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Crude oil trading strategies hi friends welcome to the stockmarket
live india so in today’s video we are going to see crude oil trading strategies
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updates on the stock market and the commodities so friends I’m not using the technical
chart from any of the Indian stock broker so here you can see that I’m
using the technical side from trading your calm and aside the Indian version
or this and here you can see that I have second five minutes time in Turin to
identify the trend of the crude oil so this will help me to trade in crude oil
so apart from this I am using moving average so this is ten days moving
average so here you can see that even with this particular indicator I can
format and change levels but I just kept it at the 10 days so before you are
going to take the trades in the crude oil I suggest that you have a look on
this five minutes candlestick chart by using the 10 days moving average close
you can just click here for the formatting so you just need to select
the 10 days moving average here so apart from that I am using the say stop and
reverse so here what you are able to see the dots this is the parabolic stop and
in Reverse so this will give us the indication that the trend is changing so
apart from this I also share my life trade so what is the benefit that I have
been so this is I have an account with our destiny calm so here take you to the
position I am already holding the short position in the crude oil meaning
because I will be testing various methodologies so as you can see here
in the crude oil I’m choosing the October contract for crude oil meanings
and I’m trading one lot with the crude oil money that is I have shorted one ROI
meaning so here you can see that mark-to-market is presently I am profit
with two hundred and ninety rupees so if you are trading in now major
it could be Oh more than five thousand rupees almost 3000 to 5000 rupees from
this particular trade okay no I just apart from this if you are trading in
India so I would suggest that you open this website in 16 your calm and you can
click here for codes and here you can select any of the products that you want
to trade but since now we are but since now we
are doing the crude oil trading we are going to choose this crude oil if you
are doing the crude oil major or if you are choosing you need to choose crude
oil many suppose if you are trading the crude oil or the actual price so what
what is that you have to observe when I am taking the trading the crude oil
meaning or the measure so particularly same when you are trading with the crude
oil all that you have to observe is the previous close the number of volume so
this keeps changing so this keeps increasing starting from 10 o’clock in
the morning till 11 o’clock or 11:30 all that you have to observe what is a
change in the volume the rods here and the open interest whether the open
interest is way up or whether the open interest
is going on so here you have the information here changing the open
interest so this is showing that the open interest is high as aa flow but the
prices are going down so I just change change this to the 18th of October
because I am taking the trading now 18th October contracts or the 19th of October
contract so here you can see that in today the crude oil made a high of three
thousand two hundred seventy nine and it has already made a row of three thousand
two hundred and thirty so by using the apps text India website you you will get
all the necessary information like the weather the close price they take unit
open interest and change in open interest so and apart from this the
important thing before you take in a trade I suggest that you observe the
total bit quantity here and also the ask quantity here so suppose if the big
quantity and the ask quantity has a major variation then you can take your
trades even most of the cases when the total ask quantity is less and the total
bit quantity is more we can see that many of the times that crude oil will go
down so apart from this this is my log share market lived on board order
I am so I have already set the economic calendar widget so here you will get all
the seven days the major events of the high-impact
so let us go for the Houston September 19 that is today September 19 so here I
just have a quick view on the high impact event so at morning 7:00 a.m. we
had the high impact event which was RBA meeting in minutes and apart from that
we saw one more high impact event at the india time that is 2:30 p.m. gentleman
is a do debris economic sentiment so after this we saw one at the 6:00 p.m.
building permits for August so after this we saw one at the 7:30 p.m.
7:30 Indian time u.s. President Trump speaks yeah so this almost this one the
high impact event shortly just to take an example for tomorrow in the space of
about 28 2017 if you want to take a trade in crude oil I suggest you come to
my website so you rocket flavor co dot again and click on the economic calendar
and then choose the particular day whatever that you want to trade so here
you can see that for tomorrow there is one major the high impact event at 2
p.m. that is the retail sales month on month for August and but from that there
are two events at 7:30 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.
crude oil inventories at 8:00 p.m. and the existing home sales at 7:30 p.m. so
you need to be cautious at least 15 to 20 minutes in advance if you are holding
the portion you need to have the strict stop-loss for your positions intraday
positions so now I just take you with the chart here so all that my
observation and many number of days what I have observed
but I have kept the moving averages the temp that day is moving average when I’m
using the trend is moving average at the five minutes candlestick chart so here I
will get the opportunity whenever the red candle is crossing the 10 days
moving average so I will just wait for the next candle to confirm whether this
is a very strength so as you can see here the red candle stick the cross the
line that in this moving average and immediately after it gave me a sell
selling chance in the crude oil law trading so apart from this so normally
in international market becomes active and you can see major movement that will
that will start from almost five o’clock or six o’clock here so here this is a
time that we are seeing 6:15 p.m. when there was a major movement and apart
from this here you can also observe there is a red bars and the green bar so
this by this you can understand that the red bar means there are more number of
sellers and the green bar means there is a more number of buyers so here you can
see the higher red bar which is indicating that there is more number of
sellers for the group so this is somewhere after 7:25 p.m. or today so as
I told I am already holding the short position so I am also when you benefited
with this trade with this simple strategy so this is very simple to
follow and you can just have a paper trade to observe how this works out for
you or say almost starting from Monday till here we can see that my position
for right now my position is in profit with
the two hundred and eighty rupees there since I’m trading with the crude oil law
meaning so you can use this the five minutes chart five minutes chart it will
take this moving average and just to confirm whether there is the the
situation is lower part or reverse world I’m using the relative strength index
indicator here as you can see that right now the crude oil is in oversold
so on some we’re at thirty three point forty five events so by this chart is
completely free for all of you all that you have to do is create an account log
in and test these strategies as I have told as I’ve shared my trading strategy
for crude oil you just need to test this for yourself for next couple of days to
paper trading up so what happens when you use this simple indicators so this
is very simple indicator but this gives very effective opportunity to buy or
sell for intraday so apart from these five minutes I’ll also change this for
fifteen minutes so now I change this for fifteen minutes
so here you can also see that once we see that there is a red candle which is
crossing the ten days moving average and the immediately the next candle which is
after the red candle if it is crossing the previous flow of this candle then
this is a confirmation and this gives us almost more than not 10 to 20 points or
trade but but this would ideally happen after 6:00 p.m. in the India time so I
suggest that you just wait for the levels we will just paid for this the
cross of this ten days moving average then you
can identify the buying gods selling here but just to confirm whether if you
have to take the short trade you have to make use of this website FCX in India um
you have to choose the respective commodity followed with the contract
period which were that you want great so obviously should be the near month
contract which is which is highly suggested which will be having major
number of participants so that you get enough number of points to trade so you
here you can get the total number of bit quantity total as quantity so by
analyzing these information you can take the profitable trades with crude oil so
friends I I hope that this idea whatever the idea that I have shape has given you
her confidence to trade with crude oil or trading strategies so you can leave
your comment should have any questions thanks for watching crude oil trading strategies or you have any suggestions you can just
leave a comment below this video like share and subscribe this video so thank
you once again

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