– ULTRAFast Trader Introduction

Welcome to the Presentation of the ULTRAFast Trader! Today I want to show you how our Expert Advisor can make your daily trading easier. The first time you apply the EA to the chart the Trade Panel will be disabled. Even if you switch between timeframes the panel will stay disabled for saftey reasons. If you wish to active the panel a click is enough to do so! To activate the panel permanetly simply set “Panel active at start?” to True. This will change “Panel disabled” to “Panel active” even if you change timeframes.
[Didn’t save settings the first time] You can see that that the Trade Panel consists of multiplel sections. First we have the Bartimer which shows us how much time we have left before our bar closes. We can see this bar closes in 10 Minutes as well as our M15 and H1 bar.
Countdown updates every second because of integrated Ticksender. Next we have our Trade Buttons BUY and SELL where you can choose the direction of your trade. Following are CLOSE ALL, CLOSE PROFIT, ClOSE LOSS which means all Trades with a Loss will be closed. You can take partial profits/losses directly from the chart. Simply define the desired percentage
in the settings. With the next Button you can set your open trade to Break-Even with one click if the trade is
far enough from the market price. Next we have our lotsize which would be applied for our next trade. If we hit the SELL Button we can see that our trade was opened with 0.24 Lots in the Terminal. Current Lotsize tells us how many lots we are currently trading which ofcourse is also 0.24. You can also quickly see the current spread aswell as your account balance. Profit shows you your current P/L displayed in your account currency or if wish in Pips by clicking
on balance. OK we have entered a trade with predefined SL and TP. Our SL is highlighted yellow. Now lets try something… You can quickly change your Stoploss postion simply by dragging it across your chart. This would normally take up to 10 seconds to do manually in MT4. Same thing with our Take Profit we can place it where we want it instatly. We don’t have to do it the old fashioned way. Which would be to check our desired level with the crosshair to get
the price number. Now open the trade menu and type in the price if you still remember it 😉 With our Expert Advisor you can do it all from the chart. Let’s have a look at the available settings. You will find a boatload of other nice features. Our initial SL is 200 which is 20.0 Pips due to 5 Digit Pricing. Initial TakeProfit 40 Pips. On 4 Digits you would simply set it to 40. For scaling out set Use_First_TakeProfit to True. With this setting 50% of our Trade would be closed after 30 Pips in our favor. I will show you later how CLOSE PARTIAL will cut our positionsize in half. UseTrailstep will tighten your stoploss after the trade moved x-Pips in your favor. The next feature sets your trade to Break Even after x-Pips. So if you want to go shopping but you don’t want to let a good trade
turn into a loss. This will take care of that. Keeping losses small is vital in trading. Our EA will get you in a Free Trade where risk is reduced to zero but yield could be infinite. Now comes the heart of our Trading Tool the MoneyManagement.
We want to risk 1% at any given time! You probably have heard countless times that MoneyManagement is key! Let’s change risk to 10% just for this presentation. With 1% our lotsize was 0.24 now it should be higher for our given Stoploss. And indeed our new lotsize is now 10-fold! 2.39 Lots @ 20 Pips equates to 10% risk. Ofcourse you can enter multiple trades. Let’s buy! Now we have another SL and and another TP on our chart! We can manage multiple positions quickly. No problem at all! For every trade we have one TakeProfit and one Stoploss. Both trades are facing a loss at the moment. Let’s go ahead and cut it in half with CLOSE PARTIAL. Partial close was excecuted and our position is now
only half as big. Now let’s close our profit trades. Simply click CLOSE PROFIT! CLOSE LOSS will quickly get rid of our remaining losing trade. Ok now that’s it? Far from it! The coolest feature is yet to come! Professional Traders always look at risk first! Now you can too! Let’s set our Stop before we enter our trade! Remember risk is set to 10% With Ctrl+X plus LeftMousclick we place our stoploss at our desired pricelevel. Ofcourse you can drag it around if you like. We let you drag everything. 😉 Have a look at our trade lotsize it changes constantly to maintain our 10% risklevel. Pull it away from the market price and your lotsize will shrink. It’s still 10%. Having a big Stoploss is not risky many people confuse that risk should stay constant! If we make our stoploss very tight our lotsize will go up. But it’s still 10% of our account. Betting to much on a bad trade or to little on a good trade can ruin your edge! This is now a thing of the past with our Trading Tool. If we decide to enter a trade our virtual Stoploss will become real. TakeProfit is 40 Pips by definition and we can drag both around as usual! You can concentrate on razor sharp entries and let the EA do the boring stuff! It will always enforce perfect Risk Management anytime. So you don’t have to worry about that! Have you ever misstyped your lotsize? Well I have frankly. Human Erros, Missed Oporrtunies and Greed will cost you way more than our product. It is next to impossible to know the Pipvalue for exotic pairs all the time
and calculate your position as fast as the ULTRAFast Trader does. Unless your name is Stephen Hawking lol 😉 Thanks for watching!

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