Day Trading Crude Oil With The Day Traders Fast Track Program

hello traders it’s samurai trader here
welcome to this training session this will be my final session for this year
at see 24th of a 12th where I am and I’ll be taking a few days off with the family
over the Christmas break so I’m going to cover a fair amount of information in
this video one of the things I wanted to really focus on in today’s session was
trading the black gold crude oil I receive basically emails almost every
day from traders around the world and more and more are showing interest away
already do trade crude oil CL is the ticker code that we use on tradestation
and it’s becoming really popular now as an example the day before Christmas or
two days before in the US even though it was crude oil inventories today crude
turned over three hundred and fifty four thousand contracts where the e-mini is
the yes turned over a million so we see the crude oil contracts you know
basically every day of a week now some really great volume so it’s becoming
very very popular and at ten dollars a tick it doesn’t take too many ticks to
really hit your daily profit target now as we lead into this something I want to
say when I show you some of the trade setups that I’m going to be showing you
I’ve been researching the markets for years I’m heavily involved with
professional traders every day of the week I’m a full time day trader remain
right I’m a researcher I’ve back tested and research literally hundreds of
trading systems so what I show you works and the reason I say that I still even
with some of mine students still have students bringing new systems and
strategies to me when they haven’t mastered what they already have so what
I’m going to be showing you traders is the best of the best for an example if
you become a student of mine there is no upsell yes you may choose to
hire me as a coach one to one but everything I taught you on as a
one-to-one coach is taught in the day traders fast track program anyway so
there is no Upsell I think it’s really important that you realize that
now before we go to the charts I’ve got to put up by law of course the
disclaimer understanding risk if you haven’t seen one of my videos before
perhaps you’d like to just pause the video and read the risk disclaimer now
in a couple of moments we are going to be looking at some screens and going and
looking at the charts I should say so if you’d like to go down the bottom right
hand corner if you’re fairly new to YouTube you can blow this up to full
screen it will just make it a little easier so let’s talk about what is a
daily realistic profit target if you are a brand-new trader to trading the
futures of a forex market I recommend that you have a lower profit target to
begin with and as you gain confidence you that is you hits a $100 a day you
celebrate then you go across the sim to a simulator then perhaps you target 150
$200 $300 402 is how much time are you willing to put in front of your screens
for example I tend to find after three hours of active day trading I’m pretty
pretty bushed I’m pretty tired so three hours a set of my maximum and usually I
get my tie our daily targets usually hit within two hours quite often
one hour so set a realistic profit target so on on crude oil three trades
of eight ticks is two hundred and forty dollars less fifteen dollars in
Commission brokers you’ll get that a little bit less than that but that will
give you around two hundred and twenty-five dollars so I really believe
that’s a realistic target once you’ve mastered the setups so another important
thing to dramatically increase your probabilities of achieving a ticks net
you want to target trend trades after a t20 so this is particularly for my
students that have my course already okay so if you really want to hit the
targets fairly early look for the trades after a t20 now another really important thing far
to understand here is to be very focused on the trade you’re going to be taking
now this is a photograph of the slide or this is a slide that actually have in a
plastic sleeve on my desk and this is my information I’m patient I’m disciplined
I’m focused I am a sniper one shot one kill
on the rules-based pattern trader this is to remind myself is to step into the
shoes if you like of a sniper one shot one kill that is I’m looking for the
best quality trades if really it doesn’t meet the rules on very much a
rules-based trader I will step aside or stand aside and it’s really important
now for the newer traders this is a page taken out of Mark Douglas s book and
Mark Douglas has passed away now but it was one of the best trainers if you like
in the area of psychology for traders he wrote the book of a disciplined trader
and he talks about how to master the art of trading and one of the ways to master
the art of trading traders is as he says here to become an expert choose one
simple trading system that identifies a pattern preferably one that is
mechanical instead of mathematical so you’ll be working with a visual
representation of market behavior traders my setups my strategies are very
visual and mechanical in their nature now there is some discretion the
discretion is of course what sort of volume do we have for the day are we
around and use announcements etc otherwise very good 95% mechanical so
what I want you to do is to really master one or two strategies before you
move on to another so how do we achieve our daily goal how are we going to do
this well let’s begin by trend trading only with you’re new to trade
goal oh sorry goal here I go again like gold trading oil of course you can’t
trades a goal which by the way I don’t trade gold contracts but there are five
trend trading strategies that we have that are real keys now when you become a
student I have over 12 different strategies and it one of the challenges
for newer students even some of the experienced traders they feel really
overwhelmed what you don’t have to be because you really only need to master
one of the following strategies for an incredible career as a day trader for t1
for t2 for t25 or 34 bounce and the 89 bounce they
are all trend following strategies now it is better if you take those fairly
soon after a t20 because of t20 setup traders is it’s a strategy that
signifies a change in market direction or a new trend and of course here earlier you
enter a new trend for more likely you are of course to have a number of
profitable trades in that trend so getting back to mastering the trades
remember what the great Jim Rowland said success is doing ordinary things
extraordinarily well and where I have traders perhaps struggle or continually
make mistakes with their trading well what they’re trying to do we’re trying
to do too many things so wax on wax off remember the movie Karate Kid and I know
that many of you hear me talk about this all the time wax on wax off wax on wax
off and that’s the very reason why you want
to really use the simulator it’s is so important remember you’re going to be
trading for the rest of your life now for some that may only be the next ten
years for many of you it’s going to be in perhaps the next 20 or 30 or 40 years
so give yourself time to learn how to trade professionally likewise if you’re
a trader a very experienced trader as many of my students are over 70% of my
students are experienced traders for many of you you need to draw a line
in the sand and rewrite history and retrain yourself give yourself 90 days
remember this is a lifetime career one of the greatest challenges I have is
traders that go in and want to learn this overnight remember there’s only one
way to master this and that’s become an epic trader so very important that as
you watch me on these training videos as you take notes then you keep statistic
you see if you’re keeping statistics that gives you then the ability to work
out the probabilities which then gives you certainty and what’s one of the key
human needs we all want certainty and if you know you statistics and you’re
probabilities that allows you to do that so if you’re trading only one or two key
trend following strategies it’s also not a lot of work to keep your stats up the
next thing is to trend trade only unless you’re already very profitable as a
trend trader please do not counter trend trade and
we’re not going to be talking about any cat rents today only trend trades now
we’re about to go to the charts and one really important thing here is practice
on the simulator a minimum of 100 trades flawlessly
now when I say flawlessly do I mean I have to have or you have to have 100
winning trades in a row no you do want to see yourself at a 75% plus level with
most of the strategies that I teach you’re going to get seventy seventy-five
percent minimum and you become better that is if you take every trade
100% mechanically yes some of the strategies may only be 65% 60% but when
you learn to read the patterns correctly such as when the moving averages are
horizontal or going sideways to set it out your statistics will soar and of
course all of this I cover comprehensively in the day traders
fast-track program so go to my website if you haven’t now we’re about to go to
a chance by the way let’s not leave this but if you haven’t already subscribed to
my channel please do now let’s go and have a look at four black gold
right this time at oil now what we’re looking at here traders is the CL is
crude oil 350 sharebar now you can use time-based charts range tick for the
sake of this exercise I’m using volume as I really like volume here now let’s
have a look at some of the setups that I spoke about well I won’t go into the t20
and all of the setups technically while they work but for my students you can
see there we’ve got a t20 there so to enter after a t20 you’re going to romp
your 8 ticks or better in and remembering the earlier you enter a
trade on a new trend for higher the profit target you can set so this is the
start here of a new trend so you’ve got a t20 trade there you’ve got a really
small t25 you’ve got a t25 of course then here you’ve got an 89 bounce up
here you’ve got a 34 bounce there you’ve got a t25 here you got a t25 t25 34
bounce 34 bounce so you can see here that our trend following strategies
you’ve got a 34 bounce here I’m not sure if I mentioned that’s a t25 you got a
t25 now what you do want to be careful of and this is applicable on all markets
is that the more trade you have in a trend see add one two three remembering
you’re probably heading towards a market correction this is your fourth major
trade and what do we end up with is a lower high and of course we go through a
market correction now along here traders we can see here we’ve got 89 bounces so
the 89 is a great trend that direction indicator okay you’ve got up here you’re
going to have the 34 bounce here you had a t25 there was also a t25 or 34 bounce
here you have a lower high again now just keep an eye on these because
there are a really great indication of a change in market trend even if only
temporarily so note here you’ve got higher high here lower high bang down
down it goes over here it’s almost a double or triple top but it is low and
away it goes you had a t20 crossover here then of course you’ve got a 34
bouncing a t1 over here you had a t2 so it’s a great market for trend trading
there is no need to counter trend trade on on oil 34 bounce 34 bounce 34 bounce
to 25 now up here it’s almost a t25 in it gets beyond being a t25 you’ve got
too many candles back but it turns into a 34b now also notice the power of the 8
EMA here the 8 EMA is an excellent indicator to use for stain in a trader
maximizing how many points you pick up or ticks you pick up in a trade notice
is 34 bounce you don’t get a decent clothes over until down here so you
would have been in this trade on the clothes over here so that was a close of
36:32 let’s just save a low there low of 36 32 so there you’ve got a good what’s
at 32 a good 20 ticks or $200 just in that one that move alone you go and take
this 34 bounds there’s $300 in that move now what I’m pointing out here is is
just what a great market to trend trade so okay you may be thinking okay Ray you
talk about these great trends but what about these periods of consolidation how
do we handle these well these are the areas where you want to be really
cautious when you start to see your 34 EMA horizontal like this remember one of
our golden trading rules are and this is those watching my videos for the first
time you follow the eight if the eight is above the 34 you’re only looking for
long trades if the eight is below the 34 you’re only looking for short trades so
here you can see here we’re hitting chop City now you can see up here that we’ve
now got a higher low now remember earlier we had those lower highs what
does that usually signify a change in market direction this is a trade or a
signal to actually go long but be very careful where you see all of your moving
averages converging so what you’ve got here is your 89 your 34 and your 8 EMA
all converging together and you can see here you’ve got a real period of this
now for my students you know this is a 30 this is a 200 B this is a 200 B but
this is an area to be really cautious so we’re looking at about 2:30 in the
afternoon at this stage here and we’re heading towards the end of the market
day but you had some still some short trades there on those 200 bounces market
opens now remembering traders that this is the day before let me just check this
sorry no this is this is yesterday’s marketers need to tick where we are up
to I’m getting myself lost here okay so one of the things or one of the rules we
want to do is follow the 34 now remember you can see here that your 8 is above
the 34 so what are we looking for Long’s only when the 8 is under the 34
shorts only here you’ve got your 89 bounce t20 t20 again pivot bounce turns
into a 34 bounce you’ve got a 34 bounce again so don’t want to go into all of
the different trades here you got it strategy now alert so these are great
trading opportunities and I just had a signal to go long on the ES by the way
so traders black gold is a great trading market up
here you’ve got a t20 you go to 34 bounce just there you’ve got a t25 you
see you’ve got a t25 another t25 so I won’t go on and on with all these
different setups you’ve got now remembering what I said here the best
trades are after you get a t20 here you got a nice t20 then you’ve got a t25
then you got another t25 here you’ll had another t25 these are all mechanical
trades so suppose what I want to get across and the main purpose of this
video traders was for those that are considering trading black gold crude oil
there are great trading opportunities basically every day of a week and in my
opinion I’m really seeing a pickup in volume I think it’s becoming more and
more popular now what about the the volatility now this is my opinion only
is I believe that oil is not much more volatile than any other market that is
it’s going to be volatile around the inventory reports it’s going to be
volatile around the red flag news amounts announcements so these are the
times where you do want to be cautious and one other thing which I receive a
number of emails on and questions about is that Russell 2000 Russell 2000 ticker
code on tradestation and many others is TF now that trades at $100 a point and
actually I may even have one here let me pull this up for you here it is here so
this is on the Russell 2000 the setups work beautifully on the Russell 2000 as
well here is an 89b 34b 34b 34b you’ve got t you’ve got t25 you got t25 t25
you’ve got t1 t2 – you know you’ve got trades firing away all over
the place there that’s heading towards the end of the day and just you know you
get some great trends however as an example today it only turned over
around 70,000 contracts compared to crude 354 thousand
or the ES 1000 and I can’t remember the what the NQ turned over so the TF
Russell 2000 has turns over a lot less contracts even though ten dollars a
ticket a hundred dollars a point in increment movements it’s excellent
I prefer other markets but it is very tradable and with the day traders fast
track program are set ups to work an absolute treat as they do on all markets
and be very very careful traders on any setups or strategies or programs that
only work on specific markets or specific time frames because then you
start to get into what we call a concept called curve fitting which is what you
want to avoid like the plague so trade is I wish you all the best for Christmas
have a safe Christmas and 2016 for my traders and my students is going to be a
huge year for us if you’re not already a student for a $197 you become a student
I’ll keep you updated with all of my videos I answer all your emails I
basically I’m your coach I love this market I love day trading it’s what I
live for so I’ve got now 150 180 I
don’t know over 200 videos now I think on YouTube this is what I love doing I
love day trading so come and join the family so go to my website if you
haven’t already downloaded my free book or requested that even better still
invest hundred ninety seven dollars in your career as it as a day trader or a
swing trader and of course subscribe to my channel thank you traders I’ll see
you all in the new year I’ll be back on date on the 4th of January Thank You

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