How Do I Buy a Product on G2A Marketplace? | G2A Support Hub

Buying on G2A.COM is simple and easy. You don’t even have to register. First, search for the product you want to
buy using the bar in the upper left corner of the page. Make sure you check every important detail
before the purchase, such as the platform and regions where the game can be activated,
available languages and system requirements. G2A.COM is a Marketplace, which means you
can choose the seller you want to buy the game from. To buy a product, click on the green shopping
cart icon next to the chosen seller or the “Buy Now” button at the top of the page. The product will appear in the “My Basket”
window. You can either continue shopping or finish
the purchase by entering your email address, checking the Terms & Conditions box and clicking
on the “Go to Payment” button. Now, choose the payment method and proceed
with the checkout. You will be able to see your digital product
key on your screen.

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