From Hogwarts to Human Resources.

Hey everyone, Kacie and Andy here, and we sat down with HR. Yes we did, but it’s not what you think. It’s not because we had to, we are highlighting the human side of human resources with the woman who leads HR, Christy Pambianchi. Pambianchi, like the Yankees. We talked about Christy’s life, her work in HR, her work with CD-ROMs. Wait, which one are those again? That’s like a step above floppy disk. I was assigned to build online training which at the time, this is going to make me sound like a dinosaur, was for CD-ROM delivery. So she worked with CD-ROMs and she loves Harry Potter! She even went as far as revealing which house she belongs to. I wanted to guess your house, and I actually guessed Hufflepuff. I’m a complete Hufflepuff, I’ve been sorted on Pottermore. She even has a Harry Potter suitcase. That is true, I do have a Gryffindor suitcase. I think under Christy’s leadership, we’re gonna have a new style and a new way of working with one another, which I’m super excited about. You know, you have just this fundamental belief that people should thrive at work, and find a way in their life to find both personal and professional success, and then from the employee perspective, how can we make Verizon like the best place to come and work, so that we can get the best people. We know we have a broad array of benefits and what they deliver for employees, but I think she’s challenging us even more to look at the marketplace, look at what other top companies are doing. We’re really excited to invite all of the employees in HR and parts of the company to sort of say “Wow, if that’s our new North Star, how do we define what that means for our function?” You can check out the full interview with Christy on VZWeb, there is so much to unpack, and until next time, you’re up to speed.

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