Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange on track to emerging market status by 2020-22 | World Finance

World Finance: It’s been quite a year on
the Ho Chi Minh stock exchange. The first three months of 2018 saw double-digit
growth, taking the exchange to record highs. But by July valuations had crashed back to
2017 levels; at time of recording the market still hasn’t re-made any of those January gains. Đỗ Huy Hoài is CEO of BIDV Securities
Company; he joins me to discuss the future of the exchange. There is speculation that the exchange could
be upgraded to emerging market status in the next few years – what needs to be done
to achieve this? World Finance: If the market is upgraded,
what would be the impact on the sizeable foreign capital inflows to the country? World Finance: Vietnam received record-breaking
foreign direct investment in 2017 while still a frontier market. What makes the country such an attractive
destination? World Finance: How does BIDV Securities assist
foreign investors in the Vietnamese market? World Finance: Đỗ Huy Hoài, thank you very
much. Đỗ Huy Hoài: Thank you. Thanks for watching. Learn more at bsc.com.vn. Click through for more videos from the region,
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