CURRENT’19 – C12 Marketplace Leader Conference Highlight Video

The reality to be able to be in a
business and to run it for a greater purpose as you begin to tell people
about the Lord as you began to start doing ministry the opportunities are
great because you see people’s lives change you see just entire families and
generations that are changed simply by the name of Jesus. But I want to suggest to you as CEOs our job is to be leaders who create leaders. Who put themselves at the service of God for God’s kingdom work. I want to suggest we be thinking about
when we go how are we multiplying leaders? We both pray together Lord let
us love our employees let us put in our way how we can bring them closer to you
that’s when I realize that we are not in the cleaning business we’re in the people business. So, when we wake up every day is not to
run a business but is to run our ministry. How do we engage the world around us
broken, divided, confused, and angry and I think the answer is to raise up a
nine-to-five mission force on mission to show and share the love of Jesus in the
midst of a broken and hurting world. Christianity is not collapsing, the sky
is not falling, but the ground most definitely is shifting. Just don’t stay stuck friends. Never settle.
in the Kingdom we never ever settle we never quit
we keep going back to the Lord and asking him again and again,
“God help, me I want to be all you want me to be”

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