Erfahrungsberichte und Erfolgstipps von Amazon Marketplace Verkäufern

Amazon is becoming increasingly important to us. At first it was like ’OK, go ahead and do it, try it out, maybe it is successful’, and meanwhile it has become a very important part of the online Marketing strategy. Of course you have many benefits: it is easier. I do not have to take care of many things. The main advantage for us is that we reach customers which we do not typically reach in our classic B2B environment. In 2015 when we started, we made a turnover of € 150,000 on Amazon and in 2016 we have increased this tenfold, only through Amazon. Amazon also helps us to advertise to our customers. It is a mixture of a distribution channel and a marketing channel for us. It is a great opportunity for small sellers to be found on this platform. Because I have the feeling that many customers directly enter their product search on Amazon and use Amazon as a search engine. At the same time, being found on Google has become increasingly difficult With the help of Amazon we are able to double our turnover every year. The great thing is that you can also start selling on Amazon as an entrepreneur, on the side. So when you discover a product, you can start selling by using Amazon’s different tools very quickly and flexibly. A program that was very beneficial for us is definitely Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), because we reach customers that we would otherwise not have reached. For example customers that do not typically buy from Ulla Popken but now find us through the Prime filter. Amazon is very quick in fulfillment. If we now send our products only via DHL or DPD, this also works, But it lasts 2-4 days until it reaches the customer, depending on the order. On Amazon, many of our customers use express delivery and receive orders the next day, and that’s great for us, because we no longer have to take care of it and the customer is happy. Last year, we joined the programme Seller Fulfilled Prime. We sent approximately 60-70% of our orders by Express shipment. Orders received until 2pm were definitely delivered on the next day to the customer. This way we have increased our revenue very strongly last year. Since we have started offering Seller Fulfilled Prime six months ago, our sales figures have really jumped through the roof. We are looking forward now to the holiday season. It can actually only go up. Sponsored Products are definitely super important, especially when you launch a new product, you become visible right in front already in the customer search. Especially the Headline Search Ads that you can use now, are super important for us, super relevant. I get more visibility and through the visibility I also get new sales – organic sales, that are generated naturally through the search of the customer. Therefore it is essential that when you want to professionalize your business, you should actually use any tool available on Amazon. Our current goal, especially with Launchpad, is to sell in Europe and expand. The UK marketplace is next, as well as the French marketplace. I also sell across Europe. That means that the products are enabled on the other marketplaces, have been translated and are also Prime eligible. The customer can buy the products in all other five marketplaces. I’m also doing FBA export. And I’m also using Amazon’s invoicing service. As you can see – I find all of this quite good and like to make use of these services. We look for new methods every day. Now we also start Amazon Business. We make use of all marketing tools, And everything there is to promote our own products. The experience is simply that you always have to keep working on your business. There are always new things that you should do, that you should take part in at Amazon, and always try something new, to be successful. You have to bear in mind that the Internet is reinventing itself every day, and Amazon reinvents itself also every day.

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