FOOD HAUL ! Trader Joe’s Challenge 1/2 | NYC FLOG #8

Hey guys, salut, this is Alex. So, happy New Year! I hope you are all well. Welcome to this two-part episode of the New York Flog. I thought, “What could be better than starting the year with a challenge?” [music: Last Time by Professor Xv] You know what guys, uh, tonight I don’t wanna go out. I really don’t wanna go out. I just wanna spend quality time with you, cooking. There’s a place for cooking, but the thing is, the last time I went out to buy some grocery store it was at Whole Foods, and I’ve been horrified by the prices, I mean, so expensive! So much, in fact, that I did some searching online. Check this out. So I’ve been looking for cheap super market and I found this one, Trader’s Joe and they say, “Why is Trader’s Joe so cheap? A bag of quinoa is $9.99 at Whole Food, $4.99 at Trader’s Joe.” So I said basically, we have a deal. I’m gonna go there, I’m gonna get some food, and we’re gonna cook something nice. I hope I can make it under $10, but if not, I will definitely try to make it under $20, and if it doesn’t work, I’m gonna keep it under $50. And if it doesn’t work, I’ll just… No no no no no, seriously, I’m gonna keep it as cheap as possible. The problem is that [opens empty cabinets] emptiness! There is no cooking utensil, no pans, no saucepan, no spatulas, nothing! So luckily for us, I asked the guy downstairs if we could get some proper cooking stuff. And he says yes. Wait He literally just gave me that! Lid, second lid, saucepan, pot, spatulas, tweezers, oh it’s gonna be some fine dining experience! Maybe not. More spatulas, I don’t know how many fish we’re gonna flip, but yeah. Oooh, at least one knife, two knobs, ‘cuz without them, we’re basically f****d up. [clears throat] So I guess we are all set to cook tonight, all we need is a few ingredients. It’s easy. [music: Don’t Worry by Professor Xv] Just so you know, I don’t build recipes ahead. I try to make flavor combination when I’m in the shop, and then the recipes, or I mean rough versions, start building themselves. [music: Last Time by Professor Xv] Thanks, but no thanks.
[music: Last Time by Professor Xv] [music: Last Time by Professor Xv] Ha ha ha!
[music: Last Time by Professor Xv] [music: Last Time by Professor Xv] Right guys, there’s a change of plan, so, it’s way too late to start cooking, it’s now 10:30 PM. But still, I can reveal everything that is in my bag now and do some kind of a Trader’s Joe food haul. Good. One apple, a banana, some nacho cheese tortilla, a sweet onion, a pear, a green squash, shredded cabbage and carrots, green onions, chicken broth, whole wheat pizza dough, butter, mozzarella cheese sticks, ginger cider, coconut milk, cinnamon stuff, dark chocolate covered almonds, dried cranberry. Ahem, and now I have a challenge for you guys. Two questions, the first one: What is the total budget? and the second one, do you have any ideas of uh, my menu? I’m gonna cook something stunning, so that is my promise for the next part of this vlog. Catch you next time guys, bye bye, salut! [music: Don’t Worry by Professor Xv]

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  1. Well… there's the pizza dough… but the broth…

    Ok… maybe some form of calzone? Cook the veggies in the broth and assemble a sort of pan-fried cheese and vegetable calzone. As for the fruits, cinnamon cookies, cranberries and Chocolate Almonds… I'm guessing like a tart?

    Or maybe a veggie stew with coconut milk and then you fry the pizza dough to make some flat bread…

    Damn… just coming up with these made me hungry… hahahaha

    Still… fun challenge Alex.


  2. Bravooooooooooooooo
    Alex my dear hru?
    yes the idea of looking for the cheapiest store is perfect and i think if u did ur best u could find more cheap than this store too
    the things which u bought in fact u can do many things with it sweet dishes and salt too
    although they r little quantity one banana but its okey the shoes's photo on the wall behind the bed is amazing yay
    r there socks in them
    u r awesome Alex i love when u take us in a walk
    iam waiting the next video with the next walk
    good luck Alex

  3. I really mis the old videos, like recipes with a twist, i mean i like the flogs and collaborations, they are good, but I can't help but miss them. I really love your channel Alex! Congratulations!! (Sorry for the bad English, not my first language 😓)

  4. $25 … Roasted Squash, sautéed cabbage with grated apple, banana crisps for texture and a chicken broth jus with rehydrated cranberries. Chocolate almonds crushed and sprinkled over everything else …. 😥

  5. its cheaper in that market but you wasted like additional $100USD to get there and above all you wasted whole day to buy stuff 🙂 yup its cheaper 🙂

  6. cant wait to see what you're going to make! usually the organic produce, canned or fresh mm, is what i like to but from whole foods/trader joes. another good grocery store in manhattan is, balduccis. some gave me a recommendation. ciao,ciao!

  7. hi Alex ..happy new year …. you have spent around 35 dollars or less….. cannot wait for the meals… night night xx

  8. Ciao Alex I love your videos you have some of the most exciting food stuff on food tube! I ate a Cesare Salad a while back and when on a train after. I found myself craving a burger and thought what would a chicken Cesare burger taste like!? Can we see The French Guy Twist on a Chicken Cesare Burger!?

  9. love your job Alex 🙂
    .. so i have a challenge for you, can you make the most romantic recipe, most romantic menu?
    love you 🍇🍄🍜🍮🍷☕

  10. $26 – I reckon you're going to make a creamy veg soup/stew with the ginger cider, coconut milk stock and veggies, and then like a take on a tarte tatin, but using the various fruits, cinnamon grahams and cider, but with a pizza base instead of pastry… Oh and some random nachos with mozzarella stick cheese and onions! Or I could be completely wrong. It's probably the latter, haha.

  11. I think you kept it under $30. Cabbage and apple goes well together. Possibly fried cheese sticks… The crispy coating with the tortilla chips???? 👀. Can't wait to see what you came up with. I am more of a menu/recipe girl. Once I learn it, then I change out stuff…favors.
    , spices, etc.

  12. Wow that Trader Joe's was so tame compared to the one on Harrison in San Francisco 😳. We have people climbing over each other to get through the aisles.

  13. Squash soup, cooked cabbage and apple salad, pear and caramelized onion flatbread and banana baked with melted chocolate/cranberry sauce..budget $120

  14. Good ingredients but you didn't get any pine nuts, cheese, or olive oil. My go to at Trader Joe's. ( along with the chocolate covered almonds)

  15. That trader joe's is about a 10min walk from where I live. I go there sometimes but I much prefer the Essex street market. (omg, make sure you stop by Pain d'avignon for some amazing fresh baked bread!) Anyway, you can get even cheaper seafood and meat at the Asian market on Clinton and Delancey streets (2 blocks away). Happy food shopping!

  16. I've been wondering when your visit to TJ's would finally go live!

    Funny… While I remember, the last time I was in Paris, being stunned at how inexpensive everything at the local Monoprix was, It hadn't occurred to me how expensive groceries in New York must seem to you guys. I would like to state, in Whole Foods' defense, that their prices on similar items are completely on par with other nearby supermarket chains. That said, most other chains will also sell a variety of less hip. organic, and halthy foods for considerably less than the more fashionable and upstanding brands cost at Whole Foods or anywhere else.

    Trader Joe's, however, is exceptional, especially where their house brands are concerned. I haven't found any bargains on produce there, but I expect my cost-of-living to drop at least 10% once they finally finish building the branch that's one block from my loft in Williamsburg.

    As to what you've got planned with your haul, I'm going for some sort of pot-pie and a dessert. I'm not really qualified to figure out what sort of dessert, because it's the one course I rarely eat. If you're going for three courses, I'm guessing a South-East Asian inflected tortilla soup, some form of pizza or calzone, and, again, a desert of some sort… unless the dough is intended for some sort of gallette, in which case I should just stop typing and tune into your next episode!

  17. No idea how much your items came out to but here in Canada, it would of come out to over 50$ for me! Can't wait to see what is on the menu!

  18. not really too sure but im guessing around the 25-30 mark , an ahe yeah soup …pizza/pizza pocket and some form of crumble ??? . p.s im the same when it comes to shopping/recipes lol

  19. The mean cost of the nine items that could be seen in the thumbnail was $2.05. Since there are 17 items on the censored receipt, I am going to predict $34.95.

  20. You spent 38,25 $ and your are going to cook. Its going to be a Tarte flambée topped with onion and thinly sliced squash, pear and apple on top, some sprinkled cranberries and the mozzarella cheese of course. A cabbage salad where you also place some pear stripes and cranberries to complement the Tarte and dress it with some ginger cider for sweetness and spice. The rest you will drink with your dinner. The cinnamon cookies you're going to crunch down and combine with the butter to make a crust for an almond-chocolate topped little pie that you will serve with an thickened cranberry-coconut sauce. Seriously, I don't see you using the tortilla chips and broth 😛 Maybe as your breakfast for the other day ?

  21. I'm a big fan .. Loved this one ..I would say u must hv spent $33.82 n for menu u can make
    Tom Kha soup with coconut milk
    Roasted squash and pear pizza
    Apple cranberry crumble
    Vegan banana almond ice cream
    I really hope u make one of these 😋yummm..

  22. maybe whole foods' prices looked extravagant because of the low Euro in part? also, fruits & veggies in north america are a lot more expensive to buy in singles! in canada, your items would've probably costed $40 CAD. so i'm guessing… $30 USD. nice reusable shopping bag! what brand? 😉

  23. I LOVE Trader Joe's! Whole Foods might as well be called "Whole Paycheck." I bought 1 pound of flank steak at Whole Foods a few days ago and it cost $17!! I knew it would be expensive, but that price left me stunned!

  24. I am a huge fan of Trader Joe's. They are terrific. Great prices, great quality. I have never been less than thrilled with them. Glad you found and featured them.

  25. You stayed/are staying right by my job!! I just subscribed to you, that's cool to see a familiar place in your videos. 🙂

  26. i recon you will make squash soup mix with chicken stock, coconut milk and butter.
    second maybe a bread fruit since you have 3 kind of fruit already
    and mix the vege and tortilla together to get some crunch
    im sorry i cannot answer how much your shopping because im not live in us and dont know the price there. good luck cooking with that small knife hahah

  27. Hey!!! I lived at the Trader Joes last summer when I stayed in the dorms upstairs at NYU!! I miss the dried mango and uncured bacon…salivating. Great Vid!!

  28. Apparently you can find raclette cheese in some of these Trader Joe's…I haven't found it and am in desperate need of cheesy goodness

  29. Whole Foods Mkt. has a different approach to food sales than "less expensive" mkts.

    for example from their website:

    We feature foods that are free of artificial preservatives, colors, flavors, sweeteners, and hydrogenated fats.

    and about their meat standards read this:
    and fish:

    In other words a Toyota is cheaper than a Mercedes

  30. We call WF "Whole Paycheck"… Trader Joes can have some good deals so I bet you only spent $30. Looks like you're making some sort of pizza/tarte.

  31. Where I live, that butter alone would be at least 3.00 or more. Here even cheap Walmart butter is 3.00 or more a pound.

  32. I love Trader Joe's! They are cheaper than Whole Foods because 90% of the products are Trader Joe's own brand. Also, they are owned by the same company as Aldi's.

  33. TJ's is legit. I have been a happy customer going on about 20 years. Great place for cheese and great deals on wine. I love their $2 Tastee Bites Indian lunch in a box – rice, some veggie curry or masala, all in a pouch and a plastic tray for easy microwave heating and 100% recyclable. Really tasty quick lunch option for an office worker like me.

  34. Fantastic couple of videos…I have some travel coming up and they were quite inspirational!

    Not sure if it came up in the comments but perhaps the ol' college trick for the salt/sugar/soy sauce/hot sauce (etc, etc, etc): packets from the various coffee shops or takeaway counters during the day's travels…

    Merci bien!

  35. Can I rent your apartment or studio for under 2,500 a month? Looks like a sweet little place to live! Thanks for any information you can give me.

  36. I live in South Carolina and on a budget, but prefer Whole Foods. I buy in moderation and get great quality; however, I love Fresh Market's value more. Tried TJ's once and was cool with the prices, but the staff suggested my other and I didn't belong so we never bought anything or went back. Maybe we'll give them another shot.

  37. I was hoping you'd at least attempt a meal under $10 form Eataly 😛 … and yes, Whole Food is almost prohibitively overpriced. You'd be amazed how many people blindly shop their just because their nutritionist or gym trainer had told them to eat organic (bio) food!

  38. I'm new to this channel. It's fun. I don't know if someone said this already but a lot of people like to call Whole Foods 'Whole Paycheck' because of the prices.

  39. We have a joke that Whole Foods should be called Whole Paycheck. We have Whole Foods and Trader Joes here in the Maryland suburbs of Washington DC.

  40. Why buy imported Kerrygold butter when Trader Joes has it's own brand butter for under $3? Plus Whole Foods has it's place. They have a lot of things TJ's doesn't and they actually have a few things a lot cheaper than anywhere else. Of course they also have a lot of things a lot more expensive than anywhere else 🙂

  41. I used to have the same reaction to Whole Foods (or Whole Paycheck). But now their prices are the best, and the quality is always good. Major change of strategy for them too.

  42. I'm not sure when Trader Joe's went to NYC, but the chain started out here in California. and I am a huge fan, both of the products available along with how they treat their employees. Great chain and a much more economical choice than Whole Foods, which I like but only when I am a bit flush. I'm anxious to see what you cooked!

  43. Trader Joe’s is the best place to buy groceries in NYC, but it’s not so accessible and there aren’t that many of them. I went to NYU and when I lived on campus in Manhattan, so many residential students would shop there. Our trash days would just be piles of TJs bags & boxes! It’s the best place to shop for tasty and unique foods that doesn’t break the bank.

  44. Alex, next time you come to USA remember that any time you go to any fast food place they have salt, pepper, sugar packets and many times also ketchup and hot sauce squeeze baggies. So if you go buy a ready food use those free packets. 🙂 And yes, Trader Joe's is a gem. They go straight for the producers and cut off the middle man. And Walmart is always an economical choice.

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