27 Replies to “Full Interview: Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross”

  1. Trump end american the dumb immagination of USA Nr.1 and will bring to daylight how stupid their system is

  2. Hey there, Jake. How does it feel to get totally out-maneuvered by an old man? More wisdom than you can handle?

  3. THIS is exactly why no one takes CNN seriously anymore. Hey Jake, you're interviewing the Secretary of Commerce. How about you ask him some questions relating to…oh, I don't know…commerce maybe?

  4. The line of questioning is absolutely appalling. CNN is at an all-time gutter low with their extreme biased agenda. What a complete embarrassment…and they have no shame either.

  5. I wonder why Wilbur Ross or anyone that matters would go on CNN. Every time I watch it, it is worse than Fox News was during the Bush presidency. Hi CIA/Mockingbird staff, your quality is way down, you're going to bankrupt your host media companies.

  6. Jake in his mind thinks he is doing his job, that he is being investigative and asking tough questions. He rationalizes any criticism about being "fake" or asking irrelevant questions, to his own detriment and CNN's. It relegates his show to being like a soap opera that tries to conjure up ratings. As a result, this kind of media does the public a disservice.

  7. Why so little mention of our new Secretary of Commerce, Wilber Ross, and his job as vice-chairman of the board of Bank Of Cyprus PCL? He dodged the questions here. The real issue was loans to Trump, not his campaign. What about the money laundering issues and the bank's close connections with Russian oligarchs? This was a real softball interview.

  8. Wilburrrrrrrr Ross needs to go home. He has one foot in a nursing home the other foot in the grave and his head bogged deep in Trump's shit.He is Corrupt as hell,does not know what he is doing and is too old to learn.
    Trump knows he has a short time in the white house ,he's hiring all these old rich white men who can return the favor when he goes down.
    Trump has brought a plague on the US.

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