Compound Trader Software Review – Copied Trading SCAM (Alert)

hi everybody it’s paul from prestige
binary options we are looking into a new system called compound trader and this
is a trading software that a lot of people have been asking about so it’s very important that we go over
some important factors that I’ve discovered because there are some things
that really forced me to believe that compound trader is a scam I’m and not only is it a scam but it is
a copied scam from other skins that we have exposed in the past now the reason
why i say this is because just by Justin the appearances alone it looks exactly like the gps trader and
this is the GPS tracker website this is a skin that we expose a couple months
ago and this was a very popular skin that cost Raiders a lot of money and
it’s a system that just basically never worked and as you can see here just by
switching back and forth this is the compound trader and this is the gps and
they look fairly the same now you can probably argue and say that
appearances alone it doesn’t really make it a scam yes that is true so the next factor that
I really want to go over that’s probably the most important is the reviews so if you scroll down the compound
trader website you’re going to find out what are supposedly that social media
posts regarding the compound trader and just traders that are saying that
they’re making all this money using the system now here’s where things get a lot
worse because like I said it looks exactly like GPS trader so if you
actually go back to gps trader and you scroll down their website it’s the same exact names profiles it
and post and all of course all they do is just change the names from a GPS
trader to need compound traitor so the fact that we have plagiarized and copy
reviews and not only are they copied and plagiarized but they’re also coming from
the original scheme known as the gps trader and now we are seeing them in the
compound trader is definitely a clear sign that this is another worthless
trading scam and also keep in mind that both compound trader and GPS trader are promising that you can make twelve thousand dollars
every single day so definitely take that into
consideration before investing your money into compound trader and below
this video I left a link to my review which just goes into more details and
evidence proving why compound trader is this game and that it should be trusted and I’ve also provided some safer
alternatives if you are looking for any trading software or if you want to learn
how to trade binary options and if you have any questions you can email me
anytime I first you re @ and be sure to like this video and subscribe
to my channel guys because I’m constantly posting updates within the
industry I’ll see you next time

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