: Santa’s Merry Marketplace at Holiday World!

I’m Lauren Crosby. And we’ve got something
magical for you in 2019. How magical?
Let’s take a look! It’s Santa’s Merry Marketplace! We’re dialing up the theming
and the menus for 2019. Let’s take a look around! Eat dessert first, I always say! Let’s start with the Sugarplum Scoop Shop,
with all kinds of delicious ice cream treats. What’s this? A sweet shop and a bakery? Candy Cane Confectionary will keep your
sweet tooth in mint condition! Next stop? Polar Expresso!
‘Cause I need more caffeine! Yule not go hungry at Santa’s Merry Marketplace! Pizza and pasta, Asian cuisine, deli sandwiches, burgers and dogs, plus a kids menu with
chicken tenders and mac & cheese… and desserts! Now hear me exclaim, as I disappear from sight: Merry Christmas to all,
and to all a good bite!

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