Freightera – Online Freight Marketplace

I think that using Freightera has definitely
helped us to develop our process of shipping and made it more seamless so we’re not having
to think about each time we need to go and ship, it’s just like: we’re gonna use Freightera, this is
the process. Freightera is kind of like Expedia for freight. It’s a single unified marketplace to get
the best rates from thousands of companies. Business-to-business shippers use it to instantly
find the best rates and transit time from reliable carriers so they can move to all
these remotes locations every day. Carriers use it to market for free to a large
body of people who need their services and we have optimized each part of that interface
to make it as easy and as fast to use for each of those parties. Through our platform we’re collecting all
the data on every transaction and with all that data we can proactively see where problems
may occur. Before Freightera we were calling about 10
different carriers for every pallet that we had to go out. But once we started to use the Freightera
portal it was very easy Destination To, From, pallet information, and it listed all those
10 carriers that we used to call and gave us all of their rates, everything included,
no hidden fees, all right there. We have a symphony of algorithms that allows
to proactively see where issues may occur in the process. Our customer care personnel are at there ready
and they will fix those problems. Before when we were shipping a pallet, one
pallet was taking about 15 to 20 minutes. Now, being able to go online and get it all
done, it’s done in less than 5 minutes. 30% of all shipping is empty. If we can optimize global shipping through
technology we can deliver an executable solution that can take up all of that excess capacity
and by doing that we have a greater capability to cause less emissions, and have a much greater
future for freight on a global scale. With Freightera, you can definitely feel that
they value and care about you as much as you’re caring about your shipment.

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