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  1. Email isn't dead people! In fact, it's going to be more important than ever! Thanks for watching this video – if you have any questions, about email or ConvertKit more specifically, please let me know. Let's Go! #emailmarketing #convertkit

  2. You were a major reason I switched over from GetResponse to ConvertKit. Excellent choice and great tutorial on this!

  3. Thanks for the info. Have been underwhelmed with Mailchimp lately as well.😤
    How long is the 30-day free trial active through your link?

  4. Hey Pat! You are the reason I know so much about online business and passive income! I've started listening to your podcast (not a big podcast guy but you made me try!). I found you via YouTube, I hope you keep making videos as much as your podcast 😀

  5. This is awesome! I just switched to convert kit a few weeks ago through watching your older videos and your link and I love it so far! Thank you!

  6. Pat Flynn is a legend!!! I started selling on Amazon and absolutely killing it. Thank You Brother! Keep Inspiring!!

  7. Hi Pat! I have ConvertKit through you (YAY!!) and I also have Leadpages. Do I really need Leadpages or can I create everything I need in ConvertKit including sending out my freebie once someone signs up for my email list (still new at this as I keep getting interrupted by life–Eddie and I just moved to Nevada but this is where my LLC will be now)? Kitty

  8. Can I integrate this into my click funnel? With Constant Contact, they won't integrate with my funnels because the signup forms are clickfunnel's, not theirs. It makes it really hard because nothing is automated so I have to keep checking for new signups and manually send them emails. I always love your content!! I reached out to Monica about her advertising agency after listening to that podcast yesterday. You are one of my great mentors that don't even know I exist. haha Thx for your help.

  9. Thank you very much, Pat! I was searching for an email marketing tool and you have created a great video around it. We will surely explore.

  10. Wow! I can see why you use ConvertKit… it's so much more powerful and intuitive than MailChimp. I just lost over 5k subscribers from MailChimp due to a technical error on their side and they won't restore any of my users. So looking for a more reliable supplier. Looks like CK is a winner!

  11. In the incentive email of the forms part can you add an image like your logo? or a picture in the email

  12. Outstanding as usual! Thank you so much. I've seen ConvertKit videos that made me more confused than before I watched the video. Thanks for all you do!

  13. I’ve been paying for ConvertKit for a few months but I haven’t been using it. I think I’m overwhelmed at the possibilities of the perfect sequences and trying to build that out has been an intimidating process. Thanks for this walkthrough though. You showed how simple it can be just to start. I can always build as I go. Right now, I need to start communicating and opening up the dialogue with my mailing list!

  14. Pat, I may be doing something wrong. Or WordPress has changed the game. It seems that you cannot insert a form unless you have a Business account with them. ConvertKit, which I use and like very much, has a video which doesn't mention this. And I see yours also doesn't mention it. So I thought I'd bring it up. Again, I might be doing something wrong.

  15. Yeah mailchimp is growing, but the UI/UX is just bad. I love convertkit for the little time I was able to use it during my 2month trial, but I can't afford the price for the level of traffic I have atm.

  16. Thanks for the informative stuff. Really useful I must say. By the way have you heard about Bulk Response? My colleague just started using it and he's talking about it all the time.

  17. Thank you so much for the CK tutorials! You're helping me get it set up right from the start, which will save a ton of unnecessary clean-up time down the road. I wonder if you might sometime do a tutorial on embedding a form on a Shopify store? I've reached out to CK support, and even they seem stymied by the process. It's not as tidy as the WP integration, unfortunately. Might not be possible with all the themes, I don't know. Never hurts to ask!

  18. Pat, I'm looking to change over to convertkit from mailchimp. Thanks for this video. I'm reading SUPERFANS right now and I'm like 🤯🤯🤯🤯

  19. I’m so new to emails lists, but your video takes the “scare” out of it! I’m excited to sign up and start using Convertkit for my business. Thanks for the video.

  20. Pat! Awesome video man. I have a question at 14:30 – When you're having the target confirm their subscription is it possible to give them multiple subscription options that tags them based on their choice?

  21. Boss! How do we link our domain to convert kit, i want to keep track of my sales in convert kit? 😀 Thanks for awesome video!

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