Hot Penny Stock Trading Sectors for 2019 (RE: Informational Inefficiencies)

– What’s up, Tim Sykes,
millionaire, mentor and trader, here in Beverly Hills
for the next four days before I go to Turkey,
Israel, Japan, and Bali. I have a crazy life. I’m literally filming right here. I’m filming a whole bunch of video lessons for the next few days. But I wanted to rant because there’s a lot of
stuff happening in 2019 that was not happening in 2018, 2017. It’s time to update you. I think I’ve done some previous
rants in previous years. Click some links below. We’ll post some of my previous rants so that you can see how the
market changes a little bit. This is not an exact science. You’re gonna have to adapt to
different market conditions. If you want to be a millionaire, if you want to be a
successful stock trader you can’t just memorize one
pattern, or even two or three. I do have three main patterns. Actually click the link below if you want a free webinar
on those three patterns. But understand that they change slightly so it’s more important for you
to understand how they work, why they work, than just
memorizing the straight-up pattern. Or you can ignore me and many newbies do and then you’ll probably lose a lot. But your attitude will probably be better. So whatever works whether you
can follow my instructions or you learn the hard way, the market’s gonna teach
you or I’m gonna teach you. Either way you’re gonna learn. But in 2019, especially right now, what day are we filming? What is this, October 1st? This is October 1st, 2019. We have not had a hot
sector really, I don’t know, it’s been a few months. We had the weed sector before, we had CBD, we had
cryptocurrency, we had Bitcoin, we had China, we had shipping, we had police equipment
stocks, we had Ebola, we had technology, we had
bio tech, we had nano tech. There were a lot of hot sectors
in the previous few years. This year, not so much. The good news is there’s
still money to be made. I’ve still made six figures this year just like I’ve done pretty
much every single year for the past 20 plus years. So what am I doing to
actually make money right now? Well, I just gave my annual conference. Was not even gonna trade for example. I was talking about how
there’s no hot sector, no overarching trend, and yet three days, three days I have this
conference, I was not gonna trade. Everyone was kinda disappointed. People have traveled
from all over the world. Some people came from
India, Ghana, Nicaragua. There was somebody
there from South Africa. One girl from Singapore,
one girl from Australia. That was kinda cool. So literally people are
traveling all over the world for the conference and
I’m not making a trade. And I’m supposed to be this
stock trader millionaire. What am I trying to hide? Am I coward? Am I fraud? What’s going on? I felt people judging me. I felt their judgy eyes on me. But I’m not gonna force a bad trade. Last hour of the trading day, literally half my team had already left. Like 1/3, maybe a
quarter of the conference had already left. They’re like there’s
no trades, this sucks. They think that it’s a bad thing. I told people and I’ve been
saying this since day one, everyone who thinks that it’s bad when there’s no great trade, you’re wrong! It gives you more time to study. When there’s no great trade
you can study the past. I now have 6,000 video lessons. I have DVDs, I have webinars,
you should be studying that! All I am is a glorified
stock market history teacher. But the good news is if you study the past you’re better prepared for the future. So study up but be ready for a trade. And as I said in the conference, and as I say often, and as is reality, if there was a perfect
trade today or tomorrow the vast majority of my
non-students would be unprepared. Even the vast majority of my
students would be unprepared. That’s the sad truth. So my whole job is trying to prepare you. And in the last hour of my conference one stock popped up. A Dan Bilzerian’s Weed
company, ticker symbol BILZF he had posted about it
on his Instagram story. For those of you not
familiar with Instagram, you have like your posts and
then you have your story. The story blew up. Basically, killed Snapchat
has been a big hit. Your story, you can update
it stays up for 24 hours. So around 3:00 p.m Eastern, Dan Bilzerian posted in his story, the ticker to his weed company, and it’s a US traded stock. He actually tweeted about
it three days prior. I’ve been following
this company for awhile just ’cause Dan has built
such a big online following. It always pays to follow people who are successful in
their brands, and in life. I liked Dan’s content too. I know it’s controversial, but I was watching this stock, it wasn’t trading very much, it wasn’t moving very much when he posted on his Instagram
story, it started moving. The stock I think had already
spiked 15% when I bought it. But I said, you know what? With this Instagram story and with the stock market
closing at 4:00 p.m, guess what? That’s an informational inefficiency. So going back to the
beginning of this video where I said there’s no hot trend. There’s no China. There’s no nanotech. There is no Y2K. There’s no war. Hopefully, knock on wood. We don’t know what’s really happening with the world right now. So everyone’s just kind of
like picking and choosing. The stock market is
still up 20% on the year because it was down in 2018. But there’s no overarching hot trend. Informational inefficiencies
are your best bet. Leave some comments underneath this video. Say, I love informational inefficiencies. Four words that are
going to change your life because that’s why I am rich. I have taken advantage of these informational inefficiencies, and unlike my students,
unlike my non-students, I am prepared to capitalize on these informational inefficiencies. I’ve been doing it for 20 plus years. Click a link below too. We’re gonna have a little video of that, or a link that includes my book, my bestselling book in
“American Hedge Fund”. You can buy it on Amazon for $20 or you can get it for free using this link that my team is gonna hopefully put 50,50. Sometimes the team for
guests to put the links, and then I yell at them, and then I’d come down on them like the Hebrew hammer that I am. Pascal, am I right? – [Pascal] Yes. – Right. We’re gonna try to post the link. Read this book, it’s free. My first informational inefficiency,
six-figure day happened when I was just a freshman in college. I made $123,000 from my dorm room. You can learn about that or guess what? The same pattern still works. So with Dan Bilzerian, we’d stock with his following with Instagram happening at around 3:05 p.m. This US stock market
closes at 4:00 p.m Eastern. His story was only up for one hour. The vast majority of his following is not gonna be meticulous. They’re not gonna see
the stock right away. They’re not gonna get
right on top of things. That creates an
informational inefficiency. That’s what I’m talking about. Most of the people are seeing
your story at 5:00 p.m, 6:00 p.m, 7:00 p.m, 8:00 p.m, 9:00 p.m, 10:00 p.m, 11:00 p.m Eastern. Midnight, 1:00 a.m Eastern, 2:00 a.m, 3:00 a.m, 4:00 a.m, 5:00 a.m, 6:00 a.m, 7:00 a.m, 8:00 a.m, 9:00 a.m Eastern. All of those hours,
they’re seeing this story and they cannot do anything about it because the US stock market is closed. That’s an inefficiency. This is what I loved. And I saw all of this ahead of time. So I bought the stock at a buck 30. It closed at around a buck
40, a buck 44 a share. It’s a penny stock. It’s a small company. But I figured that when his following would see his story, they would
theoretically want to buy it because they believe in him. He has such a massive following. He’s earned that. Guess what? I thought that it could go
to maybe 150 maybe 160 right? So if I buy it at 130 sell it at 160, I’m a happy guy. That’s all I need. I thought I had 9,000 shares, turned out I had 7,000 shares. I didn’t even get my full execution. But if you can make 30 cents a share on a 7,000 share position,
that’s roughly two grand. As I say, two grand a day
keeps a real job away. So it fit my strategy perfectly. I was right more than I even realized. The very next day the stock
kept up to $2 a share. So I was up 70 cents. It wasn’t easy to get
executed right at the open. I sold pretty much
around a buck 90 a share. So I made a buck 90 minus a
buck 30 is 60 cents a share. I had 7,000 shares, so I made
roughly four grand overnight. Pretty good trade. That’s not the end of it though. In the next 15 to 20 minutes, all of Dan’s following, all of the buy orders came in. The market makers took
advantage as they often do, and the stock in six minutes
went from $2 to $4 a share. The value of this company
doubled in six minutes. Long story short, the
stock freaking doubled. Think about that. I had already sold, I
had made my four grand. I made 40% overnight, but
the stock went up even more to hit nearly $4 a share. And remember I was in at a buck 30, so the stock basically
tripled from my buy. This was an informational inefficiency. And if I could go back in time, I would take a bigger position. If I could go back in time, I wouldn’t have waited for
it to happen the last hour of my annual conference, it
would’ve been the first hour. So I could’ve bragged
about it the whole time. It happened at not a great
time, but I was prepared. And that’s why I make videos like this. I want to inspire you
with these amazing views ’cause I’m from a small
town in Connecticut, but I also wanna show you
example after example, after example, after example, why penny stocks that
the whole world hates can actually be good if you
think about them properly. Now I’m not saying Dan
Bilzerian’s weed company is gonna go to $200 a share. I’m not saying it’s the next Microsoft. I’m looking at a very specific instance where there’s a high
degree of predictability that the stock can go higher. And in fact, I underestimated it. Going back to chapter six
of my bestselling book in American Hedge Fund, which has links right under
this, you can click the link, it’ll say best selling book
in American Hedge Fund. I’m giving you two for free. So you have no excuse not to learn. You can be homeless and
freaking go to McDonald’s and still read it as you
eat the new vegan burger. I guess they’re trying out
some vegan options now too. Congratulations. Whatever you can do. Study up, prepare because chapter six, when I made $123,000 in one day, it’s the same informational inefficiency. Back in the year 2000, when I had not even made my first million. I actually had made, at that time it was I
think February, 2000, I had made roughly like 200,
$300,000 total in my life. And back then I didn’t
know what I know now, so I would use a big portion
of my account in every trade. Don’t do that. Any one trade can fail. Don’t bet too big. But back then I would use
roughly 75% of my account. I bought this stock that was
up from five to 17 in the week, Illinois superconductor. The ticker was ISCO. They claimed that they could
make cell phones less fuzzy. Back then we had problems where
like cell phones were fuzzy. The reception wasn’t good. Do you remember that Pascal? – [Pascal] I do remember. – Right. They claimed that their technology can make cell phones less fuzzy. They failed. The whole company eventually
went out of business, but it didn’t matter. On that Friday, they
put out a press release saying that they were
gonna be on TV that Sunday. Guess what? That creates an
informational inefficiency. That’s what I want you to learn to love. They said that they were gonna be on TV on Sunday. In the press release, they said they had
already been interviewed, so theoretically they know what they said to the interviewer. Theoretically it was positive,
especially back then. There weren’t really
exposes back in 99 and 2000. Those didn’t come until 2001, 2002. Everyone just wants to be
a part of a new technology. It’s exciting. That’s what the media likes. Understanding what the
media does for clicks is part of this too. So back then they’re
gonna be on TV on Sunday. They announce it on Friday
when the stock market is open. Guess what? All of those people who
saw this company on Sunday would want to do. If they could theoretically get rid of the fuzziness on cell phones and back then cell phones
were just starting. It was like the hot new
technology of the year. They would want to buy the stock, but because the TV
interview was on Sunday, that’s when the US stock market is closed. They buy orders would not
go through until Monday. No different than if
you’re waiting in line for a new iPhone. Now you can pre-order and
you can get it delivered. But before you can pre-order iPhones, you would have to stand
in line at stores, okay. Like we’re a new “Star Wars” movie, right? Like everyone camps out, they’re all wearing their
freaking storm troopers outfits and they’re waiting in line
for Star Wars or for iPhones. It’s the same kind of
thing with these stocks and that is what I’m counting on. On that Monday, I bought
the stock at 17 on Friday. I thought that it would
gap up maybe to 20. I had 10,000 shares, I
thought I could make 30,000. At the time, 30,000 would have
been my biggest profit ever. Okay, so that’s all I wanted, but the stock did not cap up to 30. Back then, there was
no pre-market trading. The stock actually gapped
up and spiked to 29. I sold my 10,000 shares
as quickly as I could. I made $123,000 in one day. As a freshman in college, I was so thin. I had three fake IDs taken away from me. I couldn’t even drink beer. I was like this puny little freshman. I was downloading illegal movies on Mac. I’m sitting in my front
freaking college freshman dorm and I make 123 grand in a day, and it gets even better. Just like with Dan
Bilzerian’s weed company, which doubled within 15
minutes of me selling. That stock actually nearly
doubled over the next day. So I was so worried about
locking in my 123,000 I could’ve made over 200,000 if I had just waited and chilled. But you never know. This was my biggest gain ever. Almost all of my biggest gains. I’ve played it too safe. And this is why I teach. A lot of people say, “Well,
why do you even teach? “If you just are so good
at the stock market, “and you make these big
gains, why do you even teach?” If you notice back in 2000
I made 100 grand in a day, now I’m only making four grand in a day. What’s going on? I trade with a small account and I actually donate all of
my trading profits these days to my charity, the
Timothy Sykes Foundation. It’s my honor to teach the process. I want you to learn to love
informational inefficiencies. It’s not about me anymore. I’ve been to over a hundred countries. I’ve been on the Larry King show. I’ve been on Steve Harvey. I’ve met all the biggest
celebrities in the world. I have had a fantastic life. And probably most importantly I’m able to take care of my family,
which is one of the things that I’m proud of stuff, but I’m more excited to help you. You watching this. You watching a freaking
random YouTube video that could theoretically change your life if you take this seriously. So whether it’s you or somebody else, maybe you’re not in a
position for trading. Maybe you’re dead broke and
you are going to McDonald’s and bumming on the homeless WiFi situation or Starbucks or something
like that, that happens. At least you can study and save up. A lot of homeless people
can make a lot of money. Put some mud on your face,
like get grungy, beg, like play the play the part, like watch some YouTube videos about dramatic character acting. Play the muddy, greasy
homeless person, but nice. Don’t be violent. Just beg and you can
probably make enough money to get independent stocks
maybe a year, two years, three years, and while
you’re begging, guess what? You can also be studying. This is why I put this on YouTube. I don’t just put all
my videos on (mumbles), which is my premium site. I like thinking about who I can reach. There is probably some bum watching this, whether you’re in some
crappy city like Detroit, I’m sorry, but it is. Or if you’re in Thailand or
if you’re in South America, or if you’re like in the middle
of getting mugged in Bangkok and at least you know
maybe one of your muggers has like he’s watching YouTube, but then he decided to steal
your gold watch or something. I don’t know. I don’t know where you’re
gonna see this video, but please take this seriously because these informational inefficiencies can happen at anytime. I’m just giving you two examples. Just a few weeks ago there was another informational inefficiency. I call it the first green day pattern. This is one of the patterns. Again, if you click the link below, you can watch my webinar
with the three patterns. I’m giving you some homework, so even when you’re at Starbucks, even when you’re at McDonald’s trying to eat the crappy vegan burger ’cause it probably sucks. You’re bumping the free WiFi, maybe you can actually
read my free online book or watch this free webinar or just continue watching
my free YouTube videos. I’m giving you so many chances to learn. All you have to do is
use your brain, okay? It doesn’t even matter. Maybe you’re in a mental hospital, and you don’t even have
a full brain anymore, but at least maybe if
you’re in a mental hospital, you’re a little psychotic. Maybe you’re good with patterns. Maybe it’s like a beautiful mind and you have some crazy
wall connecting everything. I’m giving you that, okay. Maybe it’s me. Maybe I’m a beautiful mind, right? Maybe that’s based on me. Maybe I’m my own imaginary friend. I don’t know what’s going on. All I know is that this
informational inefficiency exists again and again and again, and I feel like I’m taking crazy pills because not enough people
are taking advantage of it. I have five millionaire students. Do you know how many videos I’ve done about this one fricking pattern? Do you know? No, you don’t know because
you’re not watching. That’s the sad reality. I have thousands of
students all over the world. The vast majority of them
just want hot stock picks. I meet some of you guys in person, and you’re like, “Yeah, I’ve
seen a few of your videos.” Just be honest with me, Tim, what’s the next hot stock pick? No, no. Do not think like that. Think about when the next
informational inefficiency is gonna pop up. I know it’s not a sexy term, but that’s what it is. You can profit when other people are lazy. You don’t have to just be
the only lazy person anymore. I know you probably are. I know you’re probably tuning out. You’re like, this guy’s a madman. Let me go play Fortnite
and waste my life away. Let me go watch Netflix and watch my freaking life
disappear before my eyes, but at least I’ll be
entertained by “Bandersnatch” and I’ll pick different endings of a movie so I feel a little more
control of my crappy life. Be better than that, okay? You do not have to waste your life. I can give you the life that
you’ve always dreamed of. If you just study a little
bit, as I’ve mentioned, I gave you a free book. I gave you a free webinar. I have over a thousand
free YouTube videos. I don’t know when the next informational inefficiency is gonna happen. I don’t know where you’re based. I don’t know if you have any money. I don’t know anything. All I know is that I’ve been
doing this for over 20 years. I don’t win every single time. Sometimes I go in thinking that there’s an informational inefficiency and it doesn’t work out. So what? I cut losses quickly. Rule number one. I have lots of little losses. I actually lose around
a third of the time. Did you know that? Oh, surprise, I’m real. But my losses are one, two, three, 4%. My gains are 10, 20, 30, 40, 50%. If your gains are bigger than your losses, you inevitably get rich over time. Even if you want to give away
millions of dollars to charity like I somehow like doing because now it makes me
feel more meaningful. Because I’ve been screaming
at the top of my lungs now for 10 plus years teaching
people and I only have what? Five millionaire students probably, I don’t know, a thousand or
two students who truly get it. That’s it. I want to have more meaning in my life. You should want to have more
meaning in your own life. I teach, I make crazy videos. I build schools all over the world. I have 54 schools right
now around the world, but my goal is a thousand schools. My goal is also a thousand millionaires. I only have five millionaires. You need to help me achieve my goals and I’m going to help you get there. Wouldn’t it be nice if
you’re watching this and this video, this
freaking crazy insane video is the start of your journey? It could happen. Crazier things have happened. Whatever I can do to
get you studying, okay? This is just one pattern and this is just a few examples. There’s more to it. There’s nuances. There’s subtleties. Anybody who says becoming a
millionaire is easy, is lying. It’s not easy. It’s gonna be a lot of hard word, and I have a lot of video
lessons, DVDs and webinars. But you have a process now. You have someone where it’s
in my own best interest to help you. It’s in my own best interest to make you as successful as possible. This is why I traded with a small account. This is why I donate all my
trading profits to charity. I don’t do it for the
thrill of trading anymore. Back when I made that first
a hundred thousand dollars in one day, you’re damn right. I went around the quad in
my college screaming out. You think I’m crazy right now? I was even crazier. No, no, I’m crazier now, my bad. I’m not always right, okay? But I was pretty crazy back then. Now I’m just even crazier
because it blows my mind that this does still happens. The vast majority of the
world hints on penny stocks. The vast majority of the world thinks that I’m a scam because they think that
I’m like Jordan Belfort. I am not. I’m not saying any of
these companies are good. In fact, most companies tank
99.9% of the stocks that I play go bankrupt in the end. But that’s good. The good news is you don’t
have to fall for their BS. You don’t have to believe in their story. Just expect the worst out of all of them and you’ll never be disappointed. It’s a cynical way of looking at it, but it’s true and it’s
statistically proven. For you, for me, all we can do is take advantage of these
informational inefficiencies. If you get nothing else
from this entire long rant, this is one thing that I want you to see because these will happen,
whether it’s 20 years ago or, I mean, it’s happened
pretty much every single year. My guess is, I mean these are a few of the best informational
inefficiency examples, but my guess is it’s probably happened maybe four or 500 times
over the past 20 years. Any single one of them can
make you 20, 30, 40, 50% on your money. And most people on Wall Street, if you make that in a year, that’s good. I’m talking about overnight and I know it sounds too good to be true. I know it sounds crazy, but I show you every
single trade that I’ve done for over 20 plus years. Click some links below. I’m gonna include my tax returns. I’m gonna include my audits. I’m gonna include some of
my stories of my students. I’m making Pascal take notes right now. He’s like, “Oh my God,
there’s so many links.” I’m gonna quiz him afterwards and he’s gonna fail that quiz because he’s probably gonna
forget some of these links. I don’t care. I want you to see that I’m real. I want you to see that I am so dedicated to showing you every single thing that I’ve learned over the past 20 years. I never had a mentor. Oh, I didn’t mention that. I’ve never had a teacher. No one taught me this, okay. I learned this all the hard way on my own. I was in my high school
training from my computer lab while skipping class saying,
I was in the bathroom, but I was really on
the freaking computers. And it was Dial up internet. Dial-up internet. There were 12 different computers. I had to click just to load
one web page on one computer. It would take four to five minutes, so I would use the other one. So I had like the first
multi-screen monitor in my freaking high school library, and I made friends with the librarian who died a few years
later of a heart attack. That’s my story. You have it easier, okay? You have me guiding you 20
plus years in the trenches. This is a battlefield. You want me to be nice? You want me to be normal? No, I won’t. I am here to make you rich, making you rich makes me feel youthful, making you rich fulfills me. This is my number one priority in life. All you have to do is study
and take this seriously so I can be real with you, okay? I will make mistakes. I will sometimes think that there’s a great
informational inefficiency and maybe it just will flame out, and I’ll cut my losses quickly, but more times than not this stuff works and sometimes it’s a freaking home run. All the people who came
to my Orlando conference just a few days ago, literally
they’re messaging me. They’re like, “How did you do that? “This is amazing.” This is what I’ve been
doing for 20 plus years. It’s always gonna happen. Thankful that the world
hates on penny stocks. I’m thankful that the stock
market is closed at night. I’m thankful that the stock
market is closed on weekends ’cause that creates these
timing inefficiencies that doesn’t exist with Bitcoin. A lot of you guys messaged me, why don’t I trade crypto and Bitcoin? Number one, I don’t
wanna stay up all night. Number two, I knew a lot
of people who do trade it. They made a lot of money
but now they’re crack heads ’cause they stayed up all night. And then number three, it sucks because Bitcoin is
actually down 70% off of ties. So you stay up all night, you get addicted to crack and then you lose 70% of your money. Doesn’t sound like a good niche to me, but God bless you. If you want to trade Bitcoin
and crypto currency, enjoy. I’m gonna stick with my
informational inefficiencies even when there is no hot sector. Any single night this can happen with any company in any sector and I only trade US stocks. I’ve heard the strategy works
in international markets. Again, there’s only so
much time that I have. I’m already overwhelmed with students. A lot of you guys are gonna message me because of this video and they’ll be like, “Wow, something about your
madness really spoke to me.” Maybe you’re just as crazy as me. Maybe I’ll get a few murderers. I don’t know. I don’t like blood. Please no violence. But if you do get inspired to learn, take this seriously because
it will happen again and if this isn’t for
you, send it to a friend, send it to your family member, and be like, “Look at
this crazy millionaire.” I don’t mind. I have fixed skin. I’ve been on seven reality shows. Every single one of them
made me look like an ass. I don’t care because they got the word out about my strategy. In fact, my first millionaire
student, Michael Good, was also my first online hater. Click another link below. He wrote a blog post and said, “Timothy’s Sykes is full of BS.” But he gave me a chance. I went back and forth in the comments. He learned my strategy. He’s now made over $2 million. If you can turn your haters and your critics into millionaires, then you have something special. And whether you study for six months, one year, two years, five years, you will eventually see that this is real. Just give me some time. Because a lot of you guys
messaged me and you’re like, “Okay, you have one
week to prove yourself.” I don’t know when the next
informational inefficiency is gonna happen. I’m waiting. I’m sitting here waiting every single day. I’m traveling. I’m always looking in my
laptop, even when I travel. You don’t have to worry about that. I take no days off, but I can’t predict when
the next one is gonna be. All I can do is guarantee you that I’m gonna be prepared. And I guarantee you that
I’m gonna prepare you. So give me your time. Give me your dedication
and give me a chance. Leave some comments below. Let me know what you think about my informational inefficiencies. If you love them,
remember those four words. I love informational inefficiencies because I love them
because they made me rich, and they made my top students rich. I haven’t even mentioned
that my top student has made more than me. He’s made over $8 million. I’m not here to brag. I’m here to teach. Okay, so please give me a chance. Congratulations. If you already understand this. Congratulations, if I’ve entertained you. This is more youthful
than Fortnite or Netflix or anything else where you
just entertain yourself and live a crappy life. Where too many people
messaged me and they’re like, “Oh, I can’t wait for the weekend “’cause my weekdays suck, “’cause I have a job that I hate “or I’m inundated with school debt.” You can live a better life. It starts with getting rich. It starts with money and then
you can buy your freedom. I am sorry that’s the way the world works. Too many people live a life
that they don’t wanna live. They have bills, they
have responsibilities. They look at me and they say, “Wow, that’s great for you,
but that’s not for me.” I am not special. I am not that smart. I’m not that great at math. I’m just a guy who looks at patterns and screams at my laptop, and in this case I’m
screaming at this video. This is what I do. I have been profiting off this strategy more times than not for over 20 years. I have been teaching it for over 10 years, but hopefully when I do a video like this, you can actually say, wait a minute, I’m gonna give this a chance ’cause I don’t know what works, okay? I teach short selling too. You can actually make money
when these scams collapse, but that’s a whole another story. I don’t have any, any
more energy for that. I’m gonna go take a nap. But this video should change your life. If you take this seriously enough, you have more than enough
free links below this video so you have no excuse. You could be broke, you could be homeless. I’m hitting lights, it doesn’t matter. I’m (mumbles) falling off. I can say whatever I want. That’s the beautiful
thing about being real. And I want you to have that freedom too. So one more instruction, I
know I’ve said it a few times, but I teach some of the
dumbest people in the world, so I know that you need
it repeated a few times. Leave a comment below. I love informational inefficiencies. If you can do that, number one, that means
that you’re literate. Good for you. Number two, it means that
you follow instructions. And number three, if you actually understand
what that means, you can personally profit
off these inefficiencies too. And sometimes you make 200, sometimes you make 4,000, some times you make 100,000. Depends on your experience level and as you get more experienced and more confident in the strategy, you can bet bigger later on. I encourage you to start small, okay? If you think, oh wow,
Tim, I’m really into this. I wanna put it in $50,000 right now. No, put in 5,000. Put in 1/10 of what you think because I didn’t bring up my top student who’s made over 18 and
a half million dollars. He made nothing for nine months. So I can guarantee you that if my top student makes nothing
for the first nine months, guess how you’re gonna do, you’ll probably make nothing too. As you’re learning, It’s not just about
money in the short term. This is about what can you do today? What can you do this week, this month, this year to put yourself
in the best position three, five, 10 years from now. That’s the beauty of education. That’s the beauty of being real. It doesn’t matter if
there’s a bull market. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bear market. It doesn’t matter if
I’m trading oil stocks. It doesn’t matter if I’m
trading artificial intelligence. It doesn’t matter what I trade. This informational inefficiency
will happen again and again. I will be prepared, will you be? I don’t know. Leave a comment below. I love informational inefficiencies. Sending this to somebody
who wants to commit me to a mental hospital. Let this be exhibit A, B, and C. I’ll take one for the team. I’ll pretend to be Jim Carrey and Batman. I am Batman! It doesn’t matter. When you have money, you have freedom. I’ll buy the mental hospital that you tried to commit me to, and I’ll teach you anyways. Hey, Tim Sykes, millionaire,
mentor and trader. Thank you for watching my videos. I hope that they help you. I wanna share everything that
I’ve learned over the years. You can check out more
videos right over there and also click Subscribe, so that you can watch all of these videos, get that knowledge and become
my next millionaire student.

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