Create an app listing with Oracle Cloud Marketplace Partner Portal

With Oracle Cloud Marketplace Partner Portal,
you can create an app listing. Start by clicking Create Listing. Depending on your publisher entitlement, you
will see the option to create an application and service listing. Select application listing and click Create. Enter the basic information in the App Listing
tab such as your application name and a short eye-catching
description as the headline. Choose up to three categories that best fit
your application’s product integration. Then, enter keywords, specify the pricing
information, select the device type, and provide a demo URL. When you’re finished entering the details,
save the entries. Now, select an image file for the banner and
upload it. Then, select an image file for the icon and
upload it. Next, edit the Overview section to include
short and long descriptions for your application. When you’re finished, click Save. Upload screenshots or provide URLs to any
videos supporting your product application. For each image or video, enter a name and
description, then click Upload. Provide version details for your app listing
by entering the version number, release date, and version details. Click Save. Under the Related Documents section, select
a related document, enter a name for the document, select the type of document, and click Add. Include supporting information for your application
listing by entering the name of your support site and its related URL. Entering the contact details such as type,
phone number, email address, and email subject. Then, click Save. Next, provide the system requirements for
your app and click Save. Select at least one language that your application
supports and click Save. Select the regions where you want to make
your app available and click Save. If you don’t choose specific regions, then
your app will be available in all regions. If you have any recommended service such as
consulting, integration, or training for your application, click Edit to select it. If you want Oracle Cloud Marketplace to handle
lead collection, then select Capture lead and show message option in the Get App tab. Provide instructions on how to get your app
and click Save. If you want to handle your own lead capture,
select the Redirect to an external URL option Enter the URL and click Save. You can also create a vanity URL for your
listing by editing the vanity URL and providing a vanity URL suffix in the Additional Information
tab. If you need, go back and edit your listing
entry by selecting the Listings link to locate your In Progress listing entry and clicking
Edit. From the Listings page, click Preview to see
how your listing will display in the marketplace. When you are satisfied with your listing entries,
click Submit to submit your listing for approval. Click the Submitted tab to view the progress
of the listing that has been submitted for approval to Oracle Cloud Marketplace. Once your listing has been approved, publish
your listing by clicking Publish. Once published, the listing will be moved
to the Published tab where you can manage all of your published listings. If you’d like, create a new version of your
application by clicking New Version. You can preview once again or withdraw your
app listing by clicking Withdraw.

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