Dining Services: Meal Plans, the MarketPlace and More

[Music] Hi everyone. My name is Gretchen and I’m a student here at Binghamton University. Now, your student is about to embark on
their college journey and there will be services that they’ll need. Binghamton University is the perfect place to learn and grow. They’ve made the right choice. Now, Dining Services offers all kinds of different options for your student . . . whether that be in resident dining halls, retail dining or in community cafe’s. Now, let’s talk to Jim Ruoff, a manager of Dining Services . . . to learn a little bit more. So Jim, tell us a little bit about Dining Services, and kind of some fun facts about it. Well. That’s a great question. The first thing I like to tell people . . . Whoever cooks for you, we’re not it. On most days, we serve 7,000 meals, at
lunch. Grandma, don’t do that. We serve 373,816 gallons of milk. All from New York State cows, with
no growth hormones and no antibiotics given to them. We’re pretty proud of that fact. Now, let’s get into the features of a resident dining plan. Could you write that all down for us? Here’s the first thing I’ll tell you about our meal plan. They’re different. They’re not your traditional meal plans you see at most colleges. Here’s the rules: If you’ve got money, you can eat. It’s the most flexible meal plan, I know of in the country. But here’s the thing about it: Your students have to manager their money. And, guess what, they’re adults. Everytime they use their card, they’ll get their balance. And, they’ll get to see how our meal plan works. So Jim, we know a lot of parents are wondering, what dining plan should they get for their kid. Can you let us in on the secret? Well, there is no secret, but here’s one secret I’ll tell ‘ya. I’m a parent too. So, here’s what I’ll tell you. Sign up for the “C” Meal Plan. “Oh, my son eats a lot.” It doesn’t matter. If they run out of money, you can add more money to it later in the semester. Alright Jim. Could you tell us a little bit about the specialty offerings you have for the campus community? Something that we started a few years ago, but we’ve really ramped up in the last year is our Kosher Dining Program. Another big question that we hear about is allergens. We have our Simple Servings platform, which doesn’t have food with any of the eight major allergens in it. So, your students can go somewhere and eat safely on our campus. That’s great! So Jim, we know a lot of students are looking for different employment opportunities. And, we know Dining Services is a huge employer on campus. So, tell us a little bit more. Absolutely. We’re the second largest student employer on campus. Our student jobs are very popular. We hire over 500 students a year. And, they’re not all dish room jobs. A lot of it’s catering. A lot of it’s service. There’s a lot of opportunities and a very flexible schedule. We do understand that they are students first. Well, thanks for talking with us, Jim. I think it’s going to give parents a lot of peace of mind, knowing more about the dining services for their students, coming this fall. Yeah, well thanks for the opportunity and let me tell you parents, your sons and daughters have made a great choice coming to Binghamton University. But now, I’ve got to feed ’em for four years. Take care.

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