First Book Marketplace Tutorial Video: How to use Gift Cards, Promo Codes, & Make Purchases

Let’s walk through the options that you
have as a member of the First Book community of educators for getting books
and educational resources from the First Book Marketplace. In this video, you’ll
learn how to use a gift card and promotional code and how to make a
purchase. First make sure you’ve logged in. Logging in unlocks all the functions
of the First Book Marketplace. If you haven’t logged in, you won’t be able to
see any of the buttons I’m about to talk about on the website. Let’s say I need 75 copies of The Cat in
the Hat so I search for the book and go to its product page. From there, I have the options to add it
to My Cart or add it to my Wish List. If you’re ready to make a purchase, simply
fill in the quantity that you need and hit Add to Cart. You can look at your
Shopping Cart and edit it or go straight to Check Out. I just remember that I
actually need 70 copies of this title so I’m going to go to my shopping cart and
edit the quantity here in the cart. I can also estimate shipping and add that
amount to my total so I can see exactly what I’ll owe, but since my total is over
$75, there is no cost for shipping. Also here, in the card is
where I’ll find the options to apply discount code or a gift card. It just so
happens that I received an email featuring a discount code so I’m going
to add that code to this box here. Discount codes are often words if your
code seems like gibberish it’s more likely a gift card and you want to try
using that in the gift card box I’ve applied the code and as you can see I
have a new total. I have also received a personal email letting me know that one
of First Books partners has provided special funding for programs like mine
so i’ve been provided with a hundred dollar gift card. I can add that code to
the gift card box here. Clicking Apply Gift Card will change the total once
more. If you have more than one gift card, you can apply it to the same order,
simply add your next gift card code into the gift card box and hit Add Gift Card
and you’ll see that once again my total has changed. If after applying your
discount codes and your gift card numbers you still have an outstanding
balance on your order, you will be prompted to add another method of
payment when you proceed to checkout. I’m ready to complete my purchase so I click
the green Proceed to Checkout button after confirming my Shipping Address
which in this case is the same as my Billing Address, you’ll see I have
different payment methods that I can choose from like Credit Cards purchase
orders or Check our money orders you’ll see on the right hand a review of my
order and another chance to put in a coupon
code or another gift card number in case I forgot, simply hit the green Place
Order button and your order will be complete and you’ll receive an Email
Confirmation and Receipt within minutes. If you have any more questions, contact
us at [email protected]

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