Day Trader Life | Sometimes Day Trading Is Just Annoying (Here’s How)

11 Replies to “Day Trader Life | Sometimes Day Trading Is Just Annoying (Here’s How)”

  1. Thank you for the honest video. I recently started my first account and have been working on not feeling emotional about my losses. Day trading is portrayed as one of the easiest jobs out there, and is far from it. This was comforting. Also did a great job mitigating risk in this video. I would be so excited to only lose $30 on a bad day.

  2. Had one of those days today, got alot of slippage. But went from -269 to up 60. I just stopped before I made any other mistakes.

  3. Honest. Thanks for the video. A quick question: I am sure you've tried it (?), but any specific reason why you don't use hotkeys Clay?

  4. Just subscribed and liked because 1) you didn't ask me to subscribe and like within 30 seconds of the video
    2) it makes me happy to see someone with wayyy more experience than me experiencing similar days.
    Thank you for your honesty.

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