Fibonacci Trader

Hello Traders, Hello Traders, the title of
this video is Fibonacci Trader. There is nothing like a purest Fibonacci trader. Nothing like one is just using Fibonacci extensions,
retracements or patterns to place a trade. Real Fibonacci traders always combine Fibonacci
trading with other technical indicators, pitchfork tool, market geometry, top-down trading and
Elliott wave. Really a Fibonacci trader is a multi-talented
technical trader. A Fibonacci trader also uses Fibonacci retracements,
extensions and patterns in conjunction with the market principles to build powerful Fibonacci
trading systems. Really Fibonacci trading is not for kids because
a Fibonacci trader is an advanced trader who can see beyond the Fibonacci key levels. I hope that has stirred something in you to
the point where you start seeing clearly. If that is the case, give us the thumbs up. If that is not the case mark it down. Be sure to share it if you say George you
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the bell. Happy Fibonacci trading to you all.

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