Here’s the *PERFECT* Weekend Play (Stock Trading Pattern)

– Those are the kinds of
plays that you wait for when all the indicators are in your favor, and I sold it too soon,
twice, but then the third – You time my conservatism paid off. And each time I made like three grand, then like a grand and then a grand. (upbeat music plays) Um, no, so going to
your question where CEI Lets pull up a chart here. This is the chart of CEI, right absolutely terrible, show the chart 100 day chart gradually untrending. It does have a few spikes
but there’s a clear trend here, right, now, um, it
did have a monster spike here where I know some
shorts got squeezed from the two to the nines, but it came down. So this morning when we’re spiking again I’m really not that
interested in it because look at, how many failed spikes its had. One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Today was the tenth failed
spike in just the past 100 days, okay? So one of those out of all
the ten, one of these spikes these squeezes kept going. So there’s basically a one
in ten shot that this one is gonna make it. That’s not good. I don’t wanna partake
in a strategy that works one out of ten times. – You look at, is it (mumbles) which is it chart you look at is it E-Trade or from uh – E-Trade, SAS trade, any trade whatever you use 100
days it really has failed look, failed, failed, failed, failed. – Okay I see – So you’re looking at the
big candles and it failed. So I’m not interested in
it because more than likely 90% of the time its gonna fail. And this is in today what did it do? It had a chance at squeezing
but then it failed. Now lets compare this to the TTCM. So its funny when everyone’s
like “wow, you’re really on a hot streak, you’re back on!” And I’m like I never was off, it’s just waiting for the right play. So look at this chart on TTCM. There’s no resistance here
at all in the past 100 days. Its night and day its CEI vs this. CEI straight down very gradual down trend – [Siri] I didn’t catch that. lots of failed spikes. I’ll say it again, so (laughter) what this stock is is a
perfect breakout here, and this is why this was last Friday. – Did you buy it there? – I did, I did it was
fantastic buying it right here. – How long, what hold it till? – Um I bought it at, well
actually it wasn’t even the first day it was the
end of the second day it was, lets look, you can see no it was the first green day, my bad. I’ve traded a few times
but this was my best play July 12th. Um, and I bought it at 9/10ths of a penny and I sold it, you
know, after the weekend, at 1.38 making nearly 50%. – It gapped up, or what? – It did, it gapped up – That was good play – It closed pretty highly
but then it also gapped up And I sold some into the
close. So I proved my position into the weekend I didn’t have to but I like playing it safe. – How much did you make on it? – Uh like 3 grand on like
a 7, no, $8000 investment so that’s pretty good! – Yeah, that’s good. But look at this chart,
this was a perfect breakout, above a penny a share. – You see the volume coming it and Friday. – This is it, and it
just keeps going, okay? So that is the difference here, where this just keeps going and going
because there is no resistance. And the volume was huge
and they had new that day. So it was a first green day, with volume with a catalyst, with a
multi-month chart breakout. Everything was going
for it, the one negative was that it was trading at just one cent. So it’s a, usually a
little too low for me. I don’t like trading sub penny stocks, they are a little unpredictable for me. So that’s why I played
it safe into the close. Just a little but, I still
held half my position, but I sold some, roughly a third of my position before the close. But then I sold more and then you know, if you actually go into the intro day, um, it gapped up but then it
also came down pretty hard. Um, this was Monday right here so we got, this was the close on Friday. It it was already spiking,
it spiked in the morning. Then it broke out past the intro day high, spiked into the close, and
a big gap up on Monday. It came back down to
where it closed on Friday. It actually went red for a little bit, but then it failed at green to red. And then it squeezed. This
is basically, I mean this is This is nearly a 100% rise. And, this was at 9:50AM – Monday and this was at 1:20, but really 12:50 – Now – So really, for 3 hours
it spiked a hundred percent – One hundred percent, yeah. And then, so I took
advantage of that, right? Yeah, I took advantage
of of the Friday spike, into the Monday morning gap up. And I did not partake in this 100% spike. Then it was, – Did you watch it? – Yeah, I watched it. And
so I always watch stocks after I sell it because I
want to see if I nailed it. Did I underestimate,
did I over estimate it. I did well selling right at the open – Yeah – Because then it tanked, but I underestimated how much spike it had. – Yeah – So good and bad, you
know it, when I, when I – How come you didn’t dip by that panic? You like to dip by the panic. Well, because a lot of the time
you get these gap and craps and the just don’t come back. – Oh, oh – So we didn’t have new on Monday, frankly, this surprised me. So, I like being surprised. And when the stock spikes 100%, with me not in it, that makes me think oh, this has more to go. So I’m watching it here on Tuesday. On Tuesday, its down a little
bit. But it consolidates. Then here’s on Wednesday,
show the chart for a second. Here on Tuesday, the low was like 1.2. On Wednesday, the low was 1.25. On Thursday, the low was 1.4. So, you have this gradual kind
of coiling price action here. And this is basically a
little cup and handle. And so yesterday when I
was in here I was thinking. Oh, it has a chance at breaking this previous high here, of 1.97. So I was buying it in here at .017, so I was not waiting for the break out. This is another thing,
um on a Friday afternoon, first green day volume, big catalyst. MultiMA chart break out, I like going long because all of the
indicators are in my favor. But on this one, if it is
going to be a breakout, I’m not going to wait
for the actual breakout, like many people do. Some people are like oh, okay you are waiting for the
breakout, I get it, I’ll wait. What if it is a breakout
and then it fails? Often times the stocks,
especially penny stocks, especially sub penny stocks,
break out a little big. But its not very convincing. – Yeah – And then it falls. So if you wait for the actual breakout, you’re basically setting yourself up, sometimes you buy right into a brick wall. And then you get a hard crack. Remember yesterday? What was the stock that
had a hard crack yesterday? OTLK. OTLK had a very nice
morning spike right here, and it you know, right at the
open the high was only 285. And it got up to 290. So this is technically a breakout. But it was a weak breakout,
by just a few cents. And then what happened, you
had a hard crack from 290 down to 250 in about 3 or 4 minutes. So, to me that’s, that’s how
scary a failed breakout is. When you are buying a stock
that’s already up a lot, a failed breakout can happen. So yesterday with TTCM, I did
not necessarily want to buy, you know right at that breakout. I want to the 5-day chart. I’m keeping in mind this
previous high .0197, But I’m also aware of
what if it fails at. 0197. So for me, I was just
buying this in the .017’s when it went red to green. I didn’t have to buy.
I wasn’t looking for it I mean we posted a video
of me looking, um you know at stocks at the open,
I didn’t see anything. But when it went red to
green, that led me to believe oh, is today that it’s going to spike up, and in anticipation of
Friday, this last Friday was a big spike. So I’m thinking about last Friday. I’m thinking about what it wants to do. And if I buy into the .017’s which I did. It could theoretically breakout at .0197, lets just call it 2. It could breakout at 2,
or it could fail at 2. But because I made a
.017, I’ll have a profit. So even if it fails to
breakout that’s fine. As it turned out, at first
it failed to breakout, so I took profits. Because I was like, okay, double top. Not going to do it. So, I took profits in here,
made a few hundred bucks. But then, it broke out. It,
I re-bought because Adam said oh, shoot I’ve underestimated it again. And it broke out from
basically .019 up to .022. So, it doesn’t look like much
but this is a 10% breakout. And then when we’re, I mean
we’re talking Brian and I. We’re talking and I was like,
we’re debating like whether, I should hold it, you know
its a, its a technically its a breakout, it should keep going. But then I also say that, you
know what this stock is up, this is a sub penny stock,
so I know its not my optimal kind of chart pattern. Um, its already up a time. It did not have news on Thursday
so, you have to remember this big spike from Friday into Monday, that was based on news. Yesterday there was no news, it was just purely a technical breakout,
so I respect a technical breakout, but I’m not
going to be as aggressive. Because I’m just not sure,
like you know the news. – That makes sense. – The news was, they actually did have some news on their Facebook page. Where they, uh, they issued
um, or they submitted their uh, augmented
reality app for approval on the Google Play network. So, they posted on their Facebook page, uh its wasn’t a press release. But, technically I
mean, its a little news. Its not that strong. So when I had a profit
here, it was roughly 10%, it hit my goals and then I had a question. Should I hold it or should
I get more aggressive. Um, in you know, should I average up? Should I, what should
I do, an the answer was to sell it because it had already achieved everything I wanted. Um, I liked playing these
things conservatively. And, you know yesterday I made
roughly 2 grand on the day. So I anticipated the
breakout, I was you know right to take profits,
I would take profits again when it failed the initial breakout. Then I was right to re-buy
when the breakout proved that it could keep going. And the I think I was right
to sell into the close. Even though today, you know theoretically I could have gotten out at slightly a higher prices. But it also had a morning panic. Now its hanging around 2. – Where do you buy, where
do you buy ah yesterday, at the second time, did
you buy on the pull back? – .0199, no right as it was breaking. – Oh right, right as it’s
getting ready to breakout. – Yeah, so I only got a partial position. Um, 450,000 shares. But it was
breaking this previous high. And then the question was
like, around a round number, like 2 cents a share,
how was it going to act. Um, and I didn’t know the answer. So, we’ve got a breakout
at 10%, I took it. Today I guess it could have been like 15% if I timed it perfectly. But I probably would have been out in the morning panic came
getting waste, and not made much. So, um that was it. But I’m looking for
multi-day, multi-week winners. With big volume, with a new catalyst. No bag holders, over the
weekend so the story spreads. There’s literally thousands
of tweets on this stock. The investors have a
message board which is full idiots and pumpers. I think there’s a hundred
thousands messages on this stock. So it has the hype, it has the chart. It has the price action,
it has the indicators. So I bought it, and this. – You saw all that on Twitter? – Which? – You said, you said that you saw that there are hundreds of
message on message boards. – There are thousands of
tweets, and some of them link to investors sub. So I clicked it and its like
a hundred thousand messages on the investors sub message board. – Oh, wow. – So, I mean its not like
they’re credible people. They’re like the dumbest
people in the world. – No, but people are interested. – Correct, gamblers are
interested, trolls are interested. You know. Lepers are
interested. Financial lepers. Um, and that’s useful for a stock. I mean some tweets where they’re like it’s trading at 2 cents,
not selling until it 200. $200 not 200 cents.
Like, they literally want to make like thousands
of times their money. That’s their mindset. Which is good, I want that idiocy, I want that naivete. Because they’re not going
to be selling anytime soon. They’re so focused on
some fucking outrageous, impossible goal. Even if
it goes up to 3 cents, they’re not going to sell. – Yeah – Versus me, if it goes
2 or 3 cents I’m out. I made 50%, I’m thrilled. – Yeah – So let them not be competition. Um that’s why I like low priced stocks, that get a lot of hype
because there’s just not a lot of competition with the sellers. As opposed to CEI, where if it goes up even a little bit, there’s
so many bag holders from perviously failed spikes, and they’re looking to
get out at any spike. That created resistance.
TTCM has no resistance. Its gone up a lot. So you
have a few profit takers. But that’s my kind of a pattern. Especially over a weekend, and
that was a Friday afternoon. Today, cause what I wanted to review this. Today is a Friday afternoon, we don’t have any setups like this. There’s no perfect multi-month breakouts,
with the perfect indicator. With the new catalyst,
with the big volume. So I do nothing, its not that I’m, I’ve been so “on”, you know. Its just that I’m waiting for my play. When there’s my play, I’m ready. When there’s not not
my play, I do nothing. And that’s tough. Does that make sense? – Avoiding the noise
is an art in it’s self. – But this is also a part
of the reason why I travel. And some people are like
oh, you’re just traveling, its just like. Its to take
me away cause if I’m sitting at an office everyday, I’m going to start trying different
patterns, and trying to do little things, maybe I’ll
succeed, maybe I won’t. But I’m putting in a lot of time and effort for very little reward. The way that I do this,
waiting for these good plays. You know, I don’t have to
work frankly as hard, although it is a skill, it is
hard to have patience. Its just a different kind if hard. I’m not doing like 7 webinars a day like this hairy motherfucker next to me. (laughter) – I manscape. (laughter) I bet you have more body hair than I do. – Zoom in on the hair on his
face to prove that he’s a liar. – You probably shaved this
morning, you look a little fuzzy. – Oh, I don’t even know where my razor is. I’m too disorganized. That’s the truth, but those are the kinds of plays that you wait for.
When all of the indicators are in your favor, and I
sold it too soon, twice. But then the third time,
my conservatism paid off. And each time I made like 3
grand, and then like your grand and then a grand, on small dollar amounts. – Yes this one is the
perfect perfectly example. – And that’s it. – You did it perfectly,
don be so perfectly. – I wish all of them
could be this perfect. They’re not and if
they’re not that perfect, its frustrating, its time consuming. I don’t want to trade it. – So is that’s is also equivalent if no resistant said the means. Also its a no bag hold. – Correct. – And which had it – I mean it could still
keep going, but I mean TTCM is not breaking out because
even if there’s no bag holders. Its up a lot, so there’s going
to be some profit taking. But you want as clear a
path as possible. You know. You kind of have to picture
you’re going down highway, and if there’s bag holders,
like tree’s all in the way. And you have to swerve to miss them, as opposed to this highway
is clear for sailing, all the way. Um, so I like
that, even though its still, when they go up so much
they eventually come down. They can’t keep going up
forever. TTCM if they were smart, they should have put out
a press release today to keep the momentum going. (mumbles) – Remember the KBLB – KBLB – Yeah, that’s the one also,
it like almost a one way car. – KBLB so this is
interesting, but look at KBLB. This is a perfect double
top. Absolutely perfect. It does not get better than this. Um, and this one I had a problems, I mean I was long right in here. I was long big on this first green day. So this was a very similar
first green day at TTCM. But this did not work out, so even though there wasn’t any resistance,
and they had big news. And big volume, and a big move,
um a very similar type move. I think it was a Friday play too, and this did not work out on day two. I still have a profit, cause I, I you know recognize the
lack of gap up and I sold. So that’s the kind of cool
thing the weekend plays, you hold it on a Friday, be forced to hold it over the weekend
cause the markets closed. And the on Monday you
either sell or do a gap up, or you sell for breakeven or a small loss. But you do not hold and hope. And this one, KBLB was
very frustrating to me because it actually broke out on day 8. Day 8, after the news which is just weird. Uh, and I didn’t want to
chase it, I tried dip buying in then here, and even the bounces on the dip buys didn’t really work. So this one has just
been, and the I went up to the break out here,
but this one didn’t work. Um so, this whole run up I
really didn’t profit that much on it because it just didn’t
fit my rules perfectly. That happens sometimes, and that’s okay. So you’ll learn that
from different stocks. You know, certain stocks
for whatever reason they just don’t follow pattern. So, its not like I’m going
to go bigger and bigger when they don’t follow my patterns. Its like I’m going to trade less and less, smaller and smaller
and say okay, this one. This is, there’s something
weird going on here. Its not following what I teach. That’s the lesson, study up. (bright upbeat music) Hey Tim Sykes, millionaire,
mentor and trader. Thank you for watching
my video. Which I hope, that they help you. I
want to share everything that I have learned over the years. You can check out more
videos right over there, and also click subscribe. So that you can watch all of these
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