Discover Minecraft Marketplace and Minecoins

マインクラフト:MINECOINS ストア スキンパック テクスチャパック 終わらない 終わらない冒険 検索:贅沢な生活 検索 ゲーム内課金 それか、小売店で 遊びつくせ 楽しみ尽くせるマインクラフト MINECOINSでもっと楽しく MINECOINSでもっと冒険を MINECOINSで一日を常に充実に MINECOINSはゲーム内または

5 Replies to “Discover Minecraft Marketplace and Minecoins”

  1. @Minecraft why do you want us to buy mine coins, this is Minecraft, hey remember this video were it says the only limit is your imagination? a few years later and we get mine coins i know why you're delaying mod support you want as many people to buy these mine coin packs
    until people realise that they got scammed because everything in those mine coin packs are now on the FREE mod section, i'm writing this comment for your benefit these people will stop playing your game because they realise that you're scamming them and now you're making people use mine coins just to create their own skins. Minecraft the game i grew up with, Scamming their players, please remove mine coins and make everything free

  2. I was fine with Minecoins for a while, because I don't like blowing up my own creations, I like blowing up other people's, but recently I had this malfunction that took away all the stuff I bought with Minecoins, so Java men, may I join your army?

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