Dean’s Council Interview: Maya Davis

(upbeat music) – My Thayer degree has really helped me become successful in
the path that I chose. I just started working with Tesla, and was previously working
with BMW Manufacturing as a supplier industrialization engineer. We basically design for manufacturability, so make sure that we’re
not reinventing the wheel, creating something that
is better than before. You run into a lot of problems, and Thayer has created problem solvers. We’re always given a problem statement, and we’re told to create sort of like a well-rounded way to solve the problem. And so that’s what I do. Instead of running away
from the fire, I run to it. How can we fix it, how can we fix it fast? And it’s different,
because a lot of people are so, delve deep into
a specific background, so there’re a lot of people that, okay, “I only know mechanical engineering.” “I only know electrical engineering.” “I only know these
specific sort of silos.” But when we break it down,
I know a little bit of both, so I’ve built bridges with Vicki May, I’ve created robots with Laura Ray, I have done design thinking with Collier, and so, with all of that knowledge, it sort of creates a different
way of solving problems. (upbeat music)

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