DailyPay on ADP Marketplace | DailyPay Inc.

Payroll is changing. And ADP and DailyPay are leading the way. Through a state-of-the-art integration with DailyPay, the pioneer of instant access to earned wages, ADP clients can offer instant access at no cost to the employer. Through this highly anticipated ADP Marketplace integration, employers receive a fully comprehensive solution that is compliant in all 50 states, adhering to all wage deductions and tax withholding laws. Employers’ current payroll process, including the timing of payroll funds, does not change. Instant access to wages empowers employees to achieve financial security, by giving workers control over the timing of their pay. This allows employees to pay bills on time, avoid late fees and replaces the need for expensive payday loans or overdraft fees. The result is a meaningful and measurable improvement in employee retention. Employers offering instant access to wages have seen a 41% reduction in turnover and have been able to attract new job candidates 52% faster. Employee satisfaction has even increased 87%. With DailyPay, employees receive earned wages instantly. All workers need to do is tap a button and they’ll receive the funds within seconds – directly deposited into any bank account, paycard or debit card they choose. Change is upon us. It’s important you don’t get left behind. DailyPay and ADP will make sure that never happens. ADP Marketplace is an online storefront where clients can create their own highly customized, yet fully integrated HR ecosystem for their company. To learn more, visit DailyPay on ADP Marketplace: Marketplace.adp.com/DailyPay

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