Female Penny Stocks Trader Makes $160,000 in One Year!

I just want to send out a big thank you out
to Tim Sykes and his team for putting on the whole penny stock summit. It was an amazing to see how one year of work
can bring $160,000 of trading profits. All those little profits add up over time,
if you follow the penny stock rules, cut your losses early and look for a penny stock strategy that
works for you. I really appreciate the whole team as well
as Tim Bohen, Tim Grittani, Matty Owens and Michael Goode. You guys have helped inspired me to keep on
the right path and continue with the growth and also thank you to everyone who came and
spoke to me. It was a pleasure to meet each and every one
of you. I really enjoyed it hearing your stories about
how I’ve inspired and motivated you which inspires me to share more. That’s why I’m going to be starting a one
time a week video on Youtube so I can help share my experiences and you can visualize
instead of just the blog. So keep it up guys, don’t get frustrated with
all the those losses, learn from them. Thanks guys.

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