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Every 148 and today I am doing a little Trader Joe’s haul and just go back from the grocery store And just walked in the door. I’m starving already Looks like our outside patio like right by me, but I don’t think he saw me I don’t think you know about you Okay, that was alarming. I’m currently starving I woke up this morning to go get groceries pretty early because I’m kind of jet lag coming back from North Carolina Which side down little promo if you have not seen my blog from Greece, I’m gonna have those links below I recently watched my friend Rickman She owes Trader Joe’s haul and it gave me a couple ideas of things to buy Trader Joe’s where I’ve always first We shopped in college and now they’re I don’t know pretty much just where I go Because when I go to regular grocery stores, I don’t know where to find anything a because I’m used to Trader Joe’s and B They’re just too many options of everything and see I just like the packaging and the branding of everything It’s just really cohesive. If you enjoyed this video, please make sure that you subscribe It’d be awesome if you guys will let me know in the comments What are your favorite things from Trader Joe’s that you recommend I try so let’s go ahead and get into the video This is in no particular order. Um, the person who bags my groceries is really in control of the call So first of all, I just got some eggs Yeah, I get the organic Jumbo well Great a brown eggs a while ago for a really long time given Still really I don’t buy me you’ll see I don’t have like chicken or fish or anything this video which I go through like faces On and off but it’s been a while that I have not bought that at home, you know when I’m out I don’t eat it here necessarily just cuz I don’t like cooking it and it goes bad and blah blah blah and I went through a while not really getting any dairy also, but in this video I have a few dairy things, but I went back to eggs because they are such a good source of protein I eat these every like couple days like every three days or so for breakfast That’s just one little animal product that I did get. I know it’s got a couple of things of lettuce for salad so I have spit ever made and I spinach also whenever I’m sauteing veggies will usually at the very end like Saute up a little bit of spinach and just make second as well or put it in smoothies or whatever so this isn’t necessarily for salads, but the romaine is My salad go-to lettuce step up next I’m just got some banana And I’ll probably add up these for how it always goes is I end up eating Probably like one of these actually while it’s like a fresh banana and the rest of these I wait until they get pretty ripe sit There on the sweeter side and then I will cut these up and put them in a bag in the freezer I have like just a ongoing banana bag that I have in there Because I love taking frozen bananas and putting them into my smoothies next up I just got their non-dairy cultured coconut milk vanilla yogurt I usually get the blueberry ones of these they make for really good like quick snack like on the go or whatever It’s just kind of an item. I have that I keep on hand for like rush situations So I got the vanilla they were out of blueberry, but um definitely recommend trying out the blueberry I don’t know if I’ve actually ever even tried the vanilla so we will see so I’m sippin on some trader Just he I’m hooked on the Moroccan mint green tea I’ve never really been a tea person at all but I saw that one day and I was like You know what? I will give it a swing says he’s gonna go to most nights I would say like when I’m home with my roommates just watching TV I will make a little cup of this next I’ve got some hummus and pita chips These are just their regular ones again a very sad day what I’ve learned today is that Wednesdays might not be the opportune day to grocery shop because they did not have the cream bags of pita chips Which you’re like a herb garlic kind and I love those with just their classic hummus because then the chips give it a little bit of like Mister in flavor because I don’t really like flavored hummus. I just only like original like I don’t like red pepper I don’t like spicy. I don’t like the cilantro on both hate cilantro comment below if you need cilantro only get classic comments Love this I could I go through this often and I have to like have self-control next time I just picked up a few lemons. Um, I really only use these in water just like cut up I have a lemon day or so and I just got a couple of avocados Survivor than I wanted, but it’s final eat this in the next couple days. Thanks I just got some zucchini for cutting up and sauteing or spiralizing to turn into some little zucchini noodles also I’ve not said this is definitely what you’re about to see a bigger grocery day Than usual for me because I’ve been out of town for so long So pretty much like towards the end of when I was leaving. I had gone through like most all of my groceries So this is definitely more than I pick up as well as I was trying new items. So two dairy islands I got this time or just a little tiny thing of just playing goat cheese I just like getting a small one of these for when I make this guac recipe that I’ve talked about before That’s just avocado mango and goat cheese. It’s so good You don’t realize how good that combination is until you’ve tried it. You guys tweet me pictures and Thai Ministry of stories I’d be making and trying it and saying how good it is, and it’s so good So definitely recommend that and then something I’ve actually never bought before but that I thought I would give a swing because tonight some friends Are coming over for a little movie night here. So I got one of these The double cream. Brie cheese little wedge. There were a lot of options for Bree. I didn’t know anything. I’m not educated on Brie, cheese, so if anyone is let me know the best time yet But this is a double cream breathe and you’ll see in a second I got some honey and walnuts to do this little like baked brie recipe as well as some dried cranberries I found a few recipes online I’m not sure what I’m gonna go with it feel like you throw a bunch of things together and be fine Yeah, I got that for this evening. So we’ll see if that ends up being good next up a couple of frozen items first I saw it. I’ve never tried these before these meatless breakfast patties They look kind of sausage II I thought those would be good for breakfast Just like on my own or whatever this one patties 80 calories 7 grams of protein. It’s pretty good for me. Let’s item it So I’m excited to try those and then I also got these high protein at veggie burgers where each one of them has 26 grams of protein so I’ll probably do for this is probably just slap like some avocado on top and eat that up with like Side items maybe something I like doing with these corn and black bean veggie burgers I have from Trader Joe’s they’re extremely flavorful Is clicking on the stovetop and kind of crumbling it up and using that in a way It’s like a taco meat or even just like for this Who knows maybe I would just whip up some quinoa and put this in there with some sauteed vegetables I don’t know. I don’t need to give you guys the recipe for everything I’m talking about, but that’s what I got We will see if those are good next up. I don’t know how I feel about cauliflower But Brooke spoke really highly of this cauliflower. No Keith I thought that I would just get it and move it see so it’s apparent this I just got this little thing of vodka sauce. I’m not make tomato sauce gal. I don’t like tomato sauce on fauces I don’t like tomato sauce like heavily on pizzas. I prefer a white base pizza So I got this vodka sauce because it’s a good like intermedia it basically I just like it cause it’s kind of cheesy a little creamy and we will see how this combo is together next I thought I’d go fallout with cauliflower and I got this rice cauliflower stir-fry I’ve been a big fan of Trader Joe’s like rice dishes and stir fries in the past I find them to always have a really good flavor combination. So we will see how this is next up I just got some broccoli florets Don’t love broccoli But it’ll do So I just got a bag of Brussels sprouts and a bag of white mushrooms and I like all three of those together next recruit I got these pre sliced mangoes. I got this big thing of red seedless grapes just to snack on and lastly for fruit I just got a thing of organic strawberries some salads I got the Korean goddess salad dressing which I’ve never tried before and hear people talk about this I believe Brooke might have talked about this in her video But I’ve been hearing this for so long and I’ve never tried it for whatever reason so it says and this is avocado green onion Cold-pressed lemon juice one even has cold-pressed mean does anyone know I don’t think so I don’t know why that’s such an advertising buzzword chives basil and garlic. So yeah, we will see how this is. I’m excited I like all those ingredients so together. I assume it’ll taste good next I just got one Cardon of the non-dairy coconut beverage I get the original unsweetened one because I like putting this in smoothies I also make ice in the want a sip easy. I love this. I just firstly preferred the Original not a vanilla one and then next up. I move this is my last frozen item, which is this frozen quinoa veggie mixture Remember back in college I would get this when I was in a dorm actually and just cook this in our microwave It was good thing. I remember the flavor was good. So this will be a good side dish with something else next I just got some organic fresh rosemary We don’t really like to do with this is cook sweet potatoes with this you have some like little rosemary potatoes I just got this ginger tea, since I’m not liking tea and I love ginger I know a lot of people don’t like ginger but I am a fan next something. I’m quite excited to try that I have never even seen before because it’s so teeny and this isn’t that like milk Like the milk yogurt section. It’s this Trader Joe’s brown sugar and cinnamon butter spread. This is what it looks like again It’s really teeny, but I saw it and I was like, that’s lunch quite good So what I forgot to get to go with this was to pick up some gluten-free bagels You’re like gluten free cinnamon raisin bagels and also have those but I’m not a gluten free individual I just like found a lot of items that are non dairy or gluten free that I like and don’t necessarily Prefer the original over them that much if that makes sense So then I kind of feel like why not just opt for the non or gluten-free version of it Yeah, not vegan not gluten-free And I think that point has been conveyed But I just want to say that I just kind of I like opting for Those options when I can when I like them. So I will let you guys know how this is I’m very excited I Alright, we’re onto the last bag and it’s the least empty you so don’t worry or this is the most empty, so don’t worry So not gonna be that much longer, but I just got some organic coconut oil for cooking I could eat Trader Joe’s cross the snacks all day long. There are little pops BBQ chips amazing however, I only picked up these inner peas which are just like dehydrated peas Basically, I don’t even want to say they’re really really good this really satisfies like a salty crunchy craving for me I recommend giving those a try next a couple more fresh produce options I’ve got a big yellow onion and quite a large sweet potato extra that free dish I got some raw California walnut baking pieces and Reliance called that it’s just like crumbled up walnuts So I guess baking pieces just means they’re like the stumbles which I’m completely fine with Don’t care and also to eat with every dish. I got these big and olive crisps, which I’m not Oh, yeah But I’m hoping that’s gonna be fine when I got my Fuji like wine and cheese situation for maybe like The Bachelor I need a reason that people over make like a fancy cheese burger So all I want to do that and I feel like now could be the time next I’ve got some dried cranberries for again the brie thing potentially or also on salad next up My favorite cereal I love raisin bran. I don’t care what anyone says it’s the best cereal in the market It’s so good super crunchy super yummy find that despite That’s not being a to scoop raisin situation like with regular raisin bran, though There are a lot of reasons in this so I love this It’s a great lazy breakfast or snack or whatever with some coconut milk Alright, we have 5 more items. So next. I just got one of these jumbo sparkling mixed berry flavored waters This is a good little just like fun drink next. I just got some organic ketchup for hashbrowns next We just got some honey and then I got some almond butter because I’ve got yeah, I don’t think I’ve ever bought almond butter But recently the acai bowl there was almond butter on top and it was so good So I thought this would be really good on smoothie bowls And lastly the final item in this video is another TIA that I’ve never tried is the red Refresh herbal tea. Um, Looks like this and it says a zesty blend of hibiscus lemongrass ever met orange peel and wild cherry bark so I just thought that would be fun to try because I wanted a little more of like a Sweet fruity option that is there for this video. I hope this wasn’t too too long starving So now I’m gonna put these groceries away That is all let me know if you guys love any of these items and let me know if you have any other video requests And I will see all of you guys in my next video

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