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Welcome to Getting Started with Active Trader Pro. This demo will provide you with a quick overview of how to navigate and customize the application as well as a few quick tips designed to simplify your overall experience. Let’s get started. Our easy-to-use, intuitive toolbar was created directly from customer feedback. It allows you to access tools within the platform as well as directly link to features available on Simply click on the menu option to view the options available within each selection. For example, select Trade and Orders by clicking on the menu option. To view order status, select Orders. To conduct research on Fidelity’s award winning research center, click on News and Research and choose one of several research categories including stocks, markets and sectors, an economic calendar and more. For easy, one-click access to critical trading and monitoring functionality, view the shortcuts menu located in the top left of the toolbar menu. Simply click to view the Trade, Order Status, Quote, or Notebook features. Open and view multiple tools simultaneously and create layouts that can be tailored to meet the most simple to robust layout needs. To help you get started we created a handful of predefined layouts – each with a focus around a trader’s needs. And since not every trader is alike, you can tweak each predefined layout or create your own. To create your own, select New Layout and enter a layout name. Then select the tools you’d like to view. For this layout, we’ll select Watch List, Filters, and News. Then arrange the windows on the desktop as you like. Once done, save your changes using the layouts menu. For additional help in creating or selecting a layout, access the Active Trader Pro Setup interactive guide from the Help menu. To maximize screen real estate the platform includes a “sidebar”. Sidebars allow you to expand or collapse a group of tools so they are easily available when needed but out of the way when not. For example, in My Layout, you’ve set up tools to easily monitor the market. But you’d like to access trading and the message center. You can expand or collapse whenever you need to execute a trade or view an alert. Next we’ll do a quick review of key interactions within Active Trader Pro. Each tool, such as this chart, offers a simplified right click menu, providing you access to related functionality and standard platform features including export and settings. You can also select “Float” to open the tool outside of Active Trader Pro. The action menus are symbol based and allow you to launch additional tools seeded with the specific symbol. For example, from the quote select the action menu to trade the symbol or launch a chart. Or from Watch list, mouse over a symbol to engage the action menu. Again just click on the menu to access the available actions. For quick trading, click on the bid or ask from any quote for example in a watch list, news, or quote tool to seed a trade ticket with symbol and limit price. Customize your workspace and experience Select the settings option within the platform header section to set global settings like color theme options, displaying the market ticker and changing between streaming or a 1 minute auto market data refresh interval. Plus there are more options for the individual tools. For example, for trading, select tool settings like skip preview. Use the Alerts option to receive pop up alerts or set up sounds for alerts by category. For example, we’ll select a sound alert for price. Select the fields and ordering of columns in your positions list and watch lists. Simply click an item from the Available Columns list on the left panel to place it onto the Selected Columns list in the right panel. Then use the arrow button to position the new column where you’d like it to appear on the list. You can also easily drag and drop columns in watch list, position list, and order status for quick reordering. For example, here we’re moving the location of the Volume column. And drag and drop fields within the quote tool as well! Here are a few additional quick tips to further customize and optimize your experience. Launch multiple instances of a tool like quotes directly from the toolbar. Expand a tool to adjust your view. For example, this quote displays in two columns when the window is expanded. Link tools together to quickly update the symbol across components. For example, here we’re creating a new chart and linking it to an existing quote by clicking the link icon in both windows. Notice how the chart auto-populates with data from the quote. These are just a few of the feature and user experience highlights available to help you get started. We invite you to gain additional insights with our education demo series, attend a webinar, view our online materials and to use and explore Active Trader Pro directly.

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