Deploy the 1Password SCIM bridge on DigitalOcean

The 1Password SCIM bridge is the best way to automate provisioning of your team in 1Password Business. And with DigitalOcean, it’s now easier than
ever to set up. To get started, sign in to your DigitalOcean
account. The SCIM bridge must be deployed within a
cluster. To create a cluster, find the 1Password SCIM
bridge on the DigitalOcean Marketplace, and click “Create 1Password SCIM bridge”. Configure your cluster using the provided
defaults or choose your preferred options. Then click Create Cluster. When it’s ready, click Networking in the
sidebar and choose Load Balancers. Click the IP address to copy it, and then paste it into your browser’s address bar and press Return. You’ll see the 1Password SCIM Bridge Setup
page. Before you can connect the SCIM bridge to
your 1Password account, you’ll need to configure a DNS record to point your domain to the IP
address of your load balancer. After you’ve configured it, enter your domain
name to verify it. Then click ‘Sign in with 1Password’ and follow the onscreen instructions. When the setup process is complete, you’ll see your bearer token and your scimsession file. Save them both in 1Password and keep them
secure. Next, click to install on your domain. On the 1Password SCIM Bridge Status page,
enter your OAuth bearer token and click Verify. And that’s all there is to it! Now you can connect your identity provider
to the SCIM bridge, so you can automate provisioning with 1Password Business. Try it on your own and discover how easy it is to set up the 1Password SCIM bridge on DigitalOcean. For more helpful videos like this, visit or subscribe to the 1Password channel on YouTube.

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