Future Retail Trends – e-commerce, m-commerce, consumers, retail industry keynote speaker

We’re hearing innovation in Poznan, in Poland and I’m just about
to talk about the future of retail, the future of e-commerce, the future of mobile payments and so on and my message is this: that it’s one word that will drive the future more than anything and it’s not ‘politics’. You can change governments, you don’t
change the future. It’s not about economics, it’s about something much
more profound than that. You know, you can think about technology,
screens getting bigger, getting smaller. We can debate about the
right size for a device, you can connect devices directly into
the human body and so on with Google Glasses, even connecting chips into brains. But, actually, it’s interesting how few people
really do want some of these things. For instance, you can talk to people about putting chips into their own brains then they
start to get worried about it. Because the future is about emotion, not
about innovation. It’s how people connect the technology, it’s about how people feel about the future and that’s really the biggest driver. And
we see this in the web with people getting more and
more impatient. In fact if you wait for 3 or 4 seconds for a page to load, we discover that 95 percent of people in Poznan would press the ‘back’ button on their iPad. So, it’s the whole of the world, the relationship with consumers and so on
has been changed by e-commerce and by the web. It’s not
just a question of how people buy. And as we’ve seen retail consolidation with shopping centres and so on, we’re also seen the smaller retailers coming under huge pressure from price comparison sites. From the first day of e-commerce actually. So retail is having to reinvent itself…experience, helping people to want to breathe the same air, a sense of adventure when they go shopping and so on. And it’s all part of this ‘fight back’ against
the web which is often influenced by social media more than by product specification. And so, there are many other issues which I am going to present and talk about, including the ‘Internet of things’ 1 trillion devices all talking to each other, about the the online and the offline worlds fusing together, about the spectacular
growth of shops where people have their parcels delivered, rather than delivering them at home because they’re not at home. And then of course there’s the future of mobile payment systems, and the fact most mobile payments happen in
Africa, mostly in Kenya, where 33 percent of the world’s GDP is traded using mobile payments. It’s all
about one customer, one relationship, one world, one future.

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