Get lower out-of-pocket costs in the Health Insurance Marketplace

When you use the Health Insurance Marketplace
to shop for health insurance you’ll find good quality health plans and you may be able to lower the costs of purchasing one of those plans. As you answer questions in the application we’ll see if you qualify for Cost Sharing Reduction plans. CSR plans offer lower costs of getting care what you’ll pay for things like emergency room visits,
prescription drugs, and more. and you’ll generally pay less each month for these types of plans. We’ll show you all of the plans you’re eligible for, including CSR plans. CSR plans are all “silver” plans, but you’ll notice that the costs of CSR plans are about what
you’d pay for a “bronze” plan. If you qualify, Cost Sharing Reduction plans are typically a great
choice for you and your family.

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  1. Can you please help fix, #Marketplace kids insurance erroneously rejected  Thank you for any and all assistance.

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