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ANNOUNCER: The Believer’s
Walk of Faith is paid for by Bill Winston Ministries
partners and viewers. DAVID: Hello. My name
is David Winston, Director of Bill Winston Ministries.
I’m so excited that you tuned into today’s broadcast
because this program is unlike any of the programs
that you’ve seen before here on the Believer’s Walk of
Faith. Today what you are about to see is a powerful interview
with my father, Doctor Bill Winston, and Damon Davis CEO of
Legacy Worldwide and the host of the TV show One on One. During a
recent interview, Doctor Winston sits down to discuss his long
awaited, principle-centered new book Faith and the Marketplace;
sharing his heart in a timely message on how each and
every one of us are born with a purpose as kings and priests,
God’s ultimate dream team; sharing his heart on how to
bring faith into the marketplace. Today you’re about
to discover how to use Faith in the Marketplace, a
groundbreaking new book, as a tangible playbook that will
equip you and empower you to become all that
God has created you to be and propel you to a life of
success. Welcome to this special edition of
the Believer’s Walk of Faith. DAMON: Doctor Winston
is the founder and pastor of Living Word Christian
Center, a multi-cultural non-denominational
church that has over 20 thousand members in Chicago and
he is also founder of Joesph Business School and
the Joesph Center for Business development. You see, Doctor
Bill Winston is a man of “kingdom matters.” He is a
leader of leaders. If you are stuck in a rut, if you are down
today, discouraged, fractured, struggling, sick, broke or
anything in between, then get ready to learn how to move from
where you are into a life that God has designed for you. Doctor
Bill Winston, It is an honor to have you sir. BILL: Pleasure to
be here. DAMON: We are just so excited because this book deals
with heaven on Earth. BILL: Correct. DAMON: People don’t
understand what that means. They are living, right now as
we talk, they are living. It doesn’t feel like heaven’s on
their Earth at all. It feels like heaven’s not involved. Life
is a struggle. This book promises to do more than just
help us understand that God is alive but that he he is alive
now in their life and they can operate differently than they’ve
ever seen before. Am I getting it right sir? BILL: Well it
starts with the thinking. The way we’ve seen this model is
that people come into four walls called the church and we do some
things on Sunday. Then, after Sunday, Monday we go to work.
That’s kind of a dualism thinking. It’s a kind of a
thinking whereby I’m separating the church from the state. I’m
separating what I do on Sundays from what I do on Mondays. That
wasn’t the idea. The idea was a holistic thinking that what I do
on Sunday is spilling over to help me better manage myself on
Monday. DAMON: Rather than be two different people. BILL:
There you go. DAMON: Okay. BILL: Next thing happens is people are
now gathering together and just kind of waiting until the Lord
comes or until we go to heaven or whatever. Jesus didn’t really
preach much about that. He preached about heaven coming to
Earth. The idea about it is we’re sent here so that we can
get filled with his knowledge, his empowerment so that we can
go into our environment and shift the cultures in our
environment. Why shift a culture? Because the culture of
the kingdom is a lasting culture. The other culture …
The bible says there’s a way that seems right to a man but
the end of that way is death. What people are doing is they’re
now trying to live and they’re trying to make it every day but
they really don’t have the tools. They really don’t have
the knowledge. DAMON: Got it. BILL: People like you and I are
to really be filled with the knowledge of his will and know
how to operate, how to live. Now we go into those environments
and it’s like a seed, the bible talks about in Matthew Chapter
13 Verse 31, being sown into the field. What are we doing? We’re
taking who we are into those environments and they’re
supposed to see something different about our lives.
DAMON: That’s good. BILL: I always say this: Christianity
was never meant to be dictated. It was meant to be demonstrated.
DAMON: Powerful. BILL: Once you demonstrate the Christianity,
it’s amazing how many people will follow you. Why? Because
the best way to lead people is through influence. The best way.
Not to make them follow you but have them want to follow you.
DAMON: Which means that people need to see the evidence of the
power in us. BILL: In us. DAMON: In our jobs and our families, in
all of the places where we have that influence you describe.
BILL: We’re a seed. DAMON: We’re a seed. BILL: Yep. DAMON: But
the question is, why do people not know this? Instead of
feeling like they have that force that could make that kind
of change, they feel deplete of it entirely. Is that why you
wrote this book? BILL: Yeah. Because people basically don’t
know the value of themselves. Everybody is born on the Earth
with a gift. That means that this gift, which comes from God,
is now meant to not only serve humanity but also promote them
to places of influence. Now there’s opportunity to get this
gift, get it developed, understand the value that you’re
bringing to the marketplace and now take that with faith into
the marketplace to reshape it. What am I doing now? I’ve got to
transform the culture of it. See when Adam was to take the garden
of Eden to the rest of the world, he was going to take the
culture of a garden to the world. Once Adam sinned, it
changed the culture of the man. DAMON: Whoa. BILL: So now he’s
taking the wrong culture to the world. DAMON: Wow. BILL: Now you
and I are now coming in with a more powerful seed because the
seed of the word of God is the most powerful seed there is.
DAMON: My culture is an Eden culture. BILL: Absolutely.
DAMON: Perfect. BILL: Yeah. DAMON: Together, whole,
prosperous but he culture’s been shifted. Is that … BILL:
Absolutely. DAMON: It’s the strategy of the devil. BILL:
It’s a strategy of the devil and what we have to do is not only
understand that, wait a minute, there’s a value that I have to
the world. Not only that, there’s a path that I’m
supposed to take to get that manifestation of that value.
DAMON: What’s the end of that? What is the … BILL: The end
game is to transform this Earth. DAMON: Wow. BILL: The end game
is to now bring God’s Earth back into the hands of its rightful
ownership. DAMON: It’s war. BILL: It’s war. That’s exactly
right. What we do when we come in a place we call “church”
which we have to redefine because it’s not a building.
It’s a people. We’re coming in here now to realize we are the
church. I’m not coming to church. I am the church. I’m
this called-out one that I’m now being filled with the knowledge
of his will and empowered so that I can go back out there and
transform what ever is out there into the Garden of Eden again.
DAMON: Wow. BILL: I want to plant the garden back out there
so my question is, how does your garden grow? DAMON: How does
your garden grow? BILL: Everything comes out of this.
This is back to Genesis Chapter 1 Verse 28. He says, “And God
blessed them and said ‘be fruitful and multiply and
replenish the Earth and subdue it.'” All that’s business
principles. Now if you be fruitful, that means to produce.
“Multiply” means to increase. To “replenish” means to reinvest
and “subdue” means to keep on the competition. DAMON: We have
looked at that verse in entirely different ways. BILL: You
transform your thinking and start looking at this as kingdom
business and all of a sudden it takes a whole different shape.
DAMON: Let’s talk about this book Faith and the Marketplace
because, as I dove through the pages, it caused me to wonder if
there was more. BILL: Got you. There is. DAMON: Is there more?
Meaning it caused me to think wherever I am now, there’s more.
BILL: There’s more. DAMON: It was like I had plugged into a
power source of understanding that I am living way beneath my
privileges. But I discovered something else that was quite
unique, that I actually hold an office. BILL: That’s exactly
right. DAMON: Am I understanding this correctly that I’m a king
or a priest? BILL: Priest. DAMON: I’m not just some person
moving through life aimlessly that God decided before I
stepped into the light of this world that I was to be one of
those. BILL: That’s correct. DAMON: Am I getting it right?
BILL: That is correct. DAMON: How do we discover who that is?
And what is that exactly? BILL: You’re a king or a priest. Now
the king is one who takes care of the more secular matters of
the community. It could be things like going out to war. It
could be making the laws of the land. Then the priest had to
take care of the more spiritual matters, so forth, of the land
and that would be not only to do the prayers and do the blessings
but the priest would also do the teaching. The priest would also
take care of the poor, the orphans and the widows, so forth
and so on. That’s the way those two would work. Now put those
two together then now this is a kingdom dream team and so now
we’re going out into the marketplace and we’re going out
there, coming on Sundays, hearing the teaching of the
priest. Why? They’re opening up the scriptures and have you
understand what God is saying relative to what his plan is for
you in this marketplace. DAMON: Whoa. The priest were speaking
from the business plan. BILL: That’s exactly right. DAMON:
People don’t know what you’re saying but this book … BILL:
This is a success book. This is a business book. This is the
manual here. DAMON: It’s a business plan. BILL: This is a
business plan. That’s exactly right. DAMON: A lot of people
that are not experiencing that culture and they’re not seeing
the effects of that culture around them it’s because they
don’t understand the plan. BILL: That’s exactly right. So the
priest actually opens this up. The bible says this, in Amos,
that God would do nothing in the Earth except he first reveals it
to his servants or prophets. Notice, not unto the kings, the
prophets. So the prophets are the first people that get the
direction and timing of God. So now they get the revelation.
Once I go home and I study this out, get the revelation, now I
come back and teach the people. Here’s one gentleman. Here’s
what he said to me. He said, “I’m sure glad you preached that
sermon last week.” I said, “What was it?” He said, “That sermon,
you told me to sell my stock.” I said, “Wait a minute. I didn’t
tell anybody to sell their stocks.” [crosstalk] I
thought this was a set up. I said, “I didn’t tell you.” He
said, “No. What you said to me, when you said it, God spoke to
me and said ‘Sell the stock.'” He said, “I sold that stock.” He
said, “Right after I sold it, the stock went to zero.” DAMON:
Wow. BILL: I said, “How much?” He said, “I guess a couple
hundred, few hundred thousand dollars worth.” I said, “What
was the name of the stock?” He said, “The stock was named
ENRON.” DAMON: What? BILL: I said, “You sold it.” He said, “I
got it right here.” DAMON: Because he got a real time now
word for the moment because he came to the source. BILL:
Correct. DAMON: If there was an argument for people to be in
God’s house. BILL: That’s it. DAMON: It’s because, if we’re
disconnected from the voice we’re going to miss God’s plans.
BILL: No doubt. And make many mistakes, lose a lot of money.
DAMON: Wow. BILL: No king, especially the higher up you
get, should be without a priest. DAMON: When you said that my
mind went to walking down the streets of Washington DC and
into the monuments. You will see inscribed on stone that this
country, at one time, was based on this stuff. BILL: It was
founded on scripture. DAMON: But if you look at it today Doctor
Winston, that we have pulled God out … BILL: That’s why the
book is called Faith and the Marketplace. Let’s bring him
back to where he’s supposed to be. DAMON: Can we really do
that? Is it possible? BILL: Absolutely we can do it. With
God all things are possible. DAMON: Amen. BILL: Maybe we’re
in business battles too long. Maybe we’re in social battles
too long. Maybe we have not put together this combination of an
unbeatable team that can solve problems right on the spot. It
does not take centuries to restore something. With God, he
can restore it overnight. I’m saying that when we put this
together we’re going to see a difference. DAMON: Overnight,
that means that we don’t have to wait. We don’t have to struggle.
We don’t have to just accept what has come. BILL: No. That’s
exactly right. DAMON: But we’ve got to have the understanding.
BILL: The understanding. DAMON: Is that why you wrote this book?
BILL: That’s why I wrote this book but the other thing too is
it hits on these things that we don’t talk about much like
integrity and like love and so forth and so on. It has you to
understand how you put all these together to make your calling
work. DAMON: And you’ve seen it work. BILL: And seen it work.
DAMON: These are principles, understanding, truth that you’ve
lived your life by. BILL: It’s the truth. What happens when you
get into it and cooperate with it then you move into the proper
place and purpose that God has for your life. When you work in
that, your work becomes worship to God because your gifting is
coming out and it’s honoring God. DAMON: What you just said
is so profound because there are so many people struggling who do
not understand who they are much less … BILL: What they’ve been
called to do. DAMON: What they’ve been called to do. What
you’re saying is that everyone watching has inside them …
BILL: Everyone. DAMON: Not just some. Everyone. BILL: Everyone.
Everyone. DAMON: Inside them a destiny in this life to do way
beyond what we’re doing now. BILL: They have installed inside
of them genius. DAMON: Come on. How do we overcome the “where we
are” and move to the “where we’re supposed to be?” BILL: You
have got to overcome first the fear of it because, many times,
we’re fearful of moving out of where we are. We fear because of
provision. Before you can really move into purpose, provision
crisis has to be settled. A lot of people are getting a job
because, hey, a family has to eat and so forth like that. I
understand that. What we put in the book is we put three steps
to managing the provision crisis. You first know that God
is your source. Unless God is your only source, he takes his
hand off. DAMON: What does that mean? BILL: That means that your
struggle continues. Look at the social problems that we’re
having today. Where is the priest? Where is this union of
people coming together to make it happen. DAMON: It’s not.
Because we don’t think we need them. BILL: There you go. DAMON:
They say that our perception is our reality. BILL: That’s
correct. DAMON: I would submit and you help me out here that
most people watching have a reality that is not God’s
reality for their life. BILL: It’s usually somebody else’s
told vision that they have told them that is not their vision at
all and purpose for their lives. DAMON: Why are we that way?
BILL: We’re that way because we’ve not learned to depend on
God. We’ve not had … We’ve seen church as a place you go on
Sunday and not us, as a church, taking it to the place on
Monday. The next thing you do is understand that it takes a seed.
God always talks to you about a seed when you talk to him about
a need. Even if the need is something that doesn’t require
money, he’s going to talk to you about the seeds of the words
of God. Then the next thing is, expect a miracle.
Now Oral Roberts really talked about this and he built a
whole university on it and so forth. These principles really
work. They’re in the bible and so forth. DAMON: Expect a
miracle. BILL: A miracle, yeah. Expect a supernatural from God.
[crosstalk] A miracle doesn’t have to be, yeah it’s
powerful, but it doesn’t have to be something blowing up. DAMON:
Okay. BILL: A miracle can happen every so easily to the point
that you don’t even realize what is happening until it’s already
happening. Wow! That was what I prayed for. That was a miracle
sure. DAMON: This show could be a miracle. BILL: Absolutely.
DAMON: This book is revelation. BILL: It really is. It’s a part
of the supernatural. It came to me supernaturally from God.
DAMON: Your book talks about something called a covenant of
prosperity. That’s a big word. That means there’s an actual
agreement when we become a believer.. BILL: With God to
increase you, to prosper you. DAMON: Is it that way? BILL:
Sure it is that way. When you make God your only source, you
become on the level of the wealth of God. DAMON: Is that
what it means when you say “Heaven on Earth?” BILL: Heaven
on Earth. You supposed to live on vacation 365 days a year.
DAMON: Most people are lucky if they get two and they got to pay
for those. BILL: You are not supposed to be in one struggle
after another. That is called toil. That came with a curse.
When Peter said, “We have toiled all night and taken nothing,
nevertheless at thy word.” He launched out and pulled in all
these fish. Then he threw himself at Jesus’ knee saying,
“Away from me. I’m a sinful man.” What did he see? He saw
increase with no toil. DAMON: Wow. BILL: He saw that he didn’t
need to worry. He didn’t need to fret. He didn’t need to struggle
but it was all this increase coming into him. He figured
this, “I don’t deserve this. Get away from me.” You follow?
DAMON: That’s the grace of God. BILL: That’s the grace of God.
That’s what this book is all about. It’s about entering into
that grace again. See God leads you to the impossible on
purpose. He does that because he wants to show you who you really
are and who you really are is not your body. You’re a whole
lot bigger than you are on the outside. He wants to get that
part out of you. DAMON: The Devil’s job is to make us take
that to the grave. BILL: That’s exactly right. God wants it out
and he can’t do it unless you are willing to step out in
faith. DAMON: That struggle … Whatever you face[crosstalk]
whatever we faced, however bad it looks, you’re
saying that was to bring something out of you. BILL:
There’s a scripture here. We might want to read this. DAMON:
Please. BILL: It’s found in 1 Corinthians. In 1 Corinthians,
Chapter 10 he says this, “There is no temptation taken you but
such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not
suffer you to be tempted above that which you are are able; but
will with the temptation make a way to escape, that you may be
able to bear it.” What I put in my bible is this, “You will
never face anything that you cannot overcome.” DAMON: Come
on. BILL: Isn’t that wonderful? DAMON: That’s not only wonderful
it’s liberating. I just got to tell you a lot of people
watching don’t feel like they have any power to overcome
anything. BILL: No. DAMON: We don’t feel like warriors or
champions. We feel like the defeated. BILL: He said over in
1 John Chapter 5 Verse 4 “For whatsoever is born of God
overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh
the world, even our faith.” Faith gives God the privilege of
working for you. DAMON: That’s a big statement. God working for
us? BILL: See he wants to do things for you but unless you do
it by faith, you don’t give him the privilege of doing it.
DAMON: Ooh that says that God’s like waiting to show up and do
some stuff. BILL: He’s waiting. Let me do it. He said, “Moses
the battle is not yours but it’s God’s” DAMON: God can’t be
defeated. BILL: No he can’t be defeated. DAMON: If God’s
fighting we don’t have to struggle so hard. BILL: That’s
exactly right. DAMON: This book, Faith and the Marketplace, can
be a key if you will. BILL: Yes indeed. DAMON: Unlock the doors
that the devil wants to keep shut. BILL: No doubt about it.
This book is designed to encourage you and let you know
that the worse situation can be turned around if you apply faith
to it. DAMON: Gosh. You know what else it does? BILL: It’s a
playbook. DAMON: It is. How did you know I was going to say
that? BILL: I didn’t know you were going to say that. DAMON:
It’s a playbook. BILL: It’s a playbook. DAMON: This is like
having the greatest coach we could possibly hope for because
your coach is the greatest source of all. That’s for
everybody. BILL: Just to find out that I should be on vacation
365 days out of the year, that’s worth reading this book. DAMON:
It sure is. To say I shouldn’t be broke is worth reading this.
To say that I don’t have to be diseased is worth read. To say
that I don’t have to live beneath is worth reading this
book. BILL: I don’t have to fail is one of the key things. People
fear failing. You know? This book tackles that. It lets you
know there is no failure as far as you’re concerned. DAMON: They
fear it so much, they fail to try. BILL: He didn’t say, “I’ve
come that you might have religion.” Plenty of that was
here when Jesus got here. DAMON: Exactly right. BILL: He said,
“I’m coming that you might have life.” A lot of people are
living but they’re not really living that life that God has
planned for us. This is what this book does. It brings you
back to the life of God that he’s planned for you from the
Garden of Eden. Let me tell you, he can raise you up to a place,
when he sends you there, it’s not you hate to go, you can’t
wait to get there because all these ideas are going to start
flowing out of you and the creativity and the big plan that
he’s got in you. You going to effect the whole place. How does
your garden grow? DAMON: Wow. Doctor Bill Winston has brought
to our table a revolution in our thinking but it takes a
decision. It takes you making one step and that step is
deciding that nothing is going to change until you do something
to make a change and that could be as simple right now as
getting your hands on this amazing book. Your life will
never be the same if you take one step now. We’ll be right
back. Don’t go away. FEMALE: Inside every man, within
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in your professional walk. If you’re wanting God to awaken
that giant inside of you and birth through you and
entrepreneurial spirit to bring this faith in the culture, get
this book. Doctor Bill Winston Faith
and the Marketplace, it will shape your life. It will
change your life. It will set you on your course to
discover all that God designed you to be. We love you. We thank
you. See you again next week. ANNOUNCER: We trust that
you enjoyed this special edition of the Believer’s Walk of Faith
Broadcast with Doctor Bill Winston sharing
thought-provoking insights from his brand new book Faith in the
Marketplace: Kings and Priests a Divine Partnership. Thank you
for watching.

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