Contextual Commerce

Contextual commerce. Phase? or phenomenon? Hmmmmmm. Let’s see how it works. It’s when you can buy something closer to when you discover it. Like that cool shirt. That’s contextual commerce. Anything. Anytime. Anywhere Without interrupting real life. Meet Bruce. He’s got problems. And, he’s exhausted. So he’s found a fast recipe and ordered groceries. Plus a pacifier. Because, well, you could always use an extra. Adyen helps turn browsers into buyers. Say hi to Mia. She likes exploring. She was going to request a ride. But she sees that she can rent a bike instead. She’s going shopping. When she gets there, she’ll have a latte waiting. Delicious. Adyen helps turn passengers into purchasers. Here’s Darby. She’s got a thing for butterflies. Not beetles or ladybugs… just butterflies. She just spotted something she’s gotta have. After snapping a few sneaky photos… She’s found it. And she’ll even get it in time for her special event Adyen turns discoveries into deals. Contextual commerce is already happening. Is your business ready for new business?

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