Dark Store Picking for E-Commerce – Reply EasyCoop Case

[Music] Digitail is a part of Coop Alleanza 3.0, designed to develop it’s online grocery business. Grocery products and fresh foods such as meat, fish, fruit and vegetables as well as frozen products. The solution SideUp Pick&Pack by Reply is central to our IT systems, in particular our website, which receives the orders from clients, as well as back office systems both for the warehouse on the one hand, and for the preparation and delivery of orders, as well as administrative tasks to calculate cart value. The solution for order management is essential for our business, because it allows a more efficient production process speeding up the preparation of the groceries, It allows us to reduce errors because, by precisely guiding the operator’s step-by-step tasks it reduces the discretion and allow us to improve service levels; applying criteria for the preparation of the groceries that are the same, as those a customer would use when shopping independently in the store. We chose Reply as a technology partner for this project for three main reasons: the first is that, we could rely on a solution that was already tested internationally; that gave us trust in the project we were embarking on. The second, is the fact that we had the possibility to customise the solution significantly, to adapt it to the specific requirements of our production processes, and the third reason, is that Reply guaranteed a very high delivery capability, which allowed us to launch the business in just a few months. If I were to describe in three words the collaboration, the role of Reply in this project I would say speed, competence, and capacity for innovation. [Music]

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