Datapace – Data Marketplace Powered By Blockchain

By the 2020, 43 trillion gigabytes of new
data will be created. Mostly the real-time date together from the wide
the spectrum of assets and devices which holds more potential value than any
other type of data. From the infrastructure of cities, from
buildings and agricultural fields from trains and bridges and from planes and factories… Data will come from everywhere. But exchanging data and this enormous
value it can create is still very hard. Data-driven innovation proved superior
to conventional methods and in the future it will become a necessity for investors, researchers, businessman and policy makers. For example, if an agency collects weather data, it could lease data to weather institutions, enabling them to create more hyperlocal and very accurate forecasts. Smart city initiatives
already started to improve projects planning and traffic on the ground of
various data acquired from private companies and other entities. Data from operational processes can be leveraged to create sustainable value by enabling
co-creation of collective data with others. I had a good fortune to live in all five
continents around the world My professional careers ties me to
telecommunication technology and it wast possibilities. I started thinking about
telecommunication dense network of base stations which collect data for the
proper functioning of the system. And I started questioning how data collected
thanks to this density have the potential and enormous value for other
purposes but are not used today. When blockchain starts emerging I was
attracted with this cutting-edge technology and its endless possibilities. Data is a central point for both IoT and Blockchain technology. When George and I met on a mutual project our interests converged. And the idea for the
platform where the IoT and digital data is accessible for exchange was quickly
born and that’s how Datapace blockchain power data marketplace for IoT sensor and digital assets came to light. A decentralized marketplace
where anyone can simply and securely monetize data and get paid Or find and buy data to improve businesses, operations, research or any kind of other endeavors. And also make new revenues by selling advanced analytical data made from raw data. In Datapase market we implemented blockchain technology for superior data security and integrity as well as smart contract automated
transactions with no intermediaries or banking fees. Additionally, blockchain enables micro payments needed for machine-to-machine economy in the new all-connected world. With our unique real-time data access control and consumption mechanism, originator data privacy is protected.
In Datapace, there is no need for data storage. And finally, with our partnerships we provided access to the global network of sensors and hardware certification program for data accuracy and validity. Private token is used for exchange
within the Datapace market. The seller can easily add data streams and the buyer can choose them using intuitive user interface with an interactive
geofencing modules. Buyer signs a smart contract and get
access to the new proxy link according to token paid. The seller receives tokens. We wanted to create a marketplace for
fast and secure exchange of data. Potential of this data is still not
being fully used. Datapace is the market capable of unlocking enormous value on the global scale. As the power of data-driven innovation increases, innovator will have to find access to data to continue to innovate By creating the environment for sharing and exchange the most diverse kinds of data, we can help to innovations, discoveries and creations. That’s why we are building Datapace technology allowing us to reimagine our future.

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