Healthy Trader Joes Haul | Easy Meal Ideas

hey guys what’s up welcome back to my
channel if you do here welcome my name is Caitlyn and I was gone for the past
two weeks I was actually on vacation I was visiting my girlfriend and I was also
visiting my parents in Oregon but I’m back now and I have no food in my fridge
so I’m going to go to Trader Joe’s and I’m just gonna show you guys what I got
from Trader Joe’s give you guys some meal ideas because I know it can be kind
of like hard to figure out what to eat so that’s what I’m just showing you guys
in today’s video and I know I look different I have new hair my mom
actually did it and giving me like zoe kravitz vibes like i’m really obsessed
with it so I really love it has different colors and stuff in it but
anyways let’s go all right you guys so I’m back and one
of the first things I picked up were these bananas I just like to have bananas on hand because I like to have fruits on hand and I love bananas I also picked up some
strawberries just to have on hand for breakfast and things like that and I
also picked up some blueberries for my oatmeal and these these right here are
so good these are cotton candy grapes if you guys have not tried these you are
missing out like they’re so good these are life-changing you have to try these
I need to try one right now like seriously they’re so good they taste like candy or something they’re
so good so if you have a sweet tooth and you’re wondering what to eat grab to
the cotton candy grapes because they taste so good they just like candy for
real I love them so much I got two of them and then I just picked up some
plain pizza dough because I want to try to make it by hand I’ve never made it by
myself my best friend helped me last time so I’m going to talk to make pizza
by myself from scratch and the kind of cheese that I’m using is goat
cheese if you guys have not tried goat cheese you are seriously missing out
this is one of the best cheese that I’ve ever had in my entire life it’s like
addicting it’s so good and it’s better for you than just regular cow’s milk
cheese but it just tastes 10 out of 10 so if you guys have not tried this
cheese you guys definitely have to go try it because your life will literally
be changed once you try this cheese and then I also picked up some bell peppers
an orange one a yellow one and red one just because I wanted to put it on my
pizza and then you can also use this for like eggs or whatever you want you can
eat a plain you can do whatever you want with it I also picked up some mushrooms
I’m going to be putting this on my pizza as well and it also got these organic
carrots and they’re super pretty they’re like all different colors and stuff and
I thought that just made it like a little bit more enticing to eat and I
also got some hummus to go along with it so I’m excited to try these they’re
probably not gonna taste any different than orange ones but they looked pretty so I had to try them then I also picked up some baby spinach and I’m gonna try
incorporating this into my shakes into my eggs and things like that because I’m
noticing that I’m getting colder like now that it’s getting colder outside but
I’m pretty low in iron because I don’t eat red meat and spinach has a lot of
iron in it so I’m gonna try eating some more
spinach so I’m not freezing cool all the time and then I also picked up some baby
spring mix bread salad that I’m making I’m adding feta cheese and dried
cranberries and what else am i adding no and a green apple and then I’m also
adding in these raw pecan pieces and to make it taste even better if you candy
them they taste so good so I’m gonna do that to these and then just throw it all
into a salad and then I just got some regular organic free-range chicken to
add it to my salad as well and if you guys know me you guys know that I am
obsessed with avocados so I picked up five avocados I’m gonna put these in
my salad put these on my avocado toast put these on anything I eat them plain I
don’t care avocados are so good they grow your hair they taste good they’re
good for you they’re good for your hair your skin your nails your brain
everything avocados are just the best thing in life so I got five of them
because I love them obviously I also I also picked up a lemon for my avocado
toast and then I also picked up this Green Goddess salad dressing I’ve never
tried it before it has avocado green onion pulled pressed lemon juice chives
basil and garlic and it’s vegan not that that matters I’m not vegan I really
don’t care but I’m excited to try this out I also picked up some 2% Greek
yogurt just to put in my smoothies sorry this is so random and just all over the
place but I also picked up some grape tomatoes I love to just snack on these
they’re super good but I’m also going to be putting these in my salad as well I
also picked up some organic frozen strawberries because I ran out last
night and I need some organic strawberries to put in my smoothies I
also picked up some organic microgreens and these really don’t taste like
anything but they’re really good for you they’re rich in vitamin A
and they just make you feel like fancy and bougie when you put them on top
of your avocado toast as if you were going to a restaurant or something so I
think these up as well I also got some black olives for my pizza and then I
also just picked up the Trader Joe’s brand pizza sauce I’m not really
obsessed with pizza sauce I prefer like white sauce though we’re gonna see how
this one turns out but this was just the first one that I grabbed so I got this
pizza sauce and then I also picked up this organic pumpkin I don’t really know
what I’m gonna do with it it doesn’t really have a purpose right now but I’ll
figure it out I just needed it because I needed something pumpkin so I’ll figure
it out I’ll put it maybe in like coffee or something like I don’t know you own
like a pumpkin pie who knows and then I also picked up some unsweetened an
instant oatmeal and this is much better for you than the regular just sugary
Quaker Oats oatmeal it’s made with whole grain quinoa flax seeds chia seeds and
it’s gluten free so it’s just a lot better for you it’s better alternative
than just the sugary Quaker Oats oatmeal and then I also picked up this big-ass
olive oil this was like eight dollars for the whole thing and it’s extra
virgin olive oil and it is cold-pressed and it comes with this cute little you
know olive oil thing to make you feel fancy so I like that about it and then I
also picked up some organic maple syrup and this is a lot better for you than
the Aunt Jemima syrup so I picked this up my best friend has been telling me to
buy this for the longest time instead of buying regular syrup so today’s the day
I finally picked up some maple syrup and then I also picked up some meatless
breakfast patties I’m not a vegetarian or anything like that obviously you saw
me have chicken but I know any red meat and I don’t eat pork so this is good
alternative my cousin told me to try this and I picked it up and then when
it’s late at night and you guys get home and you don’t want to cook and you don’t
want to do anything and you don’t know what to eat these are lifesaver these
are the vegetable and basil pesto pasta these are super good I like to add some
nutritional yeast to this to kind of make it like a little cheesy and stuff
it tastes so good and it’s so easy to make taste like 10 minutes and they’re
definitely worth it I love them so much I got three of them good first now I
also picked up some soft baked peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and soft
bake mmm really good I love soft cookies these
will taste so good you put them in the microwave so excited and then I also
picked up these chocolate lava cakes I know they’re not healthiest but they’re
reminds me of the ones from Domino’s that you get so I’m sure these like are
healthier alternatives and Domino’s but I’m excited to try these I love those
chocolate lava cakes from Domino’s so I’m sure these are gonna be so good and
then the last thing that I stick to upwards of 200 bites
I was hungry when I went shopping so let’s see how they taste like good they
kind of smell like muddy beard’ it’s pretty good they taste like corn puffs
with some sugar on it so if you guys are into that kind of thing then check these
out they have a really good aftertaste but the bad kinda smells really weird
smell like corn obviously but that comes to the end of my video let me know down
in the comments below what your favorite things are taking our controller does
I’m always looking for new recommendations so let me know down in
the comments below and if you guys will like this video be sure to give this
video a like down below and if you guys aren’t already subscribe to my channel
what are you doing go ahead and subscribe to my channel and with that
being said I love you guys so much and I will see you guys next week bye

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  1. love your hair caitlyn! and everything you bought looked delicious.
    for that can of pumpkin you bought, might i humbly suggest you take a look at the pumpkin ideas i saved on my seasonal pinterest board:

  2. You should consider doing a hot yoga tutorial video that could be watched and followed along at home. I've begun I-fasting and understand that I need to implement a work out routine to really see the results I want, but I despise going to the gym to lift weights and doing traditional cardio like running. Yoga seems like a realistic alternative but I'm not sure where to start and I don't believe there are yoga classes in my area.

    Thank you for the informative videos btw!

  3. Keep uploading!! Good luck with growing your channel! Did you ever look at zmsocial[.]com? It could help you get your videos higher in the search results!!!

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