Connect for Health Colorado Small Business Marketplace Overview

Hi my name is Jim Sugden. I’m the Small Business
Marketplace Manager at Connect for Health Colorado. Your health insurance agent is partnering
with us to bring you and your employees some new and affordable health insurance options.
If you’re a small employer, or a not-for-profit with 2 – 50 employees, you’ll have access
to our Marketplace and to a range of benefit choices not previously available to small
employers. You’ll be able to select from 6 major insurance carriers and provide a multi-carrier,
multi-plan approach that gives your employees up to 100 plan choices. Since your employees
will be able to choose both the company and the insurance plan that works best for them,
they’ll be empowered to select programs that work best for their health needs and their
family budget. Speaking of budgets, the new Marketplace will have opportunities for employer
cost saving too. You’ll be able to set a budget for your health plan spending. We call it
Defined Contribution and it will bring greater predictability and stability to your health
plan costs. You may also qualify for a small business tax credit of up to 50% of the premiums
you pay, 35% if you’re a not-for-profit employer. At this point you may be wondering if this
all is getting a little bit complicated, but that’s where your health insurance agent comes
in. Your agent has agreed to go through extensive training on our programs so that they can
explain them to you and administer them for you easily and completely. In addition to
that, we’re going to provide a unified billing service that will make administration simpler
and your billing easier to understand. At Connect for Health Colorado, we’re here to
support you and your health insurance agent in determining if our Marketplace is the right
place for you and your employees. Speak with your agent about our programs and visit us

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