Flyboy Donuts | Partnering with Plains Commerce Bank

Hi.I’m Ben Duenwald. I’m the owner of Flyboy Donuts. Purple sprinkles, pink sprinkles on
chocolate, maple topped, we have 150 or more derivatives of donuts. Plain glazed donut is our most popular. It’s just that donut that everybody knows but after that, you know,
chocolate glazed, sprinkles are a hit for kids, obviously. Actually, I hadn’t fried anything until I
owned Flyboy. When we were first looking to purchase
Flyboy, Plains was very much accepting of people that had good credit. Because its roots are from a small town,
it’s willing and able to work with anybody on a personal level or business level. They’re very nimble. I personally sometimes get up in the
middle of the night. I got up at 3:00 this morning. Yeah, I know. The business end of it is done during the
day but the work is done at night, so there wasn’t any time for sleep. So that’s where I knew my number one
priority is to hire good people. They start about 8:00 at night. Until 8:00 the next day we are cooking
donuts to supply the city of Sioux Falls. Plains and Flyboy are working
together on a daily basis. My first interaction with Plains beyond
the checking account that I had in high school was in our home mortgage and I
appreciated that face that I can talk to beyond the corporate
structure of a larger bank. My wife has a busy career, as well,
and three kids at home. There’s always conversations taking place
as to what our next year’s plan is for what the next three or five-year plan
might be and the financial needs for that. My kids like Poptarts, too. Which drives me crazy. It’s like, “We own a donut shop.”

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