EPISODE #5: Daniel Graf (Head of Marketplace, Uber | Founder & fmr. CEO, Kyte)

Hi everyone.
I welcome you to another episode of Swisspreneur. We are again in San Francisco.
This time with Dani Graf. He has built a start-up called Kyte,
which he sold eventually. He then moved on to Google. There he was responsible
for the mobile app of Google Maps. Moved on to Twitter and is now working for Uber. Today I want to talk with Dani
about the different company cultures and find out what a start-up can
learn from these companies. Hi Dani Hey! Thanks for having us. I’m happy to have you. We are here in your apartment in San Francisco. I’m so happy to do this interview with you. We talked about in which language we are going to chat and decided to go for English. Please let us briefly know why.
What connects you to the English language? Sorry – what did you say I don’t understand your language … I started with English in school. And in 1998 I left for the United States. And since them I mainly speak English. But my brother lives here and I have a lot a friends from Germany and Switzerland. Therefore I speak everyday some German.

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