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Forex Trading – The Essentials is the comprehensive
online trader training course from Plan B Trading.
The course provides you with the skills and knowledge to develop professionally and profitably
as a trader. Forex Trading – The Essentials differs from
other online training courses as it not only teaches you what to do, it shows you how to
do it. That makes it perfect for new traders with
no previous experience or a limited exposure to trading.
You’ll learn how and why currencies change in value and how to exploit this by buying
and selling currencies for a profit. With a 24 hour market, you’ll see how to do this
in a few minutes each evening. You’ll learn how to profit from rising markets
and just as significantly, how to profit from falling markets.
You’ll learn to use risk management to limit the risk on a trade to less than the price
of a cup of coffee. Your free trade sizing spreadsheet will help you get this right.
You’ll be given three easy to use strategies to trade the markets. You’ll learn breakouts,
consolidation and channels. You’ll understand trader psychology with
hints and tips throughout the course. You’ll learn if a broker is on your side
or trading against you and you’ll be shown how to open a practice account and place trades.
With 10 modules and over 60 lessons, Forex Trading – The Essentials shows you step
by step how to do it. And you’ll learn the jargon and terminology too.
Study the course in your own time and as many times as you wish.
You don’t have to complete all of the lessons or a module in one hit. Dip in and out or
revisit the lessons at any time. Access lessons from a laptop or PC. Or use
a smart phone or tablet on the go. If you’re unsure on anything, just ask the
instructor a question. The instructor is ready to guide you.
If you need some extra help, get in touch. We offer personal coaching and mentoring sessions.
Plus further advanced classroom based courses from our partners to develop your skills further.
Documentation for each module is supplied as a PDF file to download and print.
Forex Trading – The Essentials is to get you started trading. You’ll see how to profit
from trading and you’ll find out whether you enjoy trading or not. All for a very modest
initial investment. Forex Trading – The Essentials is followed
by further opportunities to develop and enhance your trading skills. Get started first though
and get some trading under your belt. To buy your subscription to Forex Trading
– The Essentials, or any of the individual modules, or to find out more information,
head to Save money when buying two modules by using
the coupon code “bogohp” at the checkout. You’ll get the lowest priced module at half
price. For bulk purchases, or to enquire about our
affiliate programme, call Plan B Trading on 0203 603 4983.
Or use the contact us form on the Plan B website at planbtrading dot com.

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