Growth Stocks 2019 on Robinhood (MY TOP PICK$)

what’s up guys welcome back to the
channel my name is Bruce Wannng and in today’s video we’re gonna talk about
growth stocks in my older video I talked about how monthly dividends pay out
every single month so you can reinvest those dividends and grow your portfolio
but growth stocks are also a great way and great thing to have in your
portfolio growth stocks are almost like the opposite of a monthly dividend
paying stock instead of giving the profits back to the investor they take
those profits and reinvest them into the company these stocks are great for
investors because of the capital gains you can sell them later on for profit if
you want to join the links are in the description when you use that link
you’ll be able to get a free stock come right when you sign up some of the
stocks you might be able to get our Berkshire Hathaway Apple Facebook
CenturyLink or and it’s 100% free there’s also no Commission’s so that
means you can buy one or two stocks without having to pay any Commission’s
to any brokerage so let’s take a look at my portfolio
I am almost at $3,000 guys this is crazy I have a lot of this has to deal with
the growth from my stocks from dividends and also a lot has to do with some of
the referrals that I’ve gone but anyways let’s just take a look here I’m up $77
today and after hours trading I’m only up 80 cents for the week I’m up $180 on
the month I’m up three hundred fifty five dollars on the three months chart
I’m up almost five hundred dollars on the year I’m up about four hundred forty
five dollars and all time I’m down six dollars so this is pretty crazy there
was a lot of growth in the markets today the markets were very green for me I
have a tradition of opening up these referral drawers from my subscribers so
let’s just open them up and hopefully I can get something super rare Thank You
Darryl oh never mind let’s just go with Josef’s so Thank You
Joseph let’s open the one in the middle I have yet to receive anything super
rare so this is GE I’ve owned this company before I’ve sold when they I’ve
sold this company when it was about eleven dollars so now that I got one for
free I don’t know I think I might just be keeping it
open this one from Darrell I’m gonna choose the one in the middle again and
this stock is Groupon worth three dollars and 36 cents I’m gonna do this
quick because I think I have like two more and I don’t want to take up all
your time so these are some of the rewards that your you might be able to
get so I got xanga five dollars and they’ll for the last one I’m gonna go
and down right in the middle again and I got another stock from GE $10 17 cents I
have one more stock let’s just open that up as well so for
the last stock let’s just open the one on the left and xanga I’m not very free
stock from Xango worth $5 as you can see I’ve just received about $30 worth of
referral rewards Robinhood gives you about $500 maximum so I think I’m almost
at that limit guys here is a quick snapshot of some of my monthly dividend
stocks you guys were loving that last video so I just want to follow up with
you on how they’ve grown in the last week so I’m gonna show you today’s
returns and I haven’t seen much growth here but if you look down low P SEC and
AJ and C I’ve seen almost $40 worth of growth just today plus for whatever
reason this stock has been pumping like crazy I’m up 2.8 percent and my position
in here I have 185 shares so that is why I’m seeing so much gain today I have is
because I’ve had so much equity in this company and on February 21 I received
nine dollars and 36 cents worth of dividends agency is another company very
similar to P SEC that has monthly dividends but that is not what this
video is about today’s video is about growth stocks and here are my top four
growth stocks that I’ll be going over the first growth stock that I want to go
over I have a love-hate relationship with this company but right now I am
loving it on the day you can see that there is like a 25% gain on this stock
I’m just speechless when it comes to this 25 percent gain I know that this
company is a great company I’ve been using this company for the last six
months I use this I use Zillow to collect my rent money from my tenants
Zillow’s earning call just happened and there’s a lot of good news they’ve
generated a lot of revenue in the last quarter their CEO is stepping down and
their co-founder rich Barton is also stepping in to that role and lastly they
are now trying to be the uber of buying and selling homes no more real estate
agents and going through all that trouble if you’ve ever tried to buy or
sell a home you know that it could get very
complicated and Zillow wants to take the middleman away from that so no more real
estate agents and you can just buy a house through Zillow honestly I think
this might be the future of buying and selling homes exactly like how uber has
put taxicabs out of business and and that is why there’s such a big jump in
the price today I started to build my position in Zillow many months ago my
average cost is thirty seven dollars and seven cents and before I used to have
maybe two hundred dollars in this company but I’ve been slowly selling off
my shares so I can reinvest them in other companies but I really regret that
move today’s return is $17.30 total return thirteen dollars and 28 cents if
I’ve kept all my shares I would have made a lot more money I sold one share
off today just to just to gain that profit I sold it at forty two dollars
and seventy cents but as you can see I’ve been buying and selling this
company since September 21st my first purchase was at forty three dollars and
seventy nine cents and for whatever reason Zillow dipped all the way down to
$30 and that’s where I stopped accumulating Zillow but at the moment
I’m not planning to buy anymore Zillow I’m going to be patient and wait and see
where Zillow is gonna try to trend to I think but I think that we have seen the
bottom four Zillow and it might be turning out from
here on out the next girl stuck that I want to go or is AMD I think I’ve gone
over this a few times but today you can see that there was a almost a 2% growth
of jell-o reefs in the past three months jill has jumped up 31 percent so if you
got to Zillow around three months ago which is about the time that I got into
yeah you’ve made a lot of money I got in at an average cost of eighteen dollars
and 86 cents my equity is just under $50 but my total returns is $11 growth
stocks are great and AMD is one of the growth stocks a common feature of growth
stocks is that they do not pay dividend yields so as you can see here dividend
yields is at zero why is that they take all those profits and reinvest into the
company thinking that it will grow their company a lot faster AMD is a technology
company I first learned about it from my crypto mining days and it is a very big
competitor to Nvidia and the reason why I’m not buying Nvidia which that is what
I kind of want to get into and I’d rather be buying AMD’s because of the
price point it is a lot easier to get into AMD Nvidia at the moment it’s $160
it’s the price is too high for me because I’m only able to invest $100
into my account every every week let’s go into my number three growth stock
which is Twitter I saw Twitter recently dropped down like
10% I think it was like lasts within the last month here you can see that there’s
a big drop between February 6 and February 7 and I think I purchased my
first share of Twitter on February 7th for 30 dollars and 90 cents again no
dividend yields but the market cap is pretty big 23 billion dollars this stock
did not see much growth today but I recently heard Lee washed a podcast
where Joe Rogan and Jack Dorsey which is the CEO of Twitter they got that podcast
got some mixed reviews but I really believe in the sea
Joe’s message and I think that Twitter is a potential buy if you are looking
for a technology company the fourth growth stock that I’m
invested in is Yeti they produce very premium coolers oh I’ll show you a
picture of right here these coolers yeah they’re they’re like the iPhones of
coolers I didn’t know there was a market for this type of product but there is
people who like to fish people who would like to go to the beach keep their keep
whatever they need cooled and and I’m happy that I bought into this company
just a few weeks ago I bought I bought two shares on February 5th for $17.90
and I recently bought one share today I’m going to be averaging into this
company maybe buying one or two shares every month right now one share is
twenty four dollars and forty seven cents I have three shares average cost
is $20 and my total returns so far is thirteen dollars for very brand-new
companies like Yeti you’re gonna see a lot of volatility and you could
potentially see a lot of growth with that being said growth stocks are a
great investment if you pick the right companies with solid fundamentals in my
portfolio I have a lot of monthly paying dividends and I think that is great for
me because I pay get paid out consistently and I’m pairing that now
with more growth Sox just so I can diversify not just be so rely on just
monthly dividends and that’s all I have for you in today’s video if you enjoyed
it drop a like subscribe if you want more content like this I’ll see you in
the next video stay rich bye

43 Replies to “Growth Stocks 2019 on Robinhood (MY TOP PICK$)”

  1. Growth stocks are a ton of fun! I want to see you get a stock of Berkshire. Closing in on 3000!!! Nice! 180$ profit for the week is awesome.

  2. I own PSEC as well. I need to buy a lot more shares. Also, do you own a duplex? That's my plan, to buy an income property and maybe live in one unit and rent the other one out.

  3. I love your videos, Bruce!! So I have a future video idea for you that I don’t see on the headlines lately or much at all – a video about tax liability with investing. So far as capital gains & losses, and how much you either set to the side from your profits OR save up to pay Uncle Sam. I would so love that video and it would be an easy reference to people afraid of being screwed over by investing and not knowing how to keep Uncle Sam off your back.

  4. My favorite growth stock is BZUN . Its also my top holding. I just subscribed to see your future videos. Take a look at my Holdings.

  5. yeti is a terrible company to own. it is a 1 off purchase, in the consumer discretionary spending or luxury items market. there are 0 repeat business or continual business opportunities outside damage of product. it is a horrible company to invest in unless you believe they will get bought out by a major retail conglomerate.

  6. One great growth stock I found recently on Robinhood is Wayfair. If you check the chart it's been up every season by a lot. It's expensive but definitely a big grower

  7. I bought 100 shares of yeti a week ago. I'm expecting to make about $500-$1000 when the earnings report comes out on may 9th! cant wait.

  8. hey man, check out moderna… that's my 1 stock with no dividend, if you know me you know I hate companies that don't share profits, even tho I love amazon I wont touch it cause the selfish fool wont pay divs… anyway, moderna is a pharma start up, its got 2 billion in funding from the big pharms players amgen and merck, they have presold royalties on some of their developing drugs, the company engineers RNA to replace cancer cells with healthy cells which in my opinion is the only way to cure cancer and genetic diseases because they are in fact mutations in your DNA, the stock also has the blessing of jim cramer AND I bought in at 17$ its currently at 24 and could easily hit 100 by the years end, once the company is profitable I assume they will pay dividends like most pharmaceuticals… throw 200$ at it, im currently in it at 1600 my entire account is 5k so im heavily weighted

  9. Zillow still utilizes real estate agents. Real Estate Agents are using zillow to get more views on homes.

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