Commerce-Plattform: Kunden direkt erreichen | Speed4Trade auf der Automechanika 2018

—-current market situation—- We see a consolidation in the market.
Fewer and fewer suppliers joining forces; and we have already observed this trend at the last Automechanika two years ago. We see that this continues and becomes stronger and stronger. The current experience is that many companies go bankrupt because they are far behind in the step of digitisation. —-dealer strategies—- Dealers can either participate in the platforms which already exist – and are between the customers and the manufacturers – build their own platforms, but also simply start to have their own online presence and set up their offer online. It is important to get as close to the customer – the end consumer – as possible; As close as possible; to abolish distance! —-business models mapping—- With the new eCommerce platform presented at Automechanika, we can implement sustainable solutions for digital commerce. For us, sustainable means above all that we adapt directly to the business models and also the future business models of the acting companies – which could well be the manufacturers – and not vice versa!

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