Crypto Trader SCAM! ”CryptoTrader” Review Exposed!! Crypto Currency

hey guys what’s going on? FAYSAL here
from and how are you doing? today I have got an email from one of my
blog subscriber to review about a trading software that is called CRYPTO TRADER because he wanted to join CRYPTO TRADER. I am on the CRYPTO TRADER website. it is the
official site and it actually displays the fancy stuffs like airplane
and costly things but they don’t actually talk about how the
CRYPTO TRADER software works. after analyzing we have found some
disturbing elements that led us to blacklist that CRYPTO TRADER. so let’s
analyze a bit deeper. okay there is a guy here named Mr. Richmond and he called
himself the creator of CRYPTO TRADER but we have not found him on any social
media or web-based networking sites. we don’t know who Mr. Richmond is and
the site looks very impressive I must admit but when you watch the
video presentation you will see they claim that they made many people
millionaires within a very short period and they have shown
the alleged millionaires they made. one of them is this woman you can see
CRYPTO TRADER screenshot. she was about to board the airplane but we
have identified that this lady has appeared in another software called
MULTIPLEXER as you can see here. basically it is a stock photograph as you can see. anyone can purchase this picture for
promotional purpose. so this lady actually is not the real user of the CRYPTO TRADER. so that is a negative thing. and Mr.
Richmond shows us his bank of america bank
accounts and that consists billions of dollars here it is as you can see. David
Richmond and here is his balance and that is actually insane! he says that
these deposits are from CRYPTO TRADER deposits. the profits he makes every
day. you can see to the screenshot here but we have identified something
that third June. you can see 3rd June the he got the deposit but
3rd June was actually Saturday and no broker service sends money on Saturday
and Sundays as the markets are shut and their activities are also
shut on Saturday and Sunday but how come this guy got the payment on 3rd June we
don’t understand. I don’t believe this bank account or bank
account balance are legit or it is real. to me is just a fabricated
fabricated account screenshot and nothing more than that. we have
looked for the domain and here you
can see that CRYPTO TRADER website was registered on 18 June 2017/ so it’s
less than a week and it is very new so how come they made many millionaires I
don’t understand. it is very new site and as you can clearly see here. so it is
less than a week old website. so yeah we will definitely not recommend you the
CRYPTO TRADER. never register with this misleading software and stay safe! don’t
get scammed!!!

6 Replies to “Crypto Trader SCAM! ”CryptoTrader” Review Exposed!! Crypto Currency”

  1. Please read this article and don't become OneCoin victims:
    The Rise of Cryptocurrency Ponzi Schemes
    Scammers are making big money off people who want in on the latest digital gold rush but don’t understand how the technology works.

  2. Atenção às banhadas isto é tudo falso. Só serve para lhe roubar os 250€ ou 300€ que é o valor que estes saites normalmente pedem para iniciar

  3. You are wrong, all that money they make in that short time is true, $$$$$$ by cramming ppl all over the world😂😂😂

  4. Dude… FFS! Figure out what you're going to say before hitting the record button… I don't know what's more painful, getting ripped by Crypto scammers or listening to you speak! Arrrggghh!

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