Elevating the Brand: Marmot Increases Engagement with OSF Commerce

Marmot is an enthusiast-brand that manufactures technical apparel and sells direct to consumer online. I think we were looking to expand the digital part of the business to connect more to the end customer. We had three goals in mind. First, we wanted to elevate the brand design to be in line with Marmot’s beautiful technical apparel. Second, we wanted to build a scalable platform that was going to support our efforts to expand into new global markets, and then third – we wanted to increase share and revenue and conversion rate and consumer engagement. I think it was clear immediately that OSF was the right choice for us. They just stood out among everyone else that we interviewed and spent some time with. One of the key advantages that lead us to choose OSF was they actually participated and managed the build-out of our middleware. Other SI’s seems to take a more hands-off approach. OSF really demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of mobile-first design. They have world-class engineers, and
solution architects, and project managers. They also understand the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform completely. OSF was able to bring a perspective of customization over configuration to the project which allowed us to create very unique experiences for the brand. Some of the improvements that we realized are features that were all in the old site, but weren’t really fully fleshed out. Things like category filtering, wish lists – the kind of accessory features of the site that really improve the customers’ ability to shop. And on the new platform, we spent a lot of time to make sure these things work in a way that was best for the customer. I think that it’s very important when you’re looking for partners that truly understand the technology as well as the platforms and the possibilities. We’ve been live for about six weeks roughly and right away our numbers are improving. We’ve seen an increase in conversion rate of seventy-two percent on mobile devices. Fifty-nine percent increase in conversion rate across all devices. And a twenty-four percent increase in page view per session, which means that our customers are engaging with the brand longer, and immersing themselves in the shopping experience which is great! One of the things that made this project so successful was the collaborative relationship that we all developed during the project. Both teams were constantly contributing ideas that were going to impact and determine the success of the project. We found that very valuable – to be so tightly integrated with their development team who are in Romania – and we’re in California. It really wasn’t an issue at all – the remote work. By the end of the project, I think we were all really good friends actually, and it felt as if we were working together the entire time. And I would say that was an unique quality in experience, you know, working in a client-vendor relationship.

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