Core Tutorial: Buy a Product on the Marketplace

Hi everyone I’m Matthew I’m a core
developer at Streamr and in this video we’re going to walk through how to buy a
product on the Streamr Marketplace. So there’s an important prerequisite step
to cover before we get started and that is that you need a browser with a Web3
wallet that contains some Ether and some DATA crypto currency and if you need
help with those steps, please consult our docs at
Okay let’s dive in. So the first thing I’ll do is I’ll choose this, ‘sign in with Ethereum’ option and it’s asking me to sign a request and I will do that and
this brings us into the Core app stream listing page so you could have also
signed in with email and if you did there’s an important step that we need
to cover first before we can make transactions on the Marketplace. So
you’ll need to go to the profile page and head to the Ethereum account section. And because I signed in with Ethereum this, my Streamr account, is already linked
to my Ethereum identity but you will need to click ‘add new address’ and follow
the prompts on Metamask to make that connection so that your purchases are
tied to your Ethereum identity as well as your Streamr account. It’s really
important. So I’ll hit save and exit and I’m going to navigate to the Marketplace
now. I can see all the products that I can buy. I’m interested in crypto
I’m a crypto trader so I’m going to I change the category to crypto and
there’s this firehose product that I’m interested in and I’m going to check it
out. And this is the product page and a product is a collection of real-time
data streams and you can see the streams here that I would be purchasing a time
subscription for. So this all looks good and I am
interested in buying this so I’m gonna click purchase. First thing I’m asked is
how long I want the data product for. One week. Oh sorry one hour is fine for me. So I’m gonna hit next I’m gonna set the allowance and this is
purely just to prevent me from overspending. I set the allowance to two
DATA and the product cost two DATA so that’s all fine. I finally click pay and I confirm the transaction on Metamask. Great. So it’s
telling me now that it’s writing to the blockchain and this usually takes
anywhere between a few seconds to a few minutes. So I’m going to pause now and
come back shortly. Great.That looks like our transaction
has completed so yes so we can see now the product, the data product is active
and we can check out the data hopefully. So I’m click to view live data and wow!
That’s that’s certainly a firehose! That’s a lot of real-time data flowing
through. I can kind of have a quick browse of the data here I can also go
into the Core navigation into purchases. See that the product is indeed active in
my purchases section. I can go to my streams listing and I can see that the
streams have been added into my stream listing automatically, and I’ll be able
to access it in the Canvases section of the Core app. So great, thanks for
watching we’ve successfully bought a product on the Marketplace and we’re ready to do all sorts of stuff with it now. Great thanks.

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