Edo Otang – Bachelor of Commerce

I choose to study at Deakin University just
because I’ve got this idea of Deakin as a modern university, it’s a young university,
and it’s a great opportunity that they offer me, you know, because I’ve got my diploma of commerce from MIBT and they’re willing
to take all the credits, giving all the credits to me so I can start as 2nd year straight away. It’s a good way for those people who don’t have
enough UCE point or grades to get into university first year – they can go to MIBT
or some sort of colleges and transfer to Deakin straightaway. What I enjoy most studying at Deakin would be
the the environment Deakin has. It’s not too big – you do feel like you’re
in University but you don’t feel like you are nothing. When I was just getting
into Deakin I actually make use of the job shop to help me check my resume and even
with candidates skill, if I need some help with the grammar checking and all they’ll be able
to help you with that. You know study and assignments and exam can be very daunting task
to do but if you’d be able to see your friends in uni, if you’d be able to attend a little bit
of fun events then it helps a lot. It helps a lot psychologically
to have that motivation to go
to uni every single morning, I started my course in Burwood – Deakin Burwood Campus and it
is a great uni for multi cultural events, students with different backgrounds
because they have student from literally all over the world over there – you name it,
everything African, Asian Latin America, you get it all over there and
they just get multi cultural night now and then, you know, once in a week at least, the dances,
food festivals and then it is great. You don’t feel you are different,
but then you feel welcome so it’s a good thing. Just make sure that you know what you are. For example, if I get a degree
in construction management, I know that I have done the course,
I have done everything else that everyone else did in uni and what makes ne different. Well, what makes me different is I’d be able
to speak another two languages, which is, you know, an extra compared to the others,
and I’ve been living in 4 different countries, and there’s there’s an extra as well,
so just be confident of what you’ve got and utilize them. But don’t use it as a hindrance, use it
as a bonus
within those differences that you have.

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