Hong Kong protests may help Trump in China trade negotiations

28 Replies to “Hong Kong protests may help Trump in China trade negotiations”

  1. Use the satellite photos of the Chinese government expanding re-education camps. Also show the new camp the Chinese government is building in North China.

  2. Well China can walk all over hung kung but hasn't which by now they would have so there showing restraint so thinking this could benefit trade talks is misleading the fact is China's never going to make a trade deal with a weaker trade partner which I can't blame the so here to a Chinese win on trade deals and cheaper prices for goods then American union made expensive garbage

  3. Trump is being used for an illegal classified covert operation now leaked in my profile. He's not making the decisions, he's just responsible for when those who do f^^k up.

  4. America is terrified of other countries surpass them so they pulled off a plaza accord on Japan in 1980 and this time a different type of plaza accord on China.

  5. Simply by looking at the comments below you can feel how Chinese propaganda has influenced the US and the world. Some of the accounts are obviously Chinese internet army aka 50-cent army 🤣

  6. The anchor, the guests and the whole world all know very well that what is happening in Hong Kong has nothing to do with freedom , human right and Democracy , but a color revolution orchestrated by some kind of intelligent agency.

  7. Maybe one day a plaque will adorn the city of Hong Kong

    and below will this simple phrase in stone be wrought:

    “Free at last, Free at last, Thank God almighty we are free at last.”

    -This plaque placed by the citizens of Hong Kong in memory of the youth who led the way –

  8. HELL YEAH, PLUS China experiencing problem with SWINE FEVER, pugs are part of their DIET. Chinese not happy, prices have GONE up 50 percent

  9. How is negotiating with people who are murdering people for their organs a good idea. Remember the ONLY reason we are even trading with China is because Bill Clinton said that trade with China would cause China to become more like the west. Unless Clinton was referring to concentration camps like we had in western europe. I don't quite follow. How again have they become like America?

  10. One original demand has become five now. These Western influenced haters of China will keep shifting the goalposts because they don't want this chaotic
    riot/revolution to end. Their ultimate goal/plot is to influence/drag in the
    mainlanders to topple the whole Chinese government/country. You can tell their rotten/evil tree/God/Satan (2 Cor 4:4) from their rotten/evil fruits/deeds/devices. Submit to authority! (Romans 13:2, Titus 3:1)

  11. ❤🇺🇸🙏 I'm so proud of the Hong Kong people this is how much they love God because if you love freedom this much you have God running through your blood so much that the whole world will feel it now we should be seeing more and more stories about Hong Kong"But the democratic regiem!!!!!!!
    is taking away their air time ! because they want to to the same thing to America that China is doing to Hong Kong . .like the guy said in vit…. Donald Trump "don't trust China !"
    they are evil!

  12. I am waiting for the hammer of Ping to slam Hong Kong with tanks blazing.
    Another Tienimen massacre by the commie Reds.

  13. Yes yes yes, HK issue will affect the whole China economy. The US must be careful here. Soon HK become second biggest economy city/country in the world!!!!

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